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Eye Opener (1950)
It is frequently true that many of us might be better employed.
 A lot of good farmers and mechanics have been ruined by making doctors,
 lawyers or engineers out of them.
When we finally sobered up, many of us were unemployable
in the profession or trade for which we had some aptitude, 
and the necessity of getting a job made us take the first thing that presented itself.
While we are on our Inventories, it might be well to check 
on our adaptability to our present jobs and, where we are wrong, 
endeavor to do something about it.
 Vernon Howard’s  SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
A student of eroticism raced excitedly up to his teacher to
exclaim, ‘I have just heard good news!’
‘I am sorry,’ the teacher replied, ‘but it is bad news.’ The
teacher explained to the bewildered student the meaning of the
term _identification_. ‘You call an event good news when you
identify with it. This means the event seems to affirm your
acquired sense of self, seems to prove your invented identity.
Likewise, you say another event is bad news because it seems
to threaten this imaginary self. ‘
A week later the student sighed sadly to the teacher, ‘I have
just had bad news.’
‘No,’ said the teacher, ‘it is good news, for now you can better
understand identification and get rid of its injury.’
_Rise above both good and bad news to where every event is met
with understanding and self-command_.”
Inspire Yourself, p. 150
February 26,2017
A.A. is no success story in the ordinary sense of the word. It is a story of suffering transmuted, under grace, into spiritual progress.
— AS BILL SEES IT, p. 35
Upon entering A.A. I listened to others talk about the reality of their drinking: loneliness, terror and pain. As I listened further, I soon heard a description of a very different kind—the reality of sobriety. It is a reality of freedom and happiness, of purpose and direction, and of serenity and peace with God, ourselves and others. By attending meetings I am reintroduced to that reality, over and over. I see it in the eyes and hear it in the voices of those around me. By working the program I find the direction and strength with which to make it mine. The joy of A.A. is that this new reality is available to me.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
I have heard that great harmony and felt that great presence. 
Science of Mind page 367
I can please only one person per day. 
Today is not your day…
Tomorrow’s not looking good either!
Ala-non member
You can tell an alcoholic but you can’t tell him much.

To live happily is an inward power of the soul.
Marcus Aurelius
Don’t sleep now. 
Let the turning night will through this circle. 
Your brow, the moon, this lantern we set with.
 Stay awake with these lights.
 Don’t sleep.
 Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)

Lesson 57
Today let us review these ideas:
(31) I am not the victim of the world I see.
How can I be the victim of a world that can be completely undone if I so choose? My chains are loosened. I can drop them off merely by desiring to do so. The prison door is open. I can leave simply by walking out. Nothing holds me in this world. Only my wish to stay keeps me a prisoner. I would give up my insane wishes and walk into the sunlight at last.
(32) I have invented the world I see.
I made up the prison in which I see myself. All I need do is recognize this and I am free. I have deluded myself into believing it is possible to imprison the Son of God. I was bitterly mistaken in this belief, which I no longer want. The Son of God must be forever free. He is as God created him, and not what I would make of him. He is where God would have him be, and not where I thought to hold him prisoner.
(33) There is another way of looking at the world.
Since the purpose of the world is not the one I ascribed to it, there must be another way of looking at it. I see everything upside down, and my thoughts are the opposite of truth. I see the world as a prison for God’s Son. It must be, then, that the world is really a place where he can be set free. I would look upon the world as it is, and see it as a place where the Son of God finds his freedom.
(34) I could see peace instead of this.
When I see the world as a place of freedom, I realize that it reflects the laws of God instead of the rules I made up for it to obey. I will understand that peace, not war, abides in it. And I will perceive that peace also abides in the hearts of all who share this place with me.
(35) My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.
As I share the peace of the world with my brothers, I begin to understand that this peace comes from deep within myself. The world I look upon has taken on the light of my forgiveness, and shines forgiveness back at me. In this light I begin to see what my illusions about myself kept hidden. I begin to understand the holiness of all living things, including myself, and their oneness with me.
Open your eyes to the good that you now have; 
keep alert and alive to each new manifestation of His grace. 
Paramahansa Yogananda
“There was a water-drop, it joined the sea,
A speck of dust, it was fused with earth;
what of your entering and leaving this world?
A fly appeared, and disappeared.” 
― Omar Khayyám
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