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 Eye Opener (1950)
Famous Last Words: “If I had one more drink, I could cut off.
” “Lord, get me off this one and I’ll never touch another drop.” “
A glass of beer won’t hurt me.” “I’m sober, ain’t I? I don’t need the meetings.”
The list is too long to go on.
We constantly sell ourselves a phony bill of goods and
then cry our eyes out when we find we have gypped
ourselves, but – it wasn’t our fault, understand?
If the wife hadn’t —, if the boss hadn’t —, if, if …
“You have succeeded in life when all you 
really want is only what you really need.”
Quote by Vernon Howard

December 11,2016
. . . we are actually to practice a genuine humility. This is to the end that our great blessings may never spoil us; that we shall forever live in thankful contemplation of Him who presides over us all.
Experience has taught me that my alcoholic personality tends to be grandiose. While having seemingly good intentions, I can go off on tangents in pursuit of my “causes.” My ego takes over and I lose sight of my primary purpose. I may even take credit for God’s handiwork in my life. Such an overstated feeling of my own importance is dangerous to my sobriety and could cause great harm to A.A. as a whole.
My safeguard, the Twelfth Tradition, serves to keep me humble. I realize, both as an individual and as a member of the Fellowship, that I cannot boast of my accomplishments, and that “God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.”
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Everything Changes once we identify with
being the witness to the story,
 instead of the actor in it.
 Ram Dass 
The Gates of Heaven are open. 
We are on the threshold but we’ve refused to enter. 
Ernest Holmes New HorizonsThis Thing Called Life 

“I can only love myself as much as I believe I am lovable.”
Ala-non member
Halfway through the bottle I would think that
 that would solve all my problems.
 ’Tis the fire of love that inspires the flute,
’Tis the ferment of love that possesses the wine.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 343 Insights
“I am not asked to make a sacrifice
To find the mercy and the peace of God.”
This lesson is telling us that we must give to know the mercy and the peace of God. This is confusing to the ego, which cannot conceive of giving without sacrifice. The key is in sentences 3 and 4. “You only give. You never take away.” In God, giving cannot mean loss. There can be no “taking away.” Because He gives everything eternally, we as God’s Son, have everything eternally. We cannot lose.
To know that I have everything, I must give everything freely. If I try to hold back, to reserve something for me alone, I have lost awareness that everything is given to all and thus will not know that everything is given to me. So it is not giving that brings experience of loss. It is holding back that makes us feel that loss is possible.
This experience of giving to know that we have everything cannot be found on the level of form. Because every form is finite, if it is given away, it is no longer part of the giver. That is the law of separation, which governs the world of form. But in our holy Mind there is no form, only the Thought of Love.
Love knows no limits. To extend Love is not sacrifice but only gain, for Love is magnified by Its extension. Love does not condemn, and so it is merciful. Love is one and so it has no conflict and brings complete peace. To know the mercy and the peace of God I must give the Love I have been given. Only thus will I know my Self as God created It. Love must be freely given and received.
Today I will continue my practice of bringing all my thoughts in this world to the Holy Spirit for His help in removing all blocks to the free giving and receiving of the mercy and the peace of God.
The sentences that stand out to me in this lesson are, “I, too, must give. And so all things are given unto me forever and forever. As I was created, I remain.” (1:6-8) Love is abstract. Love is not specific. Love is all encompassing. It includes all that is. I was created as nonspecific, universal Love. That is what I received and that is what I must give.
Because Love is not specific, there is no judgment, no evaluation. As I return to my true Identity and learn to accept my true Identity, I open to the abstract, universal Love of God. I recognize that the specific is untrue. And so I learn to let go of specifics so that I may know the Love of God that I am. Love only gives so I, too, must give to be my Self. I was given all and I give all. As I was created, I remain.
Returning to this awareness is my opportunity today. When I get lost in specifics or thinking that specifics are real, I can hand it over and remember that Love is universal. Love is giving all to all. This I would practice accepting and giving today.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
 In the forest of incarnations I flit daily from tree to tree.
 I shall alight at last, O Lord upon thine outstretched hand.
 Paramahansa Yogananda
“But leave the Wise to wrangle, and with me
The Quarrel of the Universe let be:
And, in some corner of the Hubbub couch’d,
Make Game of that which makes as much of Thee.” 
― Omar Khayyám, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
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