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Eye Opener (1950)
As startling as this may sound to some members,
AA has no first-, second- or third-class memberships. 
A sober member is in good standing if he has been
 dry for twenty-four hours or twenty-four months.
Of course, no one means to discriminate, but some 
of us just naturally gravitate to a certain person or
group of persons within the group. 
The “low-bottoms” are just as guilty as the “high-bottoms” in this respect. 
After all, we were all drunks and all of us smelled the same when we came in.
Vernon Howard’s  SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
“Find yourself, for courage and confidence are as easy as breathing
to the person who really  knows who he is.”
Open Doors To Happiness Poster
13 April 2017
Self-pity is one of the most unhappy and consuming defects that we know. It is a bar to all spiritual progress and can cut off all effective communication with our fellows because of its inordinate demands for attention and sympathy. It is a maudlin form of martyrdom, which we can ill afford.
— AS BILL SEES IT, p. 238
The false comfort of self-pity screens me from reality only momentarily and then demands, like a drug, that I take an ever bigger dose. If I succumb to this it could lead to a relapse into drinking. What can I do? One certain antidote is to turn my attention, however slightly at first, toward others who are genuinely less fortunate than I, preferably other alcoholics. In the same degree that I actively demonstrate my empathy with them, I will lessen my own exaggerated suffering.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
We have never experienced this moment before, and 
the next moment will not be the same as the one we are in now.
Pema Chodran
Spirit knows no past and is not affected by any. The past is swallowed up in the victory of a perfect present, which is filled with love and Perfection. 
The science of Mind page 246
I gently release release all thoughts of the
 past and future and allow myself to be joyfully present in the present. 
I need to be true to who I am to be able to have a sense of self.
Alanon member

I knew there was some Insanity 
I just dismissed it as fun at parties. 

“Journeys end in lovers meeting.” 
― William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

This is the way of peace: overcome evil with good,
and falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.
— Peace Pilgrim

The first morning air brings the presence
 that angels in amazement watch.
 Tears and a breathing silence together. 
Then the morning itself, 
growing stronger, 
calls out, who’s loving
 “Who, of these two? 
Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)
various contiributors
ACIM Workbook Lesson 102 Insights
“I share God’s Will for happiness for me.”
I really appreciate Jesus revealing the underlying motive of all suffering. Atoning for sin is purposeless. Pain is purposeless. As I practice quieting my mind and going to that inner place of peace, I do find a quiet, gentle happiness there. I find a sense that all is well and that nothing has ever changed.
I really do appreciate this thought reversal training. My experience of the world changes as I change my mind. I am seeing that these are not just words. It is really true. Beneath the turmoil of the world, there is peace, there is happiness, there is universal Love. There is oneness.
I choose now to practice, hour by hour, to remember the truth behind the images of the world. Suffering is purposeless — just silly ego stories made up in madness. I can loosen my grip on these stories and remember that as part of Love’s extension, happiness is my one function. What a wonderful idea to practice all day today! What a wonderful opportunity to heal my mind.
How helpful it will be to observe and become aware of all the little places where I still believe that suffering will give me something I want. Today is an important day given me to heal my mind. Sin is meaningless. Separation is meaningless. Pain and suffering are meaningless. True happiness is only of God. I happily affirm today, again and again, that I share God’s Will for happiness for me. Happiness is my one function.
I see this lesson as another step in remembering that I am still one with God. I remain as God created me, unchanged. For if I share God’s Will for happiness for me, I must be one with Him. If I don’t think I deserve happiness, then I must believe I am separate from God.
This world was made to make it appear that separation from God is real. With that comes the belief in harm. At its core is the belief that I harmed God by separating from Him. This could only bring guilt. Along with guilt comes the inevitable belief that punishment is justified. In this belief, punishment is seen as payment for the sin of separation. And in its twisted thought system, pain is also seen as the way to return to God. Thus pain is seen as a means to heal separation. Yet it is impossible that what reinforces the belief in separation, making it seem more real, could be the means to heal separation. It is another example of the ego’s motto, “Seek and do not find.” Thus all forms of pain, from mild irritation or disappointment to intense rage and deep depression, from a minor body ache or malfunction to “life” threatening disease. All these symbols of pain and sacrifice serve only to reinforce the illusion of separation — illusions made to make illusions seem real. Being illusions, they accomplish nothing in truth.
Today as I practice remembering that I share God’s Will for happiness for me, I loosen my identification with the body and all of its forms of pain and suffering. I move closer to recognition of the truth about me as God created me. I move closer to the recognition of the one Self that is me and all my brothers. I move closer to the comfort, safety and happiness that God has given me and that is mine to claim. I accept God’s happiness for me now. That is my one function. That is my meaning. I share my meaning with God, for He is the Source of all meaning.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
The butterfly of the soul must be freed to spread its wings of beautiful divine qualities….
To the last day of your life, be positive; try to be cheerful. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 
You know, my Friends, how long since in my House
For a new Marriage I did make Carouse:
Divo And took the Daughter of the Vine to Spouse.
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