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 Eye Opener (1950)
When the wife would take me to task in my drinking days, I would soon show her who was boss of the establishment. I would tell her in no uncertain terms that, “When I ceased being Captain of the ship, I would sink it.”
Oh, yes, I was Captain, but somehow the ship was continually on the rocks. It wasn’t my fault, understand; the wind and the waves were always against me.
Now I have resigned my commission as Captain, I have a new Navigator and my ship keeps pretty well on its course. I’m only a deck hand now, but I’m happier with less responsibility and I am confident it’s much safer.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
“A thoughtful review of all these facts will improve you every time,
just as frequent rain makes the grass greener. For practice, go over
the following fact several times: Rescue is never absent. We are. “
700 Inspiring Guides To A New Life, 
Twenty Four Hours A Day April 21,2016
Thought for the Day
After wave been in A.A. for a while, we find out that if we’re going to stay sober, we have to be humble people. The men and women in A.A. who have achieved sobriety are all humble people. When I stop to think that but for the grace of God I might be drunk Tight now, I can’t help feeling humble. Gratitude to God for His grace makes me humble. When I think of the kind of person I was not so long ago, when I think of the person I left behind me, I have nothing to be proud of. Am I grateful and humble? 
Meditation for the Day
I must arise from the death of sin and selfishness and put on a new life of integrity. All the old sins and temptations must be laid in the grave and a new existence rise from the ashes. Yesterday is gone. All my sins are forgiven if I am honestly trying to do God’s will today. Today is here, the time of resurrection and renewal.
I must start now, today, to build a new life of complete
faith and trust in God and a determination to do His will in all things. 
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may share in making the world a better place to live in.
I pray that I may do what I can to bring goodness a little nearer to the earth.
 In the Great calm of the All Good,
 I rest in peace and security.
 My life is now reflecting the Perfect Whole.
I am Peace;I am calm.
 The science of Mind page 511
We feel that elimination of our drinking 
is but a beginning. 
A much more important demonstration
of our principles lies before us
in our respective homes, occupations and affairs. 
 If words come out of the heart, 
 they will enter the heart,
 but if they come from the tongue, 
they will not pass beyond the ears. 
  Sufi proverb
ACIM Workbook Lesson 112 Insights
Review: “Light and joy and peace abide in me.
and “I am as God created me.”
  This lesson is talking about my Identity. It is talking about everyone’s Identity. Everyone is the home of Light and joy and peace. Jesus is encouraging me to remember this. He is giving me a structured practice to help me remember the truth. Do I want to remember the truth of my Identity? If so, I will do the practice.
  I want to return to my true Identity. Jesus is pointing out the way here in today’s lesson. I have practiced the opposite often enough. The time is now to practice returning to the truth. It all happens in my mind. I need to give this practice the devotion it deserves, the time it deserves. This is the most important use of time, no matter what the ego thought system may point out to me that needs to be done with my time.
O Flower of fragrance! 
Send Thy breath of love to cheer us always,
as we climb the spheres of realization,
on our way to Thee. 
Paramahansa Yogananda
 If words come out of the heart, 
 they will enter the heart,
 but if they come from the tongue, 
they will not pass beyond the ears. 
  Sufi proverb

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