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Eye Opener (1950)
Criticism is often the sincerest form of flattery. 
We are all subject to it at times if we do anything at all.
 When criticism does arise, and before you build up a first rate resentment, think first – who is it that criticizes?
 What is the motive behind it?
 Is it constructive or just plain antagonistic? 
 Is it prompted by jealousy or ignorance? 
Would you do the same thing again if you had it to do over?
 What does your conscience say about it?
No great man escaped having enemies;
all the old masters had critics; all political
and social reforms had their adversaries 
and the early disciples of all new religions 
were persecuted, stoned and crucified.
If you are criticized you may possible be right, 
but if you are ignored you know you are wrong.

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
Truth is not a matter of personal viewpoint.
Have the daring to stop doing the things you really don’t want to do. Can you see them? Look closely. Can you observe the many things you do because you reluctantly feel you should or must? Watch closely. Examine every action and reaction. Do you act naturally or do you act because you feel compelled? If you feel compelled, stop. Compulsion is slavery. Example: Refuse to go along with the crowd.


January 26,2017
Who wishes to be rigorously honest and tolerant? Who wants to confess his faults to another and make restitution for harm done? Who cares anything about a Higher Power, let alone meditation and prayer? Who wants to sacrifice time and energy in trying to carry A.A.’s message to the next sufferer? No, the average alcoholic, self-centered in the extreme, doesn’t care for this prospect — unless he has to do these things in order to stay alive himself.
I am an alcoholic. If I drink I will die. My, what power, energy, and emotion this simple statement generates in me! But it’s really all I need to know for today. Am I willing to stay alive today? Am I willing to stay sober today? Am I willing to ask for help and am I willing to be a help to another suffering alcoholic today? Have I discovered the fatal nature of my situation? What must I do, today, to stay sober?
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.


A unity must be established, and a conscious
connection must be made, before we can
derive the benefits which the greater
Mind is willing to reveal or impart.
Ernest Holmes 
You Can Control Yourself,
 You Can Change Yourself, 
You Can Cure Yourself.
Ala-non member

“Now I don’t have to hide all that BS.”

Not to be driven this way and that, but always to behave
with justice and see things as they are.
Marcus Aurelius

Who gets up early to discover the moment light begins?


Lesson 26
My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.
It is surely obvious that if you can be attacked you are not invulnerable. You see attack as a real threat. That is because you believe that you can really attack. And what would have effects through you must also have effects on you. It is this law that will ultimately save you, but you are misusing it now. You must therefore learn how it can be used for your own best interests, rather than against them.
Because your attack thoughts will be projected, you will fear attack. And if you fear attack, you must believe that you are not invulnerable. Attack thoughts therefore make you vulnerable in your own mind, which is where the attack thoughts are. Attack thoughts and invulnerability cannot be accepted together. They contradict each other.

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Show us Thy face hiding behind all
windows of nature and within all human minds.
Paramahansa Yogananda 

“Shall I still sigh for what I have not got, 
Or try with cheerfulness to bear my lot? 
Fill up my cup! I know not if the breath 
I now am drawing is my last, or not!” 
― Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat de Omar Khayyam…
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