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Eye Opener (1950)
Reduced to its simplest form, the only true worship is to love God,
 and the only way to demonstrate this love is to serve your fellow man.
  We in AA show the extent of our moral growth in the extent of our service to others. 
It is the only true spiritual experience. 
The flash of light that some of us experience could be only the first
 ray of intelligence that finally penetrated the alcoholic fog and dazzled our minds.
   The true spiritual experience is evidenced by a passion to do those things 
which delight the spirit. By their works shall ye know them.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
“A wish for truth attracts rescuing facts, while a demand for
thrills attracts punishing delusions.”
Cosmic Command, # 1682
Twenty Four Hours A Day APRIL 19,2016
Thought for the Day
Since I’ve been putting sobriety into my life, I’ve been taking out a lot of good things. I can describe it best as a kind of quiet satisfaction. I feel good. I feel right with the world, on the right side of the fence. As long as I put sobriety into my life, almost everything I take out is good. The satisfaction you get out of living a sober life is made up of a lot of little things. You have the ambition to do things you didn’t feel like doing when you were drinking. Am I getting satisfaction out of living a sober life?
Meditation for the Day
It is a glorious way – the upward way. There are wonderful discoveries in the realm of the spirit. There are tender intimacies in the quiet times of communion with God. There is an amazing, almost incomprehensible understanding of the other person. On the upward way, you can have all the strength you need from that Higher Power. You cannot make too many demands on Him for strength. He gives you all the power you need, as long as you are moving along the upward way. 
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may see the beautiful horizons ahead on the upward way. I pray that I may keep going forward to the more abundant life.
There is a secret way of the Soul which all may know. 
It is the way of peace and love. 
The science of Mind page 527
The unity of our Fellowship, the love we cherish for each other, the esteem in which the world holds us — all of these are products of the truth which, under God, we have been privileged to perceive.
— As Bill Sees It
For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead…
 — Thomas Jefferson
 The end of life is to be like God, and the soul following God will be like Him.  
 — Socrates
 Never lose hope, my heart,
 Miracles dwell in The Invisible. 
ACIM Workbook Lesson 110 Insights
“I am as God created me.”
  One of the ideas that the ego resists most vigorously is that this world of pain and punishment, suffering and sorrow is not real. Today’s lesson spells out very clearly how it could not be real if we remain as God created us. And since it clearly states that we do remain as God created us, unchanged, then the world we see is an illusion. Today’s idea offers great relief. It is the basis for forgiveness and release from all guilt. It tells me that because I was created by Love, I remain Love. That is the truth of what I am.
   As I seek to recognize that truth, it seems like I must run a gauntlet of voices, clamoring to convince me that I am anything but Love. They are simply illusions. As I learn to disregard them, to pay no attention to them, I am able to move past them and see the Light of my Self radiating the Love that I am. I am not alone in this journey through the voices of separation. I have a mighty Friend, the Holy Spirit, Who’s strength is mine the moment I accept it. He holds my hand and guides me through, reminding me all along the way of what is true and real.

 Death is not an end of life but a transition to a higher state.
 Paramahansa Yogananda 
 Never lose hope, my heart,
 Miracles dwell in The Invisible. 

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