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Mistakes are for learning Personal growth. —
One sign of an alcoholic’s immaturity is revealed in responses to personal mistakes. We take each simple mistake as further proof of our inadequacy. As one person observed, “I can handle a general catastrophe, but running my nylons can ruin my day.”
Some of us may feel we’re victims of past conditioning… a parent, for example, who berated us when the slightest thing went wrong. But we’re at fault if we continue to let ourselves be victimized by such experience. We should give no person.. past, present, or future—the right to set the level of our self-esteem .
Properly viewed, all mistakes are for learning purposes. We often have to make a few mistakes before we can learn anything. Sometimes a mistake can occur simply to teach us one basic lesson… that we are human and cannot be perfect in everything we do.
Above, all, we should never condemn ourselves for the countless mistakes that occurred while we were drinking. Our alcoholism, a terrible mistake in the sight of many, led to the deep learning we find in AA. Nothing that brings us this far can really be a mistake in the sight of God.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
“One woman told me that while she did not as yet grasp the esoteric
principle of self-observation, she sensed its importance. That is
how necessary knowledge comes to us: by a faint whispering, which
eventually turns into clear hearing.”
  Pathways to Perfect Living, p. 168
Twenty Four Hours A Day
Thought for the Day
We’re so glad to be free from liquor that we do something about it. We get into action. We come to meetings regularly. We go out and try to help other alcoholics. We pass on the good news whenever we get a chance. In a spirit of thankfulness to God, we get into action. The A.A. program is simple. Submit yourself to God, find release from liquor, and get into action. Do these things and keep doing them and you’re all set for the rest of your life. Have I got into action? 
Meditation for the Day
God’s eternal quest must be the tracking down of souls. You should join Him in His quest. Through briars, through waste places, through glades, up mountain heights, down into valleys. God leads you. But ever with His leadership goes your helping hand. Glorious to follow where the Leader goes. You are seeking lost sheep. You are bringing the good news into places where it has not been known before. You may not know which soul you will help, but you can leave all results to God. just go with Him in His eternal quest for souls. 
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may follow God in His eternal quest for souls. I pray that I may offer God my helping hand.
Intuition, which is nothing less than God in man,
silently awaits his recognition and cooperation.
 The science of Mind page 342
Our thought-life will be placed on a much higher plane when our 
thinking is cleared of wrong motives. 
— Alcoholics Anonymous, page 86 
You stop thinking about the police finding out what you did. You 
start thinking about God knowing what just happened. 
 — Curtis Jackson
 A fish in the ocean of Love Never thinks about the shower.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 118 Insights
Review: “God’s peace and joy are mine.”
and “Let me be still and listen to the truth.”
   My “feeble voice” tells me that I am weak and unworthy of peace and joy. It is the voice of judgment and guilt. It is quick to respond in every circumstance with messages that tell me to be careful, protect myself, and pointing out that others cannot be trusted, that there is always danger lurking around the next corner, over the hill or in the next minute. It is a voice of fear, for from judgment and guilt comes the expectation of punishment and pain.
  This feeble voice can never be happy because it speaks for the part of my mind that believes it is alone, separate and guilty because of having separated from its Creator. In truth it is impossible to be separate from my Source, my Creator. Thus this feeble voice represents a belief in what could never happen. Being based on a false premise, all this voice has to say is a lie. That is why it is important for me to practice this lesson. It will help me stop believing in the messages of the feeble voice.
 The beginning and the end of all created
 things are hidden in the depths of the infinite;
 only the middle is visible.
 Paramahansa Yogananda
 A fish in the ocean of Love Never thinks about the shower.

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