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Four Horsemen
“The less people tolerated us, the more we withdrew from society, from life itself. As we became subjects of King Alcohol, shivering denizens of his mad realm, the chilling vapor that is loneliness settled down. It thickened, ever becoming blacker. Some of us sought out sordid places, Momentarily we did – then would come oblivion. 
1976AAWS, Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 151
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Oh I see, you don’t want to be free from the world. You think it’s
too much fun. It’s too much fun getting clobbered? When you understand
what your life really is, you’ll know exactly how to work with that
world out there, how to meet it, how to react to it, and there are no
problems at all.
Now, if your life is not what happens to you, which it is not, what is
it? It is something that you may have never ever thought about and I
want you to think about it now. Look, start life all over right now.
You can, do it. Your life is a seed with a possibility of growth into
a totally new way to live in this world.
Let’s try it again. Your actual life is not that excitement you have
out in the world, not that pain, not that gloom, not those exciting
plans, not that attempt to appear respectable in front of others —
that’s not your life at all.
Your true life therefore consists of you understanding why you’re here
in this world on this earth. Now, if it was to have fun, you might have
found fun, but you haven’t found it, have you? It’s no fun, you know that.”
How to Solve Yourself
The way our “worthy” alcoholics have sometimes tried to judge the “less worthy” is, as we look back on it, rather comical. Imagine, if you can, one alcoholic judging another!
Who am I to judge anyone? When I first entered the Fellowship I found that I liked everyone. After all, A.A. was going to help me to a better way of life without alcohol. The reality was that I couldn’t possibly like everyone, nor they me. As I’ve grown in the Fellowship, I’ve learned to love everyone just from listening to what they had to say. That person over there, or the one right here, may be the one God has chosen to give me the message I need for today. I must always remember to place principles above personalities.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Peace comes from the absence of fear,
from a consciousness of trust, from a deep,
underlying faith in the absolute goodness and mercy,
the final integrity of the universe in which we live,
and of every cause to which we give our thought,
our time and our attention.
Ernest Holmes
My wife and I had a handshake divorce. 
Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in observing himself a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening
 G.I. Gurdjieff
If you want money more than anything, 
you’ll be bought and sold your whole life.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 350 Insights
“Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.
To offer them is to remember Him,
And through His memory to save the world.”
The Son of God was created to be one with God and therefore one with all That Is. Thus, “The Son of God incorporates all things within himself.” The truth is that we are the Son of God and the Son of God is not changed by our weird and wild imaginings.
But if we deny our identity as a Son of God and believe we are something else, then what we perceive will be a world where the Son of God is unrecognized, unknown and unseen. The world our body’s eyes show us is such a world, for it was made to be a place where God could not enter. The world is a judgment against God, representing our rejection of Him as our Creator. That is why if we are to return to awareness of the Son of God as our Self and God as our Creator, we must forgive.
Judgment keeps us feeling separate. Forgiveness opens our minds to the recognition of our oneness with all. Judgment brings conflict. Forgiveness brings peace of mind. Judgment brings depression. Forgiveness welcomes the joy of God and makes it our own.
Father help me to recognize my unforgiving thoughts so that I may bring them to You for help in releasing them. It is through Your strength in me that I am able to forgive. I would accept Your strength today. Into Your hands I commend my Spirit, for I would know once again the joy of my unity in You. Thank You Father for Your holy Son, the Self that I would remember I am.
Focusing on the things of this world as if they were real is a way not to remember God, not to remember everyone’s eternal reality as Love. Being willing to open my mind to receiving miracles lets that memory of changeless Love return.
As we receive the miracles the Holy Spirit brings, we see that nothing other than Love could be real. We see the falsity of the world’s illusions. We see that we are still as God created us. We see God’s Son as one. That is why this lesson says, “Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.”
The world is a distraction from accepting the truth of God’s oneness. Focusing on a world of separation will not bring me eternal happiness. It is not what I want. It is just a decoy, hiding what is really mine. Today I would not close off my mind to what receiving miracles would bring. Today I would practice opening my mind to the Thoughts of the Holy Spirit.
If I am to awaken to the truth, I need my thoughts purified of all my evaluations and judgments of what is real. I need to be reminded that separate bodies are not God’s Will and therefore are not real. I do not know what anything means on my own. I need to remember that I am not on my own. I need Holy Spirit’s gentle correction of all my perceptions.
Today I would quiet my mind of all the world’s distractions and let my mind open to the truth. As I allow my mind to be changed, the world I see changes, because I now recognize the world I see is coming from my thoughts.
I am willing to give up my belief in what is constantly changing and accept what is eternal. I am willing to return to my true Self and see the true Self of everyone. I am willing to see that there is only one Light and that there is no distance between us.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first…when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.
Paramahansa Yogananda

3. Law of Cause and Effect
The third universal truth explained by the Buddha is that there is continuous changes due to the law of cause and effect. This is the same law of cause and effect found in every modern science textbook. In this way, science and Buddhism are alike.
The law of cause and effect is known as karma. Nothing ever happens to us unless we deserves it. We receive exactly what we earn, whether it is good or bad. We are the way we are now due to the things we have done in the past. Our thoughts and actions determine the kind of life we can have. If we do good things, in the future good things will happen to us. If we do bad things, in the future bad things will happen to us. Every moment we create new karma by what we say, do, and think. If we understand this, we do not need to fear karma. It becomes our friend. It teaches us to create a bright future. 
The Buddha said,
“The kind of seed sown 
 will produce that kind of fruit. 
 Those who do good will reap good results. 
 Those who do evil will reap evil results. 
 If you carefully plant a good seed, 
 You will joyfully gather good fruit.” 
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