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Eye Opener (1950)
You can eat yourself to death as quickly as you can drink yourself to death. Working unreasonable overtime will bring on extreme fatigue that you may think “necessitates” a stimulant.
Too much zeal is fanaticism and Twelve Stepping without due regard to your own welfare can land you in trouble up to your neck.
   Easy does it.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
Whenever encountering a troublesome person,
do not identify him as being cruel or stupid or rude 
or anything else like that. Instead, see him as a frightened person.
Vernon Howard
December 22,2016
The way our “worthy” alcoholics have sometimes tried to judge the “less worthy” is, as we look back on it, rather comical. Imagine, if you can, one alcoholic judging another!
Who am I to judge anyone? When I first entered the Fellowship I found that I liked everyone. After all, A.A. was going to help me to a better way of life without alcohol. The reality was that I couldn’t possibly like everyone, nor they me. As I’ve grown in the Fellowship, I’ve learned to love everyone just from listening to what they had to say. That person over there, or the one right here, may be the one God has chosen to give me the message I need for today. I must always remember to place principles above personalities.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Without labor nothing prospers.
Our work is done in mind alone and our entire 
equipment is thought and a knowledge of the
 power which it utilizes. 
The science of Mind page 414 
 I joyfully joyfully engage in the work of 
my life with persistence, power and passion. 
Learn to give from my overflow rather that from my reserve. 
This is self care, we learn to let go of burdens we were never 
meant to carry. Learn to ask, “What is the best thing for me?”
Ala-non member

I couldn’t believe the life I got when I got sober.

I want your sun to reach my raindrops, 
so your heat can raise my soul upward like a cloud.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 355 Insights
“There is no end to all the peace and joy,
And all the miracles that I will give,
When I accept God’s Word. Why not today?”
Accepting God’s Word is accepting the truth. I accept the truth by opening my mind to receive the Holy Spirit’s healing perceptions. I accept the truth by opening to receive God’s peace.
To receive God’s peace I focus on God’s peace. I focus on letting it in. I know that I have let peace in when I can feel it, for it softens every concern. God’s peace brings a gentleness and a quiet certainty with it. There is also a feeling of well being and a knowing that everything is all right, no matter what may appear to be happening in the dream. If I am open to receive mind healing around any particular area of my life, I will receive it in a form that is best for me at that moment.
I receive God’s Word through my desire to receive it. When my desire is strong, I open easily and there is no efforting because it always has been there waiting for my acceptance.
There are but two thought systems for me to choose between. I must be willing to lay down the ego thought system in order to receive God’s Word, in order to receive my true inheritance. I will remember my true Identity only as I am willing to let go of what is not mine. The ego thought system is not what I am nor will it ever be.
It is my choosing that brings me the ego or God’s Word. In today’s lesson, Jesus is asking me to join with him in choosing God’s Word. He encourages me to accept the peace and joy that comes with returning to my true Self. Today, now, I choose to join with God’s Word. I choose to let Love heal my mind of all its false ideas.
Everyone in this world is searching for peace, for this is a world of conflict and depression. Whether or not we find peace depends upon the guide we listen to. The ego directs us to look for some form that will make us happy and will bring us peace, because that is all it knows. So if we follow the ego’s direction, we look for peace in the right job, the right partner, the right house, having the right stuff. Or we may look for it in a bottle, a chemical or physical pleasures or by trying to get rid of those we do not like, even to the point of war and murder. All these attempts are in keeping with the ego’s motto “seek and do not find.”
No one has ever found lasting peace and happiness in any of these things. In fact, they only bring us more pain. Fortunately, “Tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit. Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way.” (Text 2.III.3:5-6) At that point we open the door a crack to be receptive to God’s Word. His Word comes to us through the Holy Spirit in our minds.
When we let the Holy Spirit guide us, we are led to recognize that there is no value in any form in this world. We are led gently and patiently to recognize the Love and peace that we seek is already in us. And we begin to see it in our brothers as well. We begin to see that all the conflict is over nothing. We begin to see that we are not alone, but are always in the presence of our loving Father and Creator. We begin to see that our brothers are part of us, not adversaries, but partners in the journey to remembering Love.
The Word of God tells me that I remain one with Love as I was created. As I accept this, I give the miracle of the vision of unity to all I see. Conflict fades away, for I recognize there is no other in opposition to the Will of Love. I recognize my will is the Will of Love and I see that all my brothers join me in that Will.
The fruitless searching is over. My attention now is focused with a singleness of purpose on a Prize that has always been mine. Each time I bring a painful thought to the Holy Spirit to receive His healing Light, I move a step closer to the Prize. I forgive and Light replaces darkness, peace replaces conflict and Love replaces fear. I forgive and I remember God’s Word.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
Exhale and relax, and feel peace spread everywhere, 
within and without. Immerse yourself in that peace 
Paramahansa Yogananda
“The creator of stars, heaven and earth
surpassed himself when he also created pain. 
Lips like rubies, delicious-smelling hair, blooming flowers,
how many of you are
already buried in earthy soil?” 
― Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


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