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“Many people wonder how A.A. can function under such a seeming anarchy. Other societies have to have law and force and sanction and punishment, administered by authorized people. Happily for us, we found we need no human authority whatever. We have two authorities which are far more effective. One is benign, the other malign. There is God, our Father, who very simply says, ‘I am waiting for you to do my will.’ The other authority is named John Barleycorn, and he says, ‘You had better do God’s will or I will kill you.’ And sometimes he does kill. So, when all the chips are down, we conform to God’s will or perish. At this level, the death sentence hangs over the A.A. member, his group, and A.A. as a whole.”
Bill W., St. Louis, July 1955
c. 1957 AAWS, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, p. 105
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
A father observed his young son who was making his first fumbling attempts
at building a wooden box. The father quickly noticed where the boy was
making a mistake. Holding up a hammer and a wrench, the father explained,
‘Norman, a hammer is for hitting; a wrench is for turning. Always select
the right tool.’
Years later, in manhood, Norman became aware of the apprehensions which
held most people in bondage. Wondering whether it was really necessary,
he began to study esoteric ideas. His contentment grew as he understood
many things which had formerly bothered him.
One afternoon, while working in a busy office, he was sharply and unex-
pectedly criticized by someone. He remembered, ‘A hammer is for hitting;
a wrench is for turning. Always use the right tool.’
The right tool, he knew, was to be calmly aware of his reaction to the
criticism, and to not let himself be carried away into anger. So that
is what he did.
And that is how Norman daily built himself into a human being who was
not at the mercy of self-damaging reactions. “
The Power of Esoterics, p. 161
. . . work with other alcoholics. . . . It works when other activities fail.
“Life will take on new meaning,” as the Big Book says (p. 89). This promise has helped me to avoid self-seeking and self-pity. To watch others grow in this wonderful program, to see them improve the quality of their lives, is a priceless reward for my effort to help others. Self-examination is yet another reward for an ongoing recovery, as are serenity, peace and contentment. The energy derived from seeing others on a successful path, of sharing with them the joys of the journey, gives to my life a new meaning.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Mind exists as a Principle in the universe,
just as electricity exists as a principle.
– Ernest Holmes
I still do some of the same old things, 
polishing my defects in the same old way. 
Our Generation has had no Great war,
no Great Depression.
Our war is spiritual.
Our depression is our lives.
Chuck Palahniuk


Listen with ears of tolerance!
See through the eyes of compassion!
Speak with the language of love
ACIM Workbook Lesson 346 Insights
“Today the peace of God envelops me,
And I forget all things except His Love.”
Today I have the opportunity to focus on the reality of God’s peace. I have the opportunity to accept God’s peace as mine. I have the opportunity to extend peace to every brother I encounter or even think of. Today can be a day of being in peace, if I so choose. I would start right now, by going to the Holy Spirit in my mind and asking for the peace of God. I know I always get what I desire in my heart of hearts.
Today I let peace go to the top of my priority list. Whatever I do today, I will practice doing it in peace. I will practice receiving the truth about myself and extending it to every part of my day.
Today I will watch my thoughts. Are these peace producing thoughts? If not, I will remember that these thoughts are of the ego and hand them over to the Holy Spirit to receive a change in perception.
Today I will practice making peace my top priority. Today I would remember the peace of God envelops me. Today I would practice accepting peace and let it guide my way. In this way I will have a happy day, a day of service to the awakening to God’s peace.
When I look at all the things I think about during the day, almost all my thoughts are about things in time. Things to do, things to say, things other people say and do, things that seem to happen in the world, taking care of the body, sheltering it, feeding it, clothing it, maintaining it. The world was made to make time seem real.
This lesson is telling me that when I give my full attention to the peace of God, all this will fade away and what will remain is timeless Love. Only Love is real. There is nothing else. The peace of God is the peace of Love.
How do I forget all things but Love? By forgiving. Forgiving is letting go of all things in time. And ultimately it is letting go of the idea of time, which is just an ego means for making separation seem real.
To know the peace of God envelops me, I need do only one thing: Forgive. Like an earlier lesson says, to every apprehension, every care and every form of suffering, I need only remind myself to forgive and it will disappear. Only Love remains, for only Love is real. I cannot hang on to judgment, blame and guilt and know the peace of God that envelops me. Forgiveness clears away the veil for me to know once again the peace of God.
Holy Spirit, I come to You today, my best Friend, Who speaks only truth to me and does not judge; Who sees me as I really am, not as I think I am. Thank You Holy Spirit for not believing in my illusions. Thank You for being my Companion, sheltering me with Your peace, comforting me with Your Love and teaching me of the Self I share with all the world.
Thank You for Your trust in me, which inspires my trust in You. I know I can bring all my thoughts to You and You will help me let go of what is unreal, of what hides the peace of God from my awareness. Thus do You teach me to forget all things but Love and I remember Who I am.
Most Holy Spirit, my Heavenly and Divine Guidance, I, too, thank You for the awareness of Your presence in me. Thank You for believing in me, for loving me when I could not love myself. It is because of Your Love and patience that the light of my own true Self is beginning to shine. And so, together, we share this day in peace, in Oneness, and in Love. Today there is no past and no future; there is only Love and there is only God. Help me, Holy Spirit, to remember that any situation that I may encounter with a brother or in what I perceive as time, will be transformed by Him in Love. Amen.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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I could not think of being unkind, even to a mortal enemy. It would hurt me. I see so much unkindness in the world, and there is no excuse for me to add to it. When you love God, and when you see God in every soul, you cannot be mean. If someone behaves hurtfully toward you, think of the best ways to behave lovingly toward him…
Paramahansa Yogananda
On a full-moon day in May, he sat under the Bodhi tree in deep meditation and said. “I will not leave this spot until I find an end to suffering.” During the night, he was visited by Mara, the evil one, who tried to tempt him away from his virtuous path. First he sent his beautiful daughters to lure Gautama into pleasure. Next he sent bolts of lightning, wind and heavy rain. Last he sent his demonic armies with weapons and flaming rocks. One by one, Gautama met the armies and defeated them with his virtue.
As the struggle ended, he realized the cause of suffering and how to remove it. He had gained the most supreme wisdom and understood things as they truly are. He became the Buddha, ‘The Awakened One’. From then on, he was called Shakyamuni Buddha.
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