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From “How It Works”:
“We reviewed our fears thoroughly. We put them on paper, even though we had no resentment in connection with them. We asked ourselves why we had them. Wasn’t it because self-reliance had failed us? Self-reliance was good as far as it went, but it didn’t go far enough. . . .
“Perhaps there is a better way – we think so. For we are now on a different basis; the basis of trusting and relying upon God. We trust infinite God rather than our finite selves.”
2001 AAWS Inc. Fourth Edition
Alcoholics Anonymous, pg. 68
Have you ever considered the power of simply being interested in
something? Do so. When interested in travelling to a holiday area,
your interest carries you there. When interested in buying a new
car, you are impelled by your interest to obtain one. The interest
you have in cosmic exploration is wonderfully healthy and naturally
exciting. Give it full permission to grow, which it will do. That
is like giving yourself permission to be happy.”
Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 25
Though they knew they must help other alcoholics if they would remain sober, that motive became secondary. It was transcended by the happiness they found in giving themselves for others.
Those words, for me, refer to a transference of power, through which God, as I understand Him, enters my life. Through prayer and meditation, I open channels, then I establish and improve my conscious contact with God. Through action I then receive the power I need to maintain my sobriety each day. By maintaining my spiritual condition, by giving away what has been so freely given to me, I am granted a daily reprieve.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
“Let us waste no further time looking for the 
secret of success or the key to happiness. 
Already the door is open and whosoever will may enter.” 
― Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind
I thought I could just come in here 
and sit on my butt, assmosis. 
This is our..☀ morning sun, dew drop in… There is no alarm, dew drop in… This is your day, dew drop in… This is your opportunity, dew drop in… This is your gift, dew drop in… This is your time, dew drop in… This your bucket list, dew drop in… There’s a letter to mail, dew drop in… There’s love to make, dew drop in… There is someone to forgive, dew drop in… There is a service to perform, dew drop in… And There is my bed pillow. This is our morning sun …☀.. May we arise in gratitude & shine… Please dew drop in again… 
© John-Robert Coleman.2017
A Golden Compass 
Forget every idea of right and wrong
Any classroom ever taught you
An empty heart, a tormented mind,
Unkindness, jealousy and fear
Are always the testimony
You have been completely fooled!
Turn your back on those
Who would imprison your wondrous spirit
With deceit and lies.
Come, join the honest company
Of the King’s beggars –
Those gamblers, scoundrels and divine clowns
And those astonishing fair courtesans
Who need Divine Love every night.
Come, join the courageous
Who have no choice
But to bet their entire world
That indeed,
Indeed, God is Real.
What Happens?
What happens when your soul
Begins to awaken
Your eyes
And your heart
And the cells of your body
To the great Journey of Love? 
First there is wonderful laughter
And probably precious tears 
And a hundred sweet promises
And those heroic vows
No one can ever keep. 
But still God is delighted and amused
You once tried to be a saint. 
What happens when your soul
Begins to awake in this world 
To our deep need to love
And serve the Friend? 
O the Beloved
Will send you
One of His wonderful, wild companions ~
Like Hafiz. 
From: ‘I Heard God Laughing
– Renderings of Hafiz’ – Daniel Ladinsky
ACIM Workbook Lesson 239 Insights
“The glory of my Father is my own.”
All of God’s glory is what you are. All of God’s glory is what I am. In God we are one. We are still in God. Because we are still as God created us, there is no sin and guilt in us because there is no sin and guilt in God.
Today my practice is to remember this truth about my brother and myself. The glory of God is what we all are. Now is the time to let go of illusions of being separate from God. Now is the time let go of illusions of sin and guilt. Now is the time to return to the truth. This is my practice today.
When we see someone in pain or acting out in anger, it seems difficult to see that this person remains safe and whole in God. The pain and attack seem very real. Yet today’s lesson reminds us that we remain at one with our Father. God cannot sin nor be guilty. Neither can His Son, Who is one with Him.
The challenge is to not make the error real. This is not something we can do on our own. Believing we are on our own is the error. That same error will be perceived everywhere but not recognized as error. We will perceive as true everything that supports what we believe we are. What does not support this belief is perceived as false. If we believe we are separate individuals then we will perceive innocence in our brother as false. Along with believing we are separate comes the belief in sin because sin is simply separation, or lack of Love. And so sin is perceived as true and innocence is perceived as false. This is the upside down thinking of the ego.
To step out of this false world of perception, we need help from outside the thought system of separation. This is the Thought of peace given us by God the moment we had the thought of separation, which is the thought of conflict. This thought of peace, the Holy Spirit, is in our minds to help us heal the split, which never truly occurred, but which we believe is real. As we learn to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance instead of the ego thought system, He will bring us correction. He will help us recognize the false as false and truth as true.
The ego looks on attack and injustice as justification for condemnation and punishment. The Holy Spirit looks at the same action as a call for Love requiring correction rather than punishment. Correction is healing and the means of correction is forgiveness. An insane mind, distorted by belief in what could never be, needs loving and careful correction. It is not done by simply saying, “Get over it.” It requires careful, step by step training of the mind to learn to recognize the beliefs that underlie the terrifying world insanity shows us.
Being the Messenger of God, the Holy Spirit has the wisdom to know exactly what will be helpful in every moment. This is why it is our job to develop the habit of letting the Holy Spirit be our Guide in every moment. He will guide us in what to say and do in every moment to support, encourage and strengthen forgiveness and let go of guilt. The Holy Spirit knows guilt is never justified. In our identification with the ego, guilt always appears to be justified. This is the error the Holy Spirit will help us correct if we but turn to Him in every circumstance for His guidance and vision.
If we think we know what to do on our own, we will make our judgments and reinforce guilt. There will be no openness to the Holy Spirit’s teaching. But as we learn that on our own we do not know what anything means, we become teachable. Now we are open to the Thought of peace, which can heal the split and help us recognize that the glory of our Father is our own.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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“Every morning I offer my body, my mind and any ability that I posses, to be used by Thee, O infinite creator, in whatever way Thou dost choose to express Thyself through me. I know that all work is Thy work, and that no task is too difficult or too menial when offered to Thee in loving service.” 
Paramahansa Yogananda
“May your love for your beloved
be as great as the love of the bottle for the glass.
Look, how one gives and one receives, lip against
lip, the precious blood of the grapes!” 
― Omar Khayyám, The Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam

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