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Today I had to leave work and go to Tripler Army Hospital where they kept me until 10pm.
I have not been well since I got that flu about 10 weeks ago and have gone from 178 to 146 lbs.
I was staggering when I went to the ER and also when I left, the latter because I had not eaten all day, except for an Avocado whipped up with a banana and sweet chilli sauce. 
I have not felt well for what seems like forever and having gone vegan I wasn’t able to get enough protein equal to 96 grams a day.So I am skin and bones and the doctor at Tripler Emergency told me that some people are not meant or even capable of being vegans and even vegetarians as she herself became sick when she was a vegan and had been told to get off of that diet.
I probably will not be able to get around much except for getting food into this body of mine, which the doctor describes as anemic. 
So I will be at home for awhile and if anyone needs coins etc. you can call me as my car will be close by where I live.
I am so grateful to all of those who have enriched my life and there are a ton of you out there.
My enemies being my best teachers.
I have been taught by some of the, what I call, the great minds of this world that I have lived in up into my now 80s with good health and trying to make changes in diet was a foolish thing to do.
My teachers have included Oscar Ichazo, Master teacher in Madison,Wisconsin who patiently took me through A Course in Miracles, Jim Robison in California and who is my Closest friend, Jim, my teacher on the Big Island who slowly and patiently took me through the Urantia Book.And who has had faith in me when all others just shook their heads as I struggled to find the answers to which I could not form the questions.
Gurdjieff, I struggle through “Meetings with Remarkable Men”
for probably the 20th time.I know from this last reading that it is time to go back and reread his first three books so that I can find my Soul, which I have come to understand is not available without struggle.And struggle I have done, many and most of the time uncomprehended by my fellow travelers. 
I believe that we go in the direction that is guided by our emerging souls and that as we let go more and more from the material world and learn how to subsist on the ether which is available to all that searches for it.I know that we are under laws, relative to the universe and that we are guided as to that which most matches our ether.We live under certain laws which cannot be changed and not those of man.Of course man is guided by that which is his karma, being a slave to karma and when one thing changes, another arises for us. We are here to figure out how to get from here to there, there, being no map, no guides, and no karma, other than teachers who have been there before.
I have been guided to do and create an exercise which far more applies to me than any other and have not done it since I got ill and it is time to start and retune my body.
This feeling of total helplessness has prompted this document
such as it is.I have been blessed by a lack of education and a struggle to grow spiritually in my love for Christ the redeemer and make no apologies for my beliefs as they are as close as I can get to where I can go from this moment to the next.
My love to one and all,in the name of God, my Father, Ron

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