Sobriety in HawaiiMeet Ron

Happy Hour at Kapiolani Park

Ron at Happy HourThe Happy Hour meeting began Oct.16, 1984 at a small club we had downtown on Hotel St. at the Armed Services YMCA, where at the time I was a resident. It was started by Lee V. a lady with, now many years if she is still alive. It was financed by my sponsor,the late Leroy Fleenor and there were about 35-40 people there.

Actually, my sobriety started there when I came back after going out for a week, after 3 1/2 months. I was the very first secretary there and was voted back into that position when I came back after a seven day run. I was both humiliated and humbled that they would have me serve after that. Happy Hour at Kapiolani ParkI have tried to do that ever since. I had sat there for five hours blaming everyone in the room for my behavior and was loved back into the fellowship and at noon was voted back into the secretary position and have been in service, of one kind or another ever since. My sobriety started there at the Happy Hour.