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“Practically never have I heard a heated religious, political, or reform argument among A.A. members.  So long as we don’t argue these matters privately, it’s a cinch we never shall publicly.’ As by some deep instinct, we A.A.’s have known from the very beginning that we must never, no matter what the provocation, publicly take sides in any fight, even a worthy one. . .
. . .We do not enter into public controversy, because we know that our Society will perish if it does. We conceive the survival and spread of Alcoholics Anonymous to be something of far greater importance than the weight we could collectively throw back of any other cause.” 
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, pp. 176-77 
Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?
BUT: Being Unconvinced Totally
“Practice at placing the spiritual before the material. First attempts
may reveal how seldom we do this, which is a healthy surprise. When
applying for employment, your first aim should be self-command, not the
desire to make a good impression. When speaking with others, your goal
should be to speak with self-awareness, not to persuade others. The
only important thing you have to do with your life is to make it a right
life. Use this method for making it right.”
Esoteric Mind Power, p. 33

“At one time . . . every A.A. group had many membership rules. Everybody was scared witless that something or somebody would capsize the boat. . . .The total list was a mile long. If all those rules had been in effect everywhere, nobody could have possibly joined A.A. at all, . . .”
I’m grateful that the Third Tradition only requires of me a desire to stop drinking. I had been breaking promises for years. In the Fellowship I didn’t have to make promises, I didn’t have to concentrate. It only required my attending one meeting, in a foggy condition, to know I was home. I didn’t have to pledge undying love. Here, strangers hugged me. “It gets better,” they said, and “One day at a time, you can do it.” They were no longer strangers, but caring friends. I ask God to help me to reach out to people desiring sobriety, and to, please, keep me grateful!
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc
“Man, by thinking, can bring into his experience whatsoever he desires–if he thinks correctly, and becomes a living embodiment of his thoughts. This is not done by holding thoughts but by knowing the Truth.” 
― Ernest Holmes

You can write your own book in The Nut Hut

“Sometimes you wonder, I mean really wonder. I know we make our own reality, and we always have a choice, but how much is preordained? Is there always a fork in the road, and are there two preordained paths that are equally preordained? There could be hundreds of paths where one could go this way or that way — there’s a chance, and it’s very strange sometimes.”
John Lennon

Dance when you’re broken open.
Dance when you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance when you’re perfectly free.
Struck, the dancer hears a tambourine inside her,
like a wave that crests into foam at the very top,
Maybe you don’t hear that tambourine,
or the tree leaves clapping time.
Close the ears on your head,
that listen mostly to lies and cynical jokes.
There are other things to see, and hear.
Music. Dance.
A brilliant city inside your soul!

ACIM Workbook Lesson 243 Insights
“Today I will judge nothing that occurs.”
The body’s senses offer only bits of perception of the whole. In the “What is the world?” section that goes with this lesson, it refers to the body’s senses as “mechanisms of illusion.” It tells us that our senses are directed to go out and look for illusions. That’s what they were made for. In this world we have so thoroughly bought into believing the illusions are real, we think that the body’s senses show us reality.
Yet here we are told that all they bring us is witnesses to illusion. This makes our body’s senses wholly unreliable. And consequently any decision or judgment we attempt to make must be filled with uncertainty. We are trying to make decisions based on illusions. Beneath our outward show of certainty, there must always be an underlying awareness of the illusions this “certainty” is based upon. It is no wonder we walk through our days with at best a low level of anxiety.
This is why it is so important that we learn to turn to the Holy Spirit in our minds for guidance in every decision. We do not have the resources to make judgments on our own. The Holy Spirit sees the whole in its entirety. His vision reaches far beyond what we are aware of in our identification with the body. Yet His vision is always available to us. We need only let go of the arrogance of believing that we understand anything on our own. In the section in the Manual for Teachers, “As for the rest,” it tells us that learning to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance is the core of the curriculum. It also says that it is the way out of hell for us and release from all guilt.
As I practice letting the Holy Spirit guide me through the day, His guidance does not always seem certain to me. But the uncertainty I feel is not because His guidance is anything but rock solid. It is because I still retain some belief that the body’s perceptions show me something of reality. It is this attempt to follow two guides that brings the uncertainty. And so I continue to practice remembering that of myself I can do nothing, for this allows the return of the power of God to me.
In truth, I cannot be “of myself.” It is this recognition that frees me to experience the certainty of Holy Spirit’s guidance. Today I will continue to practice following the Holy Spirit’s lead. Today I will walk toward freedom.
If I come to any conclusions based on what the physical senses show me, I will be mistaken. The physical or body’s senses were made to deceive. The body’s senses were made to replace Reality with illusions of separation. That is why it is not helpful for me to think that I already know based on what I have learned from the past through the body’s senses. That is why I must now learn to step back and open my mind to the Holy Spirit’s correction of my perceptions.
Only God’s Creation exists at all. What I am seeing through the body’s eyes are hallucinations of separation. And that means hallucinations of nothing. When I come to conclusions about what is real from these hallucinations, I am wrong and that is why I cannot judge anything in this world.
The Course says this world is an attack on God. I would step back from attacking God today. It only causes guilt and fear. Today my practice is to come to no conclusions on my own. I would practice opening my mind and listening to the only Source of all real power, to the only Source of all real peace. I would be guided. I will not lead. In this way my true direction becomes clear. In this way I am led out of the insanity of the ego thought system.
Remembering that I do not know on my own is the key to my inner peace and inner health. In this way I am helpful to myself and to the world. As I help myself, I help the Sonship, for we are one. I would open to the memory of the truth that all that is real is still one in God. Today I will judge nothing that occurs in this dream of separation.
Whew! I can see that I’m going to have a busy day reminding myself not to judge. I’ve only just read the lesson and have had to release judgment several times. I have proved over and over to myself that I cannot effectively judge what happens and yet, I hold stubbornly to judgment. I hope that today, I will make some progress in changing my mind about this.
The thought of being free of judging makes me feel lighter and happier. And that is just the possibility, what would it feel like to accomplish this?
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“Continual intellectual study results in vanity and the false satisfaction of an undigested knowledge.” 
― Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi
We have to distinguish between a man as he is in essence, and as he is in ego or personality. In essence, every person is perfect, fearless, and in a loving unity with the entire cosmos; there is no conflict within the person between head, heart, and stomach or between the person and others. Then something happens: the ego begins to develop, karma accumulates, there is a transition from objectivity to subjectivity; man falls from essence into personality.
Oscar Ichazo

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