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 Eye Opener (1950)
It was very hard for us alcoholics to realize
that God has a big world on His hands and
that He has other chores than just to give us
rain when we want rain and sunshine when we want sunshine.
We always thought the Universe revolved around us.
That He knows His job is evidenced by the regular
return of days and seasons, by His distribution of
weather in such a manner that the world has never been devoid of food.
Think what chaos would exist if He had allowed us to run it our way.
God has given us many controls over Nature,
but He knows the limits of human intelligence
and the extent of human selfishness.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
“As long as we wonder whether a certain action
 can make us happy,it cannot do so, 
for we bring our still-divided mind into it.”
The Power of Esoterics, p. 112
Twenty Four Hours A Day  APRIL 20,1016
Thought for the Day
The satisfaction you get out of living a sober life is, made up of a lot of little things, but they add up to a satisfactory and happy life. You take out of life what you put into it. So I’d say to people coming into A.A.: “Don’t worry about what life will be like without liquor. just hang in there and a lot of good things will happen to you. And you’ll have that feeling of quiet satisfaction and peace and serenity and gratitude for the grace of God.” Is my life becoming really worth living? 
Meditation for the Day
There are two paths, one up and one down. We have been given free will to choose either path. We are captains of our souls to this extent only. We can choose the good or the bad. Once we have chosen the
 wrong path, we go down and down, eventually to death. But if we choose the right path, we go up and UP, until we come to the resurrection day. On the wrong path, we have no power for good because we do not choose to ask for it. But on the right path, we are on the side of good and we have all the power of God’s spirit behind us. 
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may be in the stream of goodness. I pray that I may be on the right side, on the side of all good in the universe.
It is done unto us! We need not coerce, 
we do not create the power, 
but we must LET this Great Power operate through us. 
The science of Mind page 140

We well remember how something deep
inside us kept rebelling against the idea
of bowing before any God.
12&12 Step Eleven, p.96 

Never lose hope, my heart, 
Miracles dwell in The Invisible.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 111 Insights

Review: “Miracles are seen in light.” and
“Miracles are seen in light and light and strength are one.”
  This lesson reminds me to give time to God, to give time to the strength in my mind. This lesson reminds me to open to the truth. It encourages me to maintain this practice of opening to miracles throughout the day. It is only by opening to the Light and strength in me that the truth comes into my mind.
  This Inner Wisdom is always there, waiting eagerly to be accepted into my mind. This practice of opening to the truth all through the day is the way that my false ideas are undone. It is the way that I learn to identify with the strength in me. Light and strength are one. The strength of God is always there in my mind, waiting for acceptance.Today’s practice is very important practice. Accepting the Light of God that we all are is very important practice. In today’s review lesson, Jesus defines the practice very clearly. My willingness to follow through is what will bring me the gifts of receiving miracles all through the day. O Happy Day!

When one has realized God,
he no longer feels that others
are different from himself.
Paramahansa Yogananda

Never lose hope, my heart, 
Miracles dwell in The Invisible.

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