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“This is a very large order.   It is a task which we may perform with increasing skill, but we never really finish.   Learning how to live in the greatest peace, partnership, and brotherhood with all men and women, of whatever description, is a moving and fascinating adventure.   Every AA has found that he can make little headway in this new adventure of living until he first backtracks and really makes an accurate and unsparing survey of the human wreckage he has left in his wake.”
~c.1952AAWS, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 77~
 Thought to Consider . . . 
It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes and to make amends for them.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“The test of spiritual health is how much evil the individual can
do without. Isn’t that a new and interesting way to look at it?
Your spiritual health will be to the degree that you do not need
evil as a daily companion and contributor to your life. Well, that
means that we’re going have to look at individual evil, not social
evil – you hide by blaming mass evil for your problems. We’re going
to look at individual personal evil.
Look, the beauty and the value of this class is that we are always
talking about the individual.”
from a talk given 2/8/1987
. . . we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
I find that carrying the message of recovery to other alcoholics is easy because it helps me to stay sober and it provides me with a sense of well-being about my own recovery. The hard part is practicing these principles in all my affairs. It is important that I share the benefits I receive from A.A., especially at home. Doesn’t my family deserve the same patience, tolerance and understanding I so readily give to the alcoholic? When reviewing my day I try to ask, “Did I have a chance to be a friend today and miss it?” “Did I have a chance to rise above a nasty situation and avoid it?” “Did I have a chance to say ‘I’m sorry,’ and refuse to?”
Just as I ask God for help with my alcoholism each day, I ask for help in extending my recovery to include all situations and all people!
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by 
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
We have as much creative power as we allow to flow through us.
Ernest Holmes
When I came here 18 years ago on a visit I thought
of kicking Ron’s ass, and then I had a Moment of clarity
and considered he might be kicking my ass.

Laughter is carbonated holiness.

As Victor Frankl boldly wrote:
“Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

I died as a mineral and became a plant, 
I died as plant and rose to animal, 
I died as animal and I was Man. 
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying? 
Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar 
With angels blest; but even from angelhood 
I must pass on: all except God doth perish. 
When I have sacrificed my angel-soul, 
I shall become what no mind e’er conceived. 
Oh, let me not exist! for Non-existence 
Proclaims in organ tones, To Him we shall return.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 332 Insights
“Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.”
In this season, when gift giving is on everyone’s mind, it is helpful to remember that there is no greater gift we can offer anyone, including ourselves, than the gift of forgiveness. It is a gift that keeps on giving, because it opens our minds to the eternal Love that we are. It replaces illusion with truth. It replaces bondage with freedom. It replaces conflict with peace. It replaces depression with happiness. All this forgiveness offers.
In the Course, forgiveness means letting go of illusions, letting go of the past and future. Forgiveness opens our minds to God’s gift of the present, the eternal now. In truth there is no other time. Love is here. Love is now. To know the freedom that Love gave us in our creation, we must forgive. Any perception of conflict, any thought of fear, any lack of peace, any pain is a signal that forgiveness is needed.
Our job is to learn to recognize the signal and take each of these thoughts and feelings to the Holy Spirit. His Light of Love will show us the illusion on which the pain and fear is based and shine it away. We cannot hide the fear in a corner, shove the judgment under the carpet, and pretend it is not there. This only delays our awareness of the joy God holds out to us. It is only by taking these thoughts to the Holy Spirit and asking for His help with an open mind that we can find release and know the freedom that forgiveness brings.
Today I ask the Holy Spirit’s help that together we may offer the gift of forgiveness to my brother and myself. For I would know the freedom forgiveness brings.
In this lesson, Jesus is telling us we have a choice. We can hang on to our limited perceptions of a world of separation and individuality. Or we can choose to open to the perceptions of the Holy Spirit, Which shines the false ideas of the ego thought system away.
When we join with the ego, we think that our illusions of uniqueness and individuality are so special. We have loved our differences and have guarded it carefully. We have thought we really did make something different from God’s universal oneness, God’s universal Love. We have thought that God’s peace would be boring. We have looked for excitement in seeing something new and different and the competition specialness brings.
We are reminded in this lesson that the ego makes only illusions and that what we have really bought into is sin, guilt and fear. We have bought into the idea that we really did separate (sin). We secretly feel guilty for usurping God’s authority and we project our own attack onto God. We are then fearful of God’s retaliation.
