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 Eye Opener (1950)
Nothing in life is obtained except by pain and toil. 
This is sad news to us alcoholics who have shunned
 both like smallpox most of our lives.
Let the famous musician tell you of his hours of dreary practice, 
the inventor of his hundred failures for each success,
 the boxing champ of his endless days of absorbing
 punishment in empty gymnasiums. 
Toil and suffering are a necessary prelude to success,
 and we should bear our crosses not as burdens but 
as preparations for our ultimate victory

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Human beings are like dethroned kings and
 queens who must recover their kingdoms.”
 Cosmic Command, # 555
Twenty Four Hours A Day JULY 19,2016
Thought for the Day 
Gossip about or criticism of personalities has no place in an A.A. clubroom. Every man in A.A. is a brother and every woman is a sister, as long as he or she is a member of A.A. We ought not to gossip about the relationships of any man or woman in the group. And if we say about another member, “I think she or he is taking a few drinks on the side,” it’s the worst thing we could do to that person. If a woman or a man is not living up to A.A. principles or has a slip, it’s up to her or him to stand up in a meeting and say so. If they don’t do that, they are only hurting themselves. Do I talk about other members behind their backs? 
Meditation for the Day 
To God, a miracle of change in a person’s life is only a natural happening. But it is a natural happening operated by spiritual forces. There is no miracle in personalities too marvelous to be an everyday happening. But miracles happen only to those who are fully guided and strengthened by God. Marvelous changes in people’s natures happen so simply, and yet they are free from all other agencies than the grace of God. But these miracles have been prepared for by days and months of longing for something better. They are always accompanied by a real desire to conquer self and to surrender one’s life to God. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may expect miracles in the lives of people. I pray that I may be used to help people change. 
No matter how long this room may have been darkened, 
the entrance of light instantly illuminates it. 
The science of Mind page 468

I was to test my thinking by the new 
God-consciousness within.
BB Bill’s Story, p.13  

This is how we are with wine and beautiful food… 
we want and we get drunk with wanting,
then the headache and bitterness afterward. 

ACIM Workbook Lesson 199 Insights
“I am not a body. I am free.”
The more I work with the Course, the more I realize how much of my time is focused on the body and its seeming needs. I see that in the ego’s hands the body is a powerful distraction to divert my attention from focusing on what will truly bring me peace and happiness. The more I practice letting the Holy Spirit guide me through my day, the more I recognize the things I thought I needed to make me happy or comfortable or safe are really unnecessary.
As I place my trust more and more in the Holy Spirit and in God’s Love, I feel less and less need for outer forms. I still need to eat. I still need to have clothes to keep me warm in cold weather. I still think I need a house to shelter me from the weather. But the form these things take is less and less important. I am more free in each moment to receive the blessing of the moment without judgment.
There is a growing trust in my heart that I always have what I need when I need it; I always know what I need to know, when I need to know it. Life becomes increasingly simple and more of my time is focused on following Holy Spirit’s lead. Practicing remembering “I am not a body. I am free” helps reinforce this focus, leading me onward toward greater and greater freedom. I will continue this practice today, for I know true and lasting happiness lies in it. I am grateful for this message from the Voice for God today.
In paragraph 6 of this lesson it says, “The Holy Spirit is the home of minds that seek for freedom.” (6:1) Notice it doesn’t say’ bodies’ or ‘individuals’ or ‘persons.’ It says minds. This reinforces the fact that I am not an individual person — I am mind. I am thought. I am an idea in the Mind of God.
In paragraph 1 it says, “The mind can be made free when it no longer sees itself as in a body, firmly tied to it and sheltered by its presence.” (1:4) This means that the sleeping Son of God, which is really mind, can be made free as it (mind) no longer sees itself (mind) as in a body.
It is being reinforced in this lesson that all the separate bodies found in this dream of separation are all really the same mind, all joined as one mind. We are learning we are not tied to the body or made safe by its continuing presence in the dream. We are formless mind unbound by the laws (false ideas) the ego (belief in separation) made up.
The way we free ourselves from belief that we are tied to a body is to open our minds to the Holy Spirit to hear the truth about our real Identity. As we are ready to open to the truth, the Holy Spirit shows us that the body is illusion, just a made up fabrication… a dream. Under the Holy Spirit’s guidance we use the body as a useful tool, a vehicle used only for God’s plan of awakening from the dream.
I agree with the above about beginning to recognize the things that are unnecessary in my life. Naturally, because a part of me still believes I am a body, I still need to eat, stay warm, etc., but since I’ve started the Course, my priorities have changed and I think those unnecessary things that I’m beginning to recognize are the “barriers” the Course speaks of; those things that keep me from knowing the truth about myself and my brothers.
These barriers are the ego’s way of attempting to distract me and keep me focused on things the body seems to need. And because those things change from day to day or are in constant need of being replaced, repaired, or whatever, my state of mind varies from day to day, depending on my seeming needs.
I try to think of the Holy Spirit sort of like a child would think of an imaginary friend. He goes where I go, and I try to remember to ask His opinion about any decisions I need to make, or I tell Him my deepest, darkest secrets so He can see what I see and correct my distorted perception. I realize I’ve only just begun the healing process, but it sure does feel good.
In the still lake of my soul,
I love to behold Thine unruffled face of stillness. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 
I sometimes think that never so red
The Rose as where some buried Caesar bled;
That every Hyacinth the Garden wears
Dropt in its Lap from some once lovely Head.
Ron Richey
439 Nahua Street #2
Honolulu, Hi 96815

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