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Eye Opener (1950)
We in AA have many religious affiliations, 
and there are some of us who contend that
AA is all the religion they need.
 Yet this fact remains: the spiritual facts on
 which AA is based would not have survived
 the ages but for the tenacity of formal religions.
 Without religions, our moral, 
political and social structure would collapse. 
There is a lot in all denominations that can be criticized but, 
without them, life would be chaos.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
“By reading this book you are impressing yourself with the fact
of a greater good for yourself.”
1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, # 738
Twenty Four Hours A Day April 13,2016
Thought for the Day
Having found my way into this new world by the grace of God and the help of A.A., 
am I going to take that first drink, 
when I know that just one drink will change my whole world?
 Am I deliberately going back to the suffering of that alcoholic world?
 Or am I going to hang onto the happiness of this sober world?
 Is there any doubt about the answer? 
With God’s help, am I going to hang onto AA. with both hands? 
Meditation for the Day
I will try to make the world better and happier by my presence in it.
 I will try to help other people find the way God wants them to live.
 I will try to be on the side of good, in the stream of righteousness, 
where all things work for good.
 I will do my duty persistently and faithfully, not sparing myself.
 I will be gentle with all people. I will try to see other people’s difficulty and help them to correct it.
 I will always pray to God to act as interpreter between me and the other person. 
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may live in the spirit of prayer. I pray that I may depend on God for
 the strength I need to help me to do my part in making the world a better place. 
Behind everything material, Stands the Spiritual,
 supporting it, and without which there could be no material. 
The science of mind Page 452

 Abandon yourself to God as you understand God. 
Admit your faults to Him and to your fellows. 
Clear away the wreckage of your past. 
Give freely of what you find and join us. 
We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, 
and you will surely meet some of us 
as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. 
May God bless you and keep you — until then. 

 Be silent. Meaning is lost when there are too many words. 
ACIM Workbook Lesson 104 Insights
“I seek but what belongs to me in truth.”
  As I observe my thoughts during the practice periods, it is clear how conflicted my mind is about what I want. I start by affirming that I seek but what belongs to me in truth and shortly thereafter I realize that my mind has wandered into thoughts about things to do, a conversation I had, various thoughts about my day-to-day experience. Somehow I have given importance to these thoughts, more importance than I give to God’s peace and joy. If I follow those trains of thought, some part of me must think I want those things more than God’s peace and joy. It is simply a demonstration that in the split mind, there are conflicting goals.
  The split appeared to occur because of a belief that something other than God’s gifts is more valuable to me. It’s no wonder Jesus calls the split mind insane. What could in truth be more valuable than eternal joy and peace? What could be more valuable than perfect happiness that cannot be shaken? Obviously the ego thinks there are lots of things more valuable. But what the ego offers never lasts.
Infinity is our Home. 
We are just sojourning awhile in the caravanserai of the body. 
Paramahansa Yogananda
 Be silent.
Meaning is lost when there are too many words. 
Ron Richey
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