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Eye Opener (1950)
The relationship of hours to a lifetime is comparable
to the relationship of bricks to a house. 
Every brick that is laid must be a separate and distinct operation, 
yet so tied to the preceding and the following brick
that their positions are level and plumb. 
Each one is an entirety in itself, 
but all the bricks are either supporting or are supported by each other.
Our hours, lived one by one, are in no sense different. 
The beauty, strength and durability of our lives will 
be determined by the individual hours viewed collectively.

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE
“Nothing comes ahead of my inner awakening. Make that vow and
keep that vow. Nothing comes ahead of my inner awakening. What
can you think of that is more important to you than to find a
life that is actually out of this world? A life that is free of
the entanglements that have ripped you so fiercely in the past.
What is more vital to you than to have an inner strength that
prevents you from ever being a victim again? There is nothing
that comes ahead of your spiritual awakening, but you are
making an error.
You have been unable to put liberty first because you don’t
understand how deeply and fiercely you have been trapped by
the foe.”
 from a talk given 11/16/1988
Twenty Four Hours A Day august 13,2016
Thought for the Day 
“We had but two alternatives; one was to go on to the 
bitter end, blotting out the consciousness of our 
intolerable situation as best we could, and the other 
was to accept spiritual help. We became willing to 
maintain a certain simple attitude toward life. What 
seemed at first a flimsy reed has proved to be the 
loving and powerful hand of God. A new life has been 
given us, a design for living that really works. All 
of us establish in our own individual way our personal 
relationship with God.” Have I established my own 
relationship with God? 
Meditation for the Day 
Make it a daily practice to review your character. Take 
your character in relation to your daily life, to your 
dear ones, your friends, your acquaintances, and your 
work. Each day try to see where God wants you to change. 
Plan how best each fault can be eradicated or each 
mistake be corrected. Never be satisfied with a 
comparison with those around you. Strive toward a better 
life as your ultimate goal. God is your helper through 
weakness to power, through danger to security, through 
fear and worry to peace and serenity. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may make real progress toward a better life. 
I pray that I may never be satisfied with my present state
As we express life, we fulfill God’s law of abundance, 
but we do this only as we realized that there is good 
enough to go around – 
only as we know that all God’s gifts are given as freely
 and fully as the air and the sunshine… alike to all. 
The science of Mind page 459
“Admitted to God, to ourselves,
 and to another human being the
 exact nature of our wrongs.”
12&12 Step Five, p.55  

The moment you accept what troubles you have been given,
the door will open.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 224 Insights

“God is my Father, and He loves His Son.”
Since God is Love and He is my Father, my true Identity must be Love. Love is God’s gift to me. By Its nature, Love must be extended to be Itself. That is why my true Identity (Love) is the gift I give to the world. Only Love is real. So Love is, in truth, all there is to give. Love is the Light of Heaven and the Light of the world. My job is to see that Light of Love in everyone, everywhere, all the time. The Light of Love is all there really is to see. If I think I see something else, I am hallucinating, or projecting something that is not there.
The moment I recognize I am seeing anything other than Love, it is time for me to turn to the Holy Spirit and give this false perception to Him. That is the essence of daily practice that leads me Home to Heaven, where I am perfectly safe, at peace and in joy.
If I am seeing anyone as threatening to me or disturbing to me in any way, I need to remind myself that I must be seeing wrongly, for Love does not attack by seeing separation. Love only blesses by knowing Oneness. The true Identity of everyone is Love, so the truth of everyone only gives the blessing of Love.
In this dream, it appears there are alternatives to Love, but this cannot be in truth. As it says in the introduction to the Course, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Only Love is real. That is my true Identity, along with everyone’s.
Holy Spirit, help me today to look past the false masks to the true Identity in everyone, that I may recognize my Own.
In this lesson, Jesus reminds me of my true Identity, Which I have forgotten. He encourages me to accept my true Identity and let the false identity go. Today is a practice in accepting my true Identity. Today is a practice in remembering I am still Love, as God created me. Today is a day of practice in not making the false identity — a body with a separate mind — real. Today is a day of practice in being willing to watch the thoughts I am believing in and, if it does not reflect my true Identity, to take it to the Holy Spirit to be undone.
Today is a day of accepting my Source instead of rejecting It. God is my Source. God is Love and therefore Love is my Source. I am an extension of Love and so I cannot be anything other than Love. Anything else is an hallucination. Holy Spirit, help me rest today in the remembrance that I am only Love. Let me be willing to remember the truth. Let me be willing to remember Love and that only Love is real.
This is a good lesson for me today. Yesterday someone offered me some guilt and I accepted it. The guilt made me feel like a bad person. If I feel guilty, obviously it is because I did something wrong. Since there is nothing I can do to fix the situation, I started feeling anxious and frustrated. This is such a typical ego maneuver — putting me in a box where there seems to be no way out.
Thank God I know now that I can take this to Holy Spirit and ask Him for a different way to see it. When I allow my mind to get so cluttered with these ego thoughts of guilt, fear and blame that I can’t see past them, I completely lose sight of the fact that there could be another way to see it.
If, instead, I can focus on Truth, like today’s lesson, “God is my Father and He loves His Son, ” then I can relax and let Holy Spirit guide me out of the scary place I put myself. I look back at it from the safety of God’s Love and I laugh that I was frightened by something so insubstantial.
The cultivation of intuitive spirit requires 
involvement of the inner life. 
When developed sufficiently, intuition brings 
immediate comprehension of Truth. 
You can have this marvelous realization. 
Meditation is the way. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 

Each Morn a thousand Roses brings, you say:
Yes, but where leaves the Rose of Yesterday?
And this first Summer month that brings the Rose
Shall take Jamshyd and Kaikobad away.
Ron Richey
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