The stories we make up in this world reflect how guilty we truly believe we are. In trying to get rid of the guilt, we project that guilt onto those we see as outside of us. It becomes a very fearful scenario, full of defend and attack. We try to atone for our ‘sin’ of choosing separation by making up stories of sickness, deprivation and death.
Jesus wants us to understand that this need not be. We can let go of our belief in separation and we can let our minds be returned to the truth. We do this through forgiveness. We do this through opening our minds to the perception of the Holy Spirit. “Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.”
This lesson is a good one for me today. I had decorated a wicker pumpkin for the Thanksgiving holiday and brought it to work and used it as a decoration at the front desk of my place of employment, with the intention of taking it back home when the holiday was over. With all the flowers and other stuff I put into it, not to mention my time and effort, it turned out to be costly.
When I came into work this morning, I saw the pumpkin was missing. Someone apparently stole it. Initially, I was angry and hurt that someone would do that. I’ve got a lot of spirit when it comes to holidays and I had thought of bringing in Christmas things to decorate, but, right away, I began to think, “I won’t ever bring in anything else again. How can some people be so thoughtless and inconsiderate? I don’t know why I bother, etc., etc.”
This is the sort of situation that I can dwell on over and over in my mind. These resentments can control me and rule the type of day I will have. But with the practice of these lessons, I’ve learned to turn my anger, my fear, my judgments over to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help me to see things differently.
I don’t know who took my decoration, but somehow, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’m learning to value my peace and serenity. My priorities are changing and today I choose to experience God’s peace instead of dwelling on my fears that show up in anger, distrust and resentment. Fear truly does bind the world and I can experience how forgiveness sets it free because today, right now, I am at peace. Thank you Holy Spirit.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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The season of failure is the best time
for sowing the seeds of success.
Paramahansa Yogananda
Original members slips and all..
??/?? F. Shepard Cornell
??/?? Cebra Graves
08/34 Edwin Thatcher
12/34 William G. Wilson
Ohio New York
1. 06/35 .. Dr. Robert. H. Smith 1. 12/34 .. William G. Wilson
2. x 06/35 .. Edgar Reilly Jr. (a) 2. x 01/35 .. Alec the Finn (p)
3. 06/35 .. William I. Dotson 3. x 01/35 .. Fred B. (q)
4. x 07/35 .. Paul N. (b) 4. x 10/35 .. Henry G. Parkhurst
5. x 08/35 .. Ernie W. Garbraith 5. 10/35 .. John H. ‘Fitz’ Mayo
6. x 09/35 .. Phil Smith (c) 6. 11/35 .. Brooke B. (e&p)
7. x 09/35 .. Walter Bray 7. 11/35 .. Silas B. (p)
8. x 01/36 .. Harold V. Grissinger 8. 11/35 .. Herb D. (p)
9. 05/36 .. Ed Andy (d) 9. 11/35 .. Ned F. (p)
10. x 07/36 .. Paul J. Stanley 10. 11/35 .. Ernest M. (p)
11. 08/36 .. Joseph Doppler 11. 11/35 .. Gordon S. (p)
12. 09/36 .. Harlan Spencer 12. x 04/36 .. Myron Williams (n)
13. 12/36 .. J.D. Holmes (e) 13. x 08/36 .. Wes Wymans
14. 12/36 .. Robert Oviatt 14. x 01/37 .. William J. Ruddell
15. x 01/37 .. Henry J. Zoeller 15. x 03/37 .. Florence D. Rankin
16. 02/37 .. Richard J. Stanley (e) 16. 06/37 .. Ernest Atkins
17. 02/37 .. Jane Sturden 17. 07/37 .. Paul Kellogg
