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Eye Opener (1950)
We as alcoholics are so used to getting by with a minimum of effort on our part that we sometimes fail to appreciate that only those things earned have any real lasting value.
  We allowed our families to cover up for us and support us, we panhandled, we were experts in the game of something for nothing.
  Nothing free is worth having. AA has no initiation fees or dues, but it also costs a lot if you want to get a lot. You can procure a two-bit brand of AA, but we don’t guarantee it will work.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
Here is how to be your own best friend. Know that
the lies you tell yourself are the same lies you are eager to hear
from others. Deceitfully believing that you are doing what is best
for yourself, you cling to those who agree with your fakery. You
think they are your true friends, when they are really traitors who
scorn you enough to glue you to your sad act. A woman said, ‘He was
the only man who loved me enough to quietly tell me I was all wrong.’
Remember this.”
Live Above this Crazy World, # 
Twenty Four Hours A Day APRIL 27,2016
Thought for the Day
By submitting to God, were released from the power of liquor. it has no more hold on us. We’re also released from the things that were holding us down: pride, selfishness, and fear. And we’re free to grow into a new life, which is so much better than the old life that there’s no comparison. This release gives us serenity and peace with the world. Have I been released from the power of alcohol?
Meditation for the Day
We know God by spiritual vision. We feel that He is beside us. We feel His presence. Contact with God is not made by the senses. Spirit-consciousness replaces sight. Since we cannot see God, we have to perceive Him by spiritual perception. God has to span the physical and the spiritual with the gift to us of spiritual vision. Many persons, though they cannot see God, have had a clear spiritual consciousness of Him. We are inside a box of space and time, but we know there must be something outside of that box, limitless space, eternity of time, and God.
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may have a consciousness of God’s presence. I pray that God will give me spiritual vision.

There is no uncertainty about my future 
and no fear as a result of my past. 
I live in an eternal Now which is filled with good alone.
The science of Mind page 264 
BB To Wives, p.116  
But it was a silly idea that we were too good to need God.

Sometimes I call you wine, or cup,
sunlight ricocheting off those, 
or family immersed in silver.

I call you trap and bait, 
and the game I’m after, all
so as not to say your name.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 117 Insights
Review: “God, being Love, is also happiness.”
and “I seek but what belongs to me in truth.”
  Accepting God is accepting inner happiness. Accepting God or Love is accepting joy. I don’t often think of it that way. But today’s lesson is telling me that this is the truth. My true Identity is happiness and joy. Everyone’s true Identity is happiness and joy. Let me today connect with the happiness and joy in everyone. Let me today see beyond the false ideas to the happiness and joy that is always there to be found.
  Today I choose to accept happiness and find happiness everywhere. If only God is real, only happiness is real, only joy is real. Happiness and joy are inherent in Love. They go together. Today I will practice accepting my inheritance. I will practice accepting happiness and joy. They are inherent in what I am. I will practice accepting my Self today. The frequent repetitions will help me remember the truth today.

 Beyond the land of peace beyond the land of dreams,
 beyond the land of silence, lies of the garden of self-realization. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 

Sometimes I call you wine, or cup,
sunlight ricocheting off those,
or family immersed in silver.

I call you trap and bait,
and the game I’m after, all
so as not to say your name.

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