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Eye Opener (1950)
Do you hold some great resentment against anyone?
 Can you afford to keep it? Sure, 
I know he “done you wrong,” but why? 
Was there any justification for it? 
Could you have been a little bit wrong also? 
Does everyone share your dislike for him?
 If they like him and you don’t, how do you account for it? 
Is it possible they know him better than you do?
Catfish, as ugly as they are, make delicious chowder,
 and a skunk has a valuable fur. 
No person is either entirely ugly or bad. 
Maybe there is something wrong with 
your vision or maybe you haven’t gotten 
close enough to him to really see him.

“If you do not call an event or condition a failure, it cannot
represent failure to you. This means the event or condition cannot
bother you in the slightest, regardless of its worry to others. So
we must find out why we call anything a failure. It is because we
have in some way connected it with a sense of identity. We desire
the event to give us money or medals so that we can picture our-
selves as wealthy or famous. But all is vain. Even if we get the
money or medals, we have done nothing for our true selves.”
The Power of your Supermind, Chap. 6, p. 69
Twenty Four Hours A Day JULY 18,2016
Thought for the Day 
Two things can spoil group unity — gossip and criticism. To avoid these 
divisive things, we must realize that we’re all in the same boat. We’re like a group of people in a lifeboat after the steamer has sunk. If we’re going to be saved, we’ve got to pull together. It’s a matter of life or death for us. Gossip and criticism are sure ways of disrupting any A.A. group. We’re all in A.A. to keep sober ourselves and to help each other to keep sober. And neither gossip nor criticism helps anyone to stay sober. Am I often guilty of gossip or criticism? 
Meditation for the Day 
We should try to be grateful for all the blessings we have received and which we do not deserve. Gratitude to God for all His blessings will make us humble. Remember that we could do little by ourselves, and now we must rely largely on God’s grace in ‘helping ourselves and others. People do not care much for those who are smug and self-satisfied or those who gossip and criticize. But people are impressed by true humility. So we should try to 
walk humbly at all times. Gratitude to God and true humility is what makes us effective. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may walk humbly with God. I pray that I may rely on His grace to carry me.
 Imagination stays with us until the day of Enlightenment,
 until our vision toward the Spirit broadens and casts out
 the image of a no longer useful littleness. 
The science of Mind page 418 
… God could enter us and expel the …   
12&12 Step Two, p.32  

Birdsong brings relief 
to my longing. 
ACIM Workbook Lesson 198 Insights
“Only my condemnation injures me.”
I am only tempted to condemn what appears to be in a world outside me when I forget the world is a dream coming from my mind. When I make the world of the ego real, it is sinking in clearer and clearer that this is an unforgiveness occurring in my mind. This is where forgiveness is needed — in my own mind. Forgiveness means letting go of the belief in separation. When I get too wrapped up in the dream, I may think judgment or condemnation of what I see as outside me may help or be the answer. When I make the dream real, I have forgotten “Only my condemnation injures me.”
It is only when I am willing to quiet my mind and listen for Holy Spirit’s perspective of oneness that the pain of condemning something or someone in a world “outside” will subside. Being willing to open to the Holy Spirit is the only answer that will really be successful. The more I recognize this, the faster I will let go of making the dream of separation appear to be real. “To every apprehension, every care, and every form of suffering: ‘I will forgive and this will disappear.’” (W-pI.193.13:3-4) Forgiveness, or letting go of illusions, is the secret to my freedom from suffering.
The times when I have truly forgiven, truly recognized there really was nothing to forgive, have brought me deep peace, quiet joy and uplifted me with Love. It was a great relief. I felt free as a feather, floating in a gentle breeze. It astounds me that with these experiences, I don’t go searching for all unforgiving thoughts to bring them to the Holy Spirit to be undone so I can continue to experience the freedom and ecstasy of forgiveness. There is no greater high than true forgiveness. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.
And yet there is a part of my mind that does not believe I am worthy of such a gift. And so it goes searching for thoughts of unforgiveness, but not to bring them to healing. Instead it uses these thoughts to further justify condemnation and prove unworthiness. This part of my mind treasures its privacy and isolation. It would rather suffer the pain of guilt from condemnation than join with all Love and lose its special, unique identity. This is the core belief, the core unforgiveness that lies beneath all the layers of unforgiven events and thoughts.
The ego would use the fact that I still have judgmental thoughts, I still experience guilt, as proof that I am weak and deserve condemnation. The Holy Spirit does not believe this one instant. The Holy Spirit sees my true Self and knows all these other thoughts I believe I hold are just illusions. so with a kindly smile, He offers me His hand to give me His strength and remind me I am not alone. With His strength, I can forgive each unforgiving thought, lay it down and let it go.
With His guidance, I will begin to see the sameness of these mistaken thoughts. At first they are forgiven one by one. But as I begin to see what they all have in common, the forgiveness of a single incident can reverberate through my mind, for I recognize more and more thoughts that are the same and are forgiven as one. The path to freedom accelerates. Today I would remember forgiveness is the only thing I want. And so I will remember forgiveness is the only thing I want to give. It is my own forgiveness that sets me free.
Make me realize that with the dawn of the light, 
the darkness  will vanish as though it had never been.
Paramahansa Yogananda 

“God is great!”
That shout from the mosque seems like
a grand lamentation. Five times a day
the earth seems to groan against
its indifferent creator!” 
― Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
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