18. 02/37 .. Lloyd Tate 18. 10/37 .. Cliff Walker
19. 02/37 .. William Vanhorn 19. x 11/37 .. Jack Williams
20. 04/37 .. Frank Curtis (e) 20. x 01/38 .. James Burwell
21. 04/37 .. Robert Evans (f) 21. 02/38 .. Ray Campbell (e)
22. 05/37 .. Charles Simonson 22. 02/38 .. Norman Hunt
23. x 09/37 .. Bill Jones 23. 02/38 .. Van Wagner
24. x 12/37 .. Tom Lucas (g) 24. 04/38 .. Captain Coxe
25. 02/38 .. Jack Darrow (e) 25. 05/38 .. Bert Taylor (e)
26. 02/38 .. Charlie Jones 26. 05/38 .. Bob Taylor
27. 02/38 .. Clarence H. Snyder 27. x 06/38 .. Harry Brick (e)
28. x 02/38 .. Earl Treat (h) 28. x 06/38 .. Harold Sears
29. 09/38 .. Jim Scott (e) 29. 06/38 .. Joseph Taylor
30. 09/38 .. Archie L. Trowbridge 30. 06/38 .. George Williams
31. 10/38 .. John Dolan (e) 31. 07/38 .. Bub Emerson (e)
32. x 10/38 .. Wallace Gillam 32. 07/38 .. Ralph Furlong
33. 12/38 .. Vaughn Phelps 33. 09/38 .. Horace Maher
34. 02/39 .. Ernie Gerig (e) 34. 10/38 .. Tom Burrell (e)
35. 02/39 .. George McDermott 35. 10/38 .. Joe Worth (s)
36. 04/39 .. Albert R. Golrick (e) 36. 12/38 .. Horace Crystal (e)
37. 04/39 .. Rollie Hemsley 37. x 12/38 .. Morgan Ryan
38. 04/39 .. Dr. Harry Nash (i) 38. x 01/39 .. Pat Cooper (t)
39. 04/39 .. John T. Reese 39. 02/39 .. Bill Worton
40. ??/?? .. Earl Applebee (j) 40. x 04/39 .. Marty Mann (e)
41. ??/?? .. Doug Grahm (k) 41. 04/39 .. Grenny (u)
42. ??/?? .. Deforest Haylor (k) 42. x 04/39 .. Joe Mina
43. ??/?? .. Rowland Jones (k)
44. ??/?? .. J. Lee Lewis (k)
45. ??/?? .. Tommy Milton (l)
46. ??/?? .. John Munier (l)
47. ??/?? .. Dr. H. A. Searls (m)
48. ??/?? .. Alfred F. Smith (m)
49. ??/?? .. Bill Smith (n) Illinois
50. ??/?? .. Al Weliner (m)
51. ??/?? .. Clarence Whitwell (k) 01. 05/38 .. George Mullen (v)
52. ??/?? .. Howard (o) 02. 07/38 .. Dick Rowe (v)
Foot Notes
(x) Known to have slipped, many returned to sober up permanently.
(a) Eddie Riley would have been A.A. #3 but slipped, got sober in 1949.
(b) Paul N. tried several times but never got “oxidized.”
(c) Phil Smith would have been A.A. #5 but slipped.
(d) Ed Andy got sober in the Oxford Group then came to A.A.
(e) More than one in this month, exact order unknown, listed alphabetically.
(f) Bob Evans stated he 12-stepped Earl Treat… Possibly after Earl’s slip?
(g) Tom Lucas slipped after 1 year, unkown if this is his original Date of Sobriety (DOS)
(h) Earl Treat stated he was A.A. #13… Did he count slippers or Bill Wilson?
(i) Dr. Nash & Dr. Bob got alkies in Deaconess Hospital, Cleveland (Old Timers: p201)
(j) Earl Applebee was 1st Secretary of the Doan’s Men Group, 1st men’s group.
(k) On Clarence Synders “1st Meeting” list, he announced this meeting
(l) Larry B., Cleveland old-timer, mentioned these two as early Akron A.A.s
(m) Sue Smith Windows mentioned these three as definitely in the first 30.
(n) Bill Smith was mentioned by Bob Evans as having visited him in hospital.
(o) Howard was a doctor, mentioned by Earl Treat as the first to 12th him.
(p) Attended the meetings at 182 Clinton Street in 11/35 (Pass: p162).
(q) Fred B. in-out for 11 years, then stuck (Pass: p132, 162, 335)(BB: p162).
(r) No newcomers from 1936 in New York stayed sober.
(s) Joe Worth founder of NY Magazine, some give credit for name “A.A.”
(t) Pat Cooper was from L.A., his story was “Ghostwritten” in New York.
(u) Grenny was Marty Mann’s friend at Blystone Sanitarium.
(v) Two pioneers of Chicago A.A. Both sober in 1938. 2 others yet unknown.
Ron Richey
545 Queen St. # 701
Honolulu, Hi 96813

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