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         CHRIST    Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE (R)

“During this Christmas season there might be a few people on
earth who think about Christ and begin to wonder what he was
all about. Now, anybody who begins to think seriously about
Christ and His ministry here on earth, the first thing you do
is to have a sense of separation from Christ, of distance, of
unattainability, of mystery and bewilderment.

Now, you have been taught here in this room and will continue
to be taught that all attempts to solve the mystery of Christ,
of God, of spirituality, all attempts to solve it through words,
of what He lived for and stood for – all attempts to solve it by
thinking about it must fail.

Thought, idea, belief, opinion, religious creeds are always
separated from the spirit of Christ. Human beings who don’t
understand this, and furthermore who don’t want to understand it
immediately say, ‘I do understand’ and they build churches and
they write books which become best sellers and they quote and
they dress up on Sundays – and they become the enemies of Christ.
They become not even the passive enemy but the active, aggressive,
all-out enemy of everything that Christ stood for, and here is why.

Idea is always the enemy of spirit. The two don’t live together,
they can’t live together. They are not compatible. Idea doesn’t
want spirit and spirit doesn’t want idea. Light doesn’t want
darkness, darkness doesn’t want light.

So you have to study your own ideas and beliefs about Christ.
You have to study your own attitudes, beliefs – desperations even,
‘God help me,’ that sort of thing’ – you have to study all your
acquired ideas about Christ and when you have studied them
thoroughly you must, if you are honest, sincere, you must come
to the conclusion that all memorized self-references about Christ
and God are the very thing that is keeping you distant and mystified,
that makes you feel that coming close to Christ and His truth is
unattainable, which it is as long as ‘you’ are trying to find God and

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