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Eye Opener (1950)
We in AA are taught to live for today and
to shut out all regrettable yesterdays. 
This philosophy is good, but it does not mean
 that we can cut off yesterdays as though they never existed.
If we had not been alcoholics in the yesterdays, 
we would not be in AA today. If our lives had 
not been wrecked, we would not now be rebuilding
 upon a better and surer foundation.
We do not need to lament over misspent yesterdays,
 but we should salvage what was good in them to 
help construct our new way of life.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“We must realize that human-level thinking cannot solve human-level
problems, any more than we can fly in an automobile. But happily,
esoteric thinking is an aircraft capable of flight above earthly
Pathways to Perfect Living, p. 103
Twenty Four Hours A Day AUGUST 4,2015
Thought for the Day 
We in A.A. are offering a kind of psychological program as
well as a spiritual one. First, people must be mentally 
able to receive it. They must have made up their minds 
that they want to quit drinking, and they must be willing 
to do something about it. Their confidence must be obtained. 
We must show them that we are their friends and really
desire to help them. When we have their confidence, they 
will listen to us. Then the A.A. fellowship is a kind of 
group therapy. Newcomers need the fellowship of other
alcoholics who understand their problem because they have 
had it themselves. Individuals must learn to reeducate 
their minds. They must learn to think differently. Do I 
do my best to give mental help? 
Meditation for the Day 
“And this is life eternal, that they may know Thee.” It is
the flow of life eternal through spirit, mind, and body 
that cleanses, heals, restores, and renews. Seek conscious 
contact with God more and more each day. Make God an 
abiding presence during the day. Be conscious of His spirit 
helping you. All that is done without God’s spirit is 
passing. All that is done with God’s spirit is life 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may be in the stream of eternal life. I pray
that I may be cleansed and healed by the Eternal Spirit.


Love is self-givingness through creation, 
the impartation of the Divine through the human. 
The science of mind is 478 
These very deviations created a vast process of trial
and error which, under the grace of God,
has brought us to where we stand today.
 12&12 Tradition Four, p.146  

 If words come out of the heart, 
 they will enter the heart,
 but if they come from the tongue, 
they will not pass beyond the ears. 
  Sufi proverb

ACIM Workbook Lesson 215 Insights
“I am not a body. I am free.
I am still as God created me.”
“Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”
Whenever I identify with the body as what I am, I am insane.
But I have a Guide in my mind That will help me when I get lost.
For this I am eternally grateful.
This world is a dream I have made up to
make separation appear to be real.
I need the Holy Spirit to lead me Home.
I need a helping Hand when I get lost
in thinking the world is real.
I am so grateful the Holy Spirit is always
there whenever I open to Its healing Love.
To the Holy Spirit there is only one real
purpose in this world, and that is to contribute
to the awakening of the one Sonship from
the dream of separation.
I give thanks to the Holy Spirit for Its patience,
wisdom, humor and constant Love.
When I give my insane thoughts to Him,
He always shines them away.
My constant Companion always remembers the truth.
He shines a light on all my insane perceptions, if I let Him.
The Holy Spirit is the reminder of God’s Love in my mind.
While I think I am in this dream world of separation and believe it is real,
I need a reminder of the truth.
I am grateful the Holy Spirit is ever present with His message
of Love, brought directly from God to me.
God’s Love has never ceased and never will.
If I feel unloved or unloving, I need the Holy Spirit’s
gentle reminder that I am still Love, as God created me.
To receive His reminder, I must be willing to bring all my unloving,
fearful and guilty thoughts to Him.
He will guide me to true perception to see they are based on illusion,
so I can let them go easily, with a quiet sigh of relief,
and walk on with Him in Love and gratitude.
Today I will practice once again being mindful of my
thoughts and taking each one that does not bring peace to the Holy Spirit.
The world I have made has not brought me happiness.
I am willing to receive a new perception that guides me
out of this mistaken world and into the universe of Light.
Only here can lasting happiness be found.
Only here is where I truly want to be.

Oh God of Light, let thy fingers of illumination 
play over key of my life, that all the notes may
unite in one song of Harmony and love.
 Paramahansa Yogananda
“I hide my grief, just like the blessed birds hide
 themselves when they are preparing to die, my love.” 
― Omar Khayyám
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