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The Shill game (Alan Dolit)

The Shill game  (Alan Dolit)
I often have trouble sleeping and either just lie there in a semi-meditative state or else I get up and diddle on the computer. Several nights ago when I could not sleep, I was just lying in bed and had a powerful vision; whether I was dreaming or not I can’t say, but I’ll share what I experienced. I am standing on a corner in a city. A man has a folding table set up and playing the shell game. That is he would place a tiny pebble under one of three shells. He was attracting some spectators. One of the spectators was doing very well and seemed to be winning a lot of money. Just then I was joined by someone just behind my right shoulder who was giving me a running commentary. I don’t know why, but it seemed the person who was giving me a running commentary was Jesus. Nobody seemed to be paying any attention to us.
Jesus said that “the spectator winning the money is a shill to attract other bettors, and when other spectators expressed interest in playing, the one who had been winning would leave and the new spectator would be allowed to win a few times and then increase the amount of the bet and then start losing. Jesus said watch what happens when I slow the action down. I could see that the guy operating the shell game would do something with one hand to distract the spectators and would hide the pebble in the other hand, so no matter which shell the spectator picked there would be nothing under it. Then Jesus said “In ten minutes when the spectators start to wise up, a policeman will come and arrest the shell operator, after he has obtained a lot of the spectators money. Of Course, the policeman is also a phony. Then they go off to a different part of the city and repeat the same operation.
“Alan, this is a perfect example of how the ego works. This world is like a big shell game.  The ego tries to convince us that the trinkets of the world will satisfy us, whether it be a new car, job, relationship, more money etc.  Alan, there are no answers here. Everything we think will help us, will wind up disappointing us. We thought we could leave Heaven because we thought we could do a better job than God; That we could have more than everything, when in fact we gave up everything in exchange for virtually nothing.
“We use the physical universe to hide from God because we think He is angry with us and will destroy us for trying to usurp His Power. And because we can’t handle all this fear and guilt, we create horrific scenarios in our life as both a distraction of the intense fear we subconsciously have, and also as a way of thinking God will take pity on us, and mitigate the punishment we believe is our due. In truth this is all an hallucination. We can never leave God, and God is only Love and Love does not forgive because He has never condemned, so no matter what we remain innocent as the day we were created, since in truth nothing has happened except in our wrong mind, and God has never stopped loving His one son. ”
And then everything faded, and I fell into a deep sleep and woke up very rested and joyful even though I had less than two hours sleep.
Seriousness causes  reincarnation; guilt is an acronym for Godless Useless Insane Loveless Thought; sin is an acronym for Self Inflicted Neurosis; ego is an acronym for Exponential Guilt Orchestrator. Ego is also the master Travel agent for guilt trips.