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Eye Opener (1950)
Alcoholics are by nature the great “I AM.” 
We work ourselves into a lather in doing AA work,
 and sometimes we are rewarded with a degree
 of success and we begin to puff up like a pouter pigeon, 
forgetting we are of ourselves able to do nothing. 
We are still but a drink away from a stumble-bum.
We are what we are by the Grace of God only.
We accomplish what little we do by a Power greater than ourselves. 
How can you help anybody? 
You were never even able to help yourself.
Vernon Howard’s  SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
‘I study hard but go nowhere.’
‘The ability to describe the characteristics of a horse is not the
same as riding it up the mountain.’
‘What prevents me from riding?’
‘Your fear that the horse may head in a direction you don’t want
to go.’
‘But what if he does just that?’
‘Ride in fear if necessary, but have the courage to ride on.'”
There is a Way Out, p. 95
February 10,2017
When we became alcoholics, crushed by a self-imposed crisis we could not postpone or evade, we had to fearlessly face the proposition that either God is everything or else He is nothing. God either is, or He isn’t. What was our choice to be?
Today my choice is God. He is everything. For this I am truly grateful. When I think I am running the show I am blocking God from my life. I pray I can remember this when I allow myself to get caught up into self. The most important thing is that today I am willing to grow along spiritual lines, and that God is everything. When I was trying to quit drinking on my own, it never worked; with God and A.A., it is working. This seems to be a simple thought for a complicated alcoholic.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

The Divine Plan is one of freedom; bondage is not God-ordained.
 Freedom is the birthright of every living soul. 
The Science of Mind page 25 
Change can only come from a position of acceptance..
Ala-non member
 I died twice but I kept coming back.
Dance, when you’re broken open. 
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. 
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood. 
Dance when you’re perfectly free.


ACIM Workbook Lesson 41 Insights
“God goes with me wherever I go.”
The peace of God is within me, ready to be found in every instant. It is only my unwillingness to sink past all the images and appearances of the world that keeps me from knowing the peace of God in every moment. It is my belief in the reality of the appearances of the world that blocks my awareness of God’s peace in me.
As I was doing the exercise, I observed how I seemed to oscillate up and down as I sought to sink past the thoughts of the world and go inward. It was almost as if the ego was frantically bating fishing lines with ideas to see which ones I might bite on so that I could be reeled back into the world of illusions. I was dumbfounded by some of the off the wall thoughts that I hooked on to and followed for awhile before I realized I had pulled back from going deep within. So I “spit out the hook” and resumed my focus on going down and within.
It clearly demonstrated that more mind training is needed. I still need these exercises and lessons, even though I have been through them many times. I do want to know the peace of God in every moment. I do want to know Him as my companion and my strength. I do want to know the Love that He gives eternally. Doing the exercises has had an effect and I am willing to keep on practicing, because I want more.
The peace of God is my natural state. This gives new meaning to “returning to nature.” It is not about returning to anything in the world. It is about returning Home and accepting my Self as I was created. There is great security in knowing that God goes with me wherever I go.
In my journey inward, I asked Jesus to guide me, to lead the way. He asked me to see what looked like many as one. As one, we jumped into a pool of Love. I experienced a movement, like a rush, that was blowing away the form that I was still trying to bring with me. He asked me to quiet my mind and go even deeper to remember the truth that only Love is real. As I followed his lead, the blowing, the rush, gradually faded away. I then experienced a feeling of peace, a sense of well being that I knew was eternal. The forms were gone.
This Presence is what Jesus means when he says it will cure all sorrow, all loss, all depression. This Presence is what is real. This is what goes with me wherever I go. This is what helps me laugh at fear thoughts. This is what heals my mind when I believe in foolish dreams. This is what cures me when I experience the effects of a sick mind. This is my answer to every problem. I don’t go Home alone. I never am alone. This Presence is everywhere. It is in everyone and every thing. It is the only Presence that is real.
I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to open the body’s eyes. I don’t want to make the world of form real again.… I am reminded again that God goes with me wherever I go. I am reminded that through practice I can remember while looking through the body’s eyes that only the Christ mind is real. This awareness of peace and Love is real. I can learn to see past form to the truth of Love’s Presence, which is everywhere. I need to practice. That is my job, remembering that God goes with me wherever I go. I practice this now. I practice this today.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
Most people imitate others.
You should be original, and whatever you do, do well. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 
And, strange to tell, among that Earthen Lot
Some could articulate, while others not:
And suddenly one more impatient cried—
“Who *is* the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?”
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