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Happy Sober Thanksgiving from Shenyang; China everyone.

Happy Sober Thanksgiving from Shenyang; China everyone.

37 years ago today; it had snowed 7 inches in Western Kentucky, USA, the cold wind blew across and off the Ohio River from the Southern Illinois plains. 

This Alkie was one “sick puppy”. 

I was less than 30 days Sober for the second time in AA; alone; scared; defeated; broke; wet; cold and hopeless.

Sitting in the Farmer’s Market Cafeteria in Paducah, Kentucky USA eating a $3.50 Thanksgiving tray lunch; I felt so lucky to have enough money to pay for the lunch.

 I was 34 years old. My life was over. 

I was a full-blown Alkie; washed up professional; derelict husband; run-away father of two boys; hiding out from creditors all alone in strange city; trying to stay off “the juice” one minute at a time and “shake it out” another 24 hours…. until 7 PM when the AA hall opened up with free hot coffee; stale donuts and a bummed cigarettes. 

That was Thanksgiving Day 1981; the loneliest day of my life.

I hope I never forget the way I felt on that Thanksgiving Day. I couldn’t get drunk and I couldn’t get Sober…… I was at the “jumping off place”.

I didn’t drink that day..I didn’t jump off the bridge into the cold; black Ohio River….instead I walked in the wet; snowy slush and prayed for God’s help and forgiveness. 

Somehow; I made it to 4th and Elizabeth Street in Paducah that Thanksgiving night around 6:30 PM and got those bummed cigarettes; coffee and stale donuts…..but I also was given HOPE by Guys and Gals like you…..who came out on Thanksgiving night to help a lost man; 34 years old whose life had been destroyed by “booze”. 

Most holidays I spend with old drunks like me. We talk about AA and the miracle that God performed on people like me; through drunks like you. 

We talk about God’s love and providence…… God supplies all our needs today.

My Thanksgiving prayer goes something like today:

Thank You God for AA. Thank You God for that first Sober $3.50 Thanksgiving Dinner at the Farmer’s Market so many years ago.  

Thank You God for who ever it was that night at the AA Hall; in Paducah, Kentucky, USA who opened up; made coffee; put out the donuts and shared a cigarette with this down-trodden; lonely drunk.

Thank You God for AA’s around the world who care and have cared so much for me and other AA Loners over the years.

Thank You God for the AA 12 Steps and the “Gift of Sobriety”.

Thank you God for the “Forgiveness of my sins and my continued shortcomings”.

Thank You God for Step 9 and the gift of restitution.

Thank You God that others have forgiven me because I have stayed Sober and lived the 12 Steps as best I can. 

Thank You God that I have been forgiven of my past by most people I harmed. 

God for those who could not forgive me… I ask You to bless them today.

I am not perfect Lord… But I do love You God and I love Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Bless AA. Bless all those who are lonely today….. Keep them from suicide like you kept me so many years ago….on that lonely Thanksgiving Day so long ago.

Thank You God for my Sobriety.

Rod M. AA Loner Sponsor in Shenyang; Liaoning, P.R. Of China


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