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“Our spiritual way of life is safe for future generations if, as a Society, we resist the temptation to receive money from the outside world. But this leaves us with a responsibility – one that every member ought to understand. We cannot skimp when the treasurer of our group passes the hat. Our groups, our areas, and A.A. as a whole will not function unless our services are sufficient and their bills are paid. When we meet and defeat the temptation to take large gifts, we are only being prudent. But when we are generous with the hat we give a token that we are grateful for our blessings and evidence that we are eager to share what we have found with all those who still suffer.” 
Bill W., November 1957 
The Language of the Heart, p. 22
“How can you start?
Break away. Do it by short steps, if necessary, but break away.
No, you won’t succeed the first week. There are too many people
around you who will screech when you dare to leave them alone in
their prison. They don’t want you to get out; they want you to be
as miserable as they. Your daring is an exposure of their weakness.”
The Power of your Supermind, Chap. 2, p. 14
Alcoholics Anonymous will never have a professional class. We have gained some understanding of the ancient words “Freely ye have received, freely give.” We have discovered that at the point of professionalism, money and spirituality do not mix.
I believe that Alcoholics Anonymous stands alone in the treatment of alcoholism because it is based solely on the principle of one alcoholic sharing with another alcoholic. This is what makes the program unique. When I decided that I wanted to stay sober, I called a woman who I knew was a sober member of A.A., and she carried the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to me. She received no monetary compensation, but rather was paid by staying sober another day herself. Today I could ask for no payment other than another day free from alcohol, so in that respect, I am generously paid for my labor.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
“Seeing and recognizing no opposite to itself, it finds no need of denial, indeed, this thought need not enter the mind; if we are working with the Spirit we need not deny but state the affirmative attitude of mind, realizing that we are dealing with the only power that exists.” 
― Ernest Holmes, Ernest Holmes: The Essential Collection

I went into this place thinking I was going to 
get drunk and it was an AA meeting.
I’ve had enough of reading things‬ ‪By neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians‬.‪
John Lennon‬
Dance, Dervish Dance
Dance, dervish dance—-
bring the face of god before you.
only love can lift the heart up so high that its true color is restored by the sun!
see him near and clapping, that perfect one who fathers divine rhythm.
o dance, dervish dance,
and know you bring your master happiness whenever you smile.
last night so many tears took flight because of joy that the sky god crowded and complained
when i discovered god hiding again in my heart
and i could not cease to celebrate.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 244 Insights
“I am in danger nowhere in the world.”
Opening to God is opening to the awareness of safety. Opening to God is opening to the awareness of peace and eternal joy. In God there is constancy. God is consistent and does not change.
If I do not feel safe, it is because I am not remembering God’s Love and peace. God’s Love and peace are What I am and so I am not remembering my one Self. It is frightening to feel all alone and separate from God. Making decisions on my own is not a happy situation.
Dear God, I surrender my belief in individuality to You. I surrender thinking that I have to decide what anything means on my own. I surrender my separate identity. I see how false it is and how it causes only fear. I open my mind to You today. I relax into Your Love and rest in Your peace. We are one and nothing else is true. Herein lies my safety. It lies nowhere else. I surrender all my fearful dreams to You and they dissolve in Your healing Light.
If I am not experiencing God’s perfect peace, I must be in some way perceiving danger or threat. I can only perceive this if I believe I am separate from God’s Love and safety. This is the core mistake that is the basis for the appearance of this world. The world is the effect of believing that it is possible to be without God’s Love. The Course tells us only Love is real. If that is true then the world we perceive must be false.
My reawakening to the reality of Love is how I remember that I am in danger nowhere in this world. The means for returning to Love is forgiveness. It is letting go of attempting to replace God’s Love with illusions of individuality and specialness.
Because we made the world of illusions, it will appear real to us because we believe in what we made. That is why we need to practice listening to the Holy Spirit, Who did not make the world of illusions and thus does not believe it. He is the Bridge of return, given us by God so that no matter what insane illusions we may make, there is always a means for returning to sanity.
Holy Spirit, I give my thoughts to you. I am tired of wearying myself with trying to hold together a world of illusions. I am tired of trying to control reality and control the world. I would step back and let you be the Director and the Guide. I know that you will show me the way Home to the safety of God’s loving Arms. I give the burden of control to You. With a sigh of relief, I step back and follow You. With You holding my hand, we walk lightly and carry the Light of Love. This day I walk in gratitude.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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“God is simple.
Everything else is complex.
Do not seek absolute values in the relative world of nature.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda,
Autobiography of a Yogi:

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