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“Every spiritual step must be accompanied by the willingness
and the appearance of feeling foolish. There is no escape from
the prison of your old acquired self without a deliberate, 
consistent willingness to appear foolish before yourself and others.
The willingness to appear foolish causes great, beautiful destruction. 
The only question that is left is this: “How fast can I go? 
How ingenious can I be in inventing ways to be foolish before you and myself?”
 You know that the reason we want to appear wise before others
 is because we want a picture of ourselves presented to them. 
Now we are going to do the exact opposite of everything we used to do.
“A Treasury of Trueness, # 200
Vernon Howard’s  SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
‘What is the difference between these teachings and ordinary systems?’
‘Ordinary systems condemn the driver as being evil because he bumped
his car into a pole. These teachings say he bumped into the pole be-
cause he is spiritually asleep, psychologically unaware.’
‘But this does not mean that an individual is excused for his violent
‘No. Any excuse for violence only promotes more violence. No excuses
are accepted.’ “
There is a Way Out, p. 18

Characteristic of the so-called typical alcoholic is a narcissistic egocentric core, dominated by feelings of omnipotence, intent on maintaining at all costs its inner integrity. . . . Inwardly the alcoholic brooks no control from man or God. He, the alcoholic, is and must be the master of his destiny. He will fight to the end to preserve that position.
— A.A. COMES OF AGE, p. 311
The great mystery is: “Why do some of us die alcoholic deaths, fighting to preserve the ‘independence’ of our ego, while others seem to sober up effortlessly in A.A.?” Help from a Higher Power, the gift of sobriety, came to me when an otherwise unexplained desire to stop drinking coincided with my willingness to accept the suggestions of the men and women of A.A. I had to surrender, for only by reaching out to God and my fellows could I be rescued.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
The thing that we look with is the thing we have been looking for. 
The Science of Mind page 364 
An expectation is a premeditated resentment. 
Courage to Change Page 153 
I was hanging in the park with the homeless 
because they look happy. My home was right
next door to the park.

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, 
never completely forget about it.

You’re not a slave. You’re a king.
 If you want something release the
 wish and let it light on its desire,
 completely free of the personal.
 Then sit and sound the drum of nothing,
 Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)

ACIM Workbook Lesson 33 Insights

“There is another way of looking at the world.”
More and more I am seeing the connections between these lessons. Most of the time when I look at the world, I am not aware of God being there. But an earlier lesson says that God is in everything I see. I must be missing something. There is another way of seeing the world. When I affirm this, I am cracking the door open to receive the vision of the Holy Spirit, which will show me Love in everything I see. So today’s lesson is another step in opening my mind to be taught by my Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit.
The fact that I am not aware of God in everything I see is proof that I need this reminder constantly. I go through most of my day assuming that I know the meaning of what I am seeing. I assume that what I see is true and rarely stop to question what I see or how I am interpreting what I see. Using this lesson frequently through the day is another step that is essential to learn if I want the peace of God.
The peace of God cannot be found by excluding Him from everything I see. Along with remembering that there is another way to see the world, it is helpful to also remember that God is in everything I see. If I’m not seeing Love, I need help. I am grateful for the Course and all the help it offers. The more I work with it, the more I appreciate its compassionate genius in offering me the means to see anew.
Today’s lesson, “There is another way of looking at the world,” helps me step back from my past way of seeing things. It helps me remember that I do not know what anything is for. It’s a helpful wake up call reminding me to step back and ask the Holy Spirit for a new kind of vision. I need this practice because I forget often.
I need to remember that there is another way of looking at this a hundred times a day. This practice will help jar me out of simply repeating the past. I want a new way of looking at the world. But first I must remember that there is another way of looking at the world. I want to be happy. I want to wake up. I want to remember the one Self that is eternal. Today’s lesson is an important step in this process.
As I work with this lesson I have a nice feeling of being gently led along a path where I can easily see that what seems so real in the world is not what it seems since it can literally change from moment to moment. We can also see that the pictures we see in our mind are not different from those we think we see with our eyes. They’re not different and they’re equally unreal. We can learn this by simply observing the shifting nature of these perceptions.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
Calmness is the ideal state in which 
should receive all life’s experiences. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 


Lo! some we loved, the loveliest and best
That Time and Fate of all their Vintage prest,
Have drunk their Cup a Round or two before,
And one by one crept silently to Rest.
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