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 Eye Opener (1950)
Frequently we are asked, “Why waste your money on that guy? He’s a phony if ever I saw one.” We have all heard this and often it was true but, after all, the monetary loss each month was way below our old whiskey bills. Every once in a while, the long shot does come in and the payoff is tremendous.
   It is simply a case of betting on people instead of horses. These bets on people can’t lose, for if the phony abuses your generosity, the fault is his, not yours, and he is debited and you are credited by the Great Bookkeeper who has charge of the Treasury where “neither moth nor rust doth corrupt and where thieves do not break through and steal.”
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE

“As you already know, some of your desires are fulfilled, while
others are not. Perhaps you have wondered what determines the
gain or lack of gain of a desire. A gain is not determined by a
person’s strong will-power, but by the alternating flow of nature
which sometimes says _yes_ and sometimes says _no_. Once you see
that you do not determine events, a _no_ cannot disturb you. We
are disturbed only when _no_ exposes our pretense of having a
separate ego which can control events. You are not apart from
the whole of nature, but are one with it.”
 Esoteric Mind Power, p. 151
Twenty Four Hours A Day august 18,2016
Thought for the Day 
“We of agnostic temperament have found that as soon as we were able to lay aside prejudice and express a willingness to believe in a Power greater than our selves, we commenced to get results, even though it was impossible for any of us to fully define or comprehend that Power, which we call God. As soon as you can say that you do believe or are willing to believe, you are on your way. Upon this simple cornerstone a wonderfully effective spiritual structure can be built.” Am I willing to depend on a Power that I cannot fully define or comprehend? 
Meditation for the Day 
We seek God’s presence and “they who seek shall find.” It is not a question of searching so much as an inner consciousness of the Divine spirit in your heart. To realize God’s presence you must surrender to His will in the small as well as in the big things of life. This makes God’s guidance possible. Some things separate you from God-a false word, a fear-inspired failure, a harsh criticism, a stubborn resentment. These are the things that put a distance between your mind and God. A word of love, a selfless reconciliation, a kind act of helpfulness-these bring God closer. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may think and say and do the things that bring God 
closer to me. I pray that I may find Him in a sincere prayer, a 
kind word, or an unselfish deed.
The more completely we realize good, happiness and success,
 the more perfectly do we express God and the more
 of God do we become, that is, 
the more does God become personified through us.
The science of Mind page 470 
We “constructively criticized” someone who needed it, when our real motive was 
to win a useless argument. Or, the person concerned not being present, we thought we were helping others to understand him, when in actuality our true motive was to feel superior by pulling him down.
 — Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions, page 94
In a culture where approval/disapproval has become the predominant regulator of 
effort and position, and often the substitute for love, our personal freedoms are
–Viola Spolin 
Thus it is our own mind that should be established in all the Roots of the Good;
it is our own mind that should be soaked by the rain of truth;
it is our own mind that should be purified from all obstructive qualities;
it is our own mind that should be made vigorous by energy.
— Gandavyuha Sutra
Love will find its way through 
all languages on its own.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 229 Insights
“Love, Which created me, is what I am.”
This world was made to make it look as if separation is real. Along with separation appearing real, sin appears real because harm appears to be possible. The images seen through the body’s eyes are pretty convincing. Yet today’s lesson is telling me it’s all made up, a distortion of my mind.
More importantly, God has not let these wild imaginings affect my true Identity at all. He has held me sinless in His Mind, shielding me from any effect that I might believe the illusions I have made up might have. This is God’s grace. Being Love, God does not condemn. I am held forever safe in His Love. His only “judgment” is that I remain Love, as He created me. Love cannot sin, for Love is one and only gives of Itself. Thus I remain innocent.
The images of the world my body’s eyes show me are lies and deceptions. They are not the truth about me or anyone or anything. It is my job now to loosen and let go of my beliefs in the images of this world. That is forgiveness. As I forgive, with the Holy Spirit’s help, I am able to look past the images to the face of Christ, which is ever present.
Holy Spirit, hold my hand today and shine Your Light, that I may see the face of Christ wherever I look. Thus will I learn to recognize my Self as Love created It. I give thanks.
Love waits in quiet. My true Identity waits in quiet for my return. I return to Love by going to that quiet place in my mind where Love resides. It is always there because Love is eternal and cannot leave my mind. In that quiet place I know I am safe. In that quiet place is the face of Christ.
My job now is to let go of duality. There is only one real world and in that world lies the face of Christ. The Course tells us, “The face of Christ is all there is to see. The song of Christ is all there is to hear. The Hand of Christ is all there is to hold. There is no journey but to walk with Him.” Today I will practice seeing the face of Christ and remembering that Love is What I am.
Something happened yesterday which brought to mind an incident that happened years ago. In this incident someone who loved me acted in an unloving way. The details are not important. Could have been one of any number of incidents. This particular incident just happened to come to mind in a vivid way and so offered an excellent opportunity for forgiveness.
I didn’t recognize it as such, yesterday. When I thought about it, I marveled at how unloving this person acted and how foolish I was to accept his behavior and how I would never do that again and how glad I was he was no longer in my life. Well, you get the picture.
The memory popped up again as I was doing the lesson, so I took it as a signal to take a closer look at this errant thought, as often these seemingly “stray” thoughts during meditation are trying to tell me something. Sure enough, this one was trying to get my attention for a reason.
As I thought about it, I realized his actions were governed by what he thought was right at the moment. He had a reason for doing what he did. At that moment in his life, what he did made perfect sense to him. Don’t I often act out what I believe to be true and later realize it was just ego, after all? Do I deserve to be condemned because I made a mistake? Does he?
If it was ego instead of the truth we had mistaken it for, it wasn’t even real. Should we be condemned for something that wasn’t real? So, once again, I see that what I thought my brother did to me, didn’t happen. It was a distortion of the mind and Holy Spirit is happy to help me see clearly.
Right behind space is Intelligence. 
And right behind you is God.
Paramahansa Yogananda
“In monasteries, seminaries, retreats and synagogues,
 they fear hell and seek paradise. 
Those who know the mysteries of God never let that
 seed be planted in their souls.” 
― Omar Khayyám, Quatrains
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