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 Eye Opener (1950)
Love is as necessary to a human being as sunshine is to a plant. Without it, the soul of man withers, shrivels and dies. Fortunate is the man who has love given to him, but even more fortunate is he who earns it. The only way to earn love is to love. Thou shalt love thy God with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself.
    He who hoards love shall lose it, but he who scatters love about him as he moves through life finds that it takes root and surrounds him on every side.

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
‘Please explain the role played by encouragement.
‘Right encouragement is a confirmation that you are heading in the
right direction. Very beneficial, it can come only from someone who
has found the way out for himself. A correct idea from a teacher is
picked up by a similar though weaker idea in the student. The confirmation of the student’s own correct idea encourages and strengthens him. Suppose a small girl wants a certain kind of bead from a sewing basket. Selecting a bead she asks her older sister whether it
is the right bead. 
The older girl’s affirmation encourages the judgment of the younger girl.'”
There is a Way Out, p. 96
Twenty Four Hours A Day JULY 25,2016
Thought for the Day 
We are living on borrowed time. We are living today because of A.A. and the grace of God. And what there is left of our lives we owe to A.A. and to God. We should make the best use we can of our borrowed time and in some small measure pay back for that part of our lives which we wasted before we came into A.A. Our lives from now on are not our own. We hold them in trust for God and A.A. And we must do all we can to forward the great movement that has given us a new lease on life. Am I holding my life in trust for AA.? 
Meditation for the Day 
You should hold your life in trust for God. Think deeply on what that means. Is anything too much to expect from such a life? Do you begin to see how dedicated a life in trust for God can be? In such a life miracles can happen. if you are faithful, you can believe that God has many good things in store for you. God can be Lord of your life, controller of your days, of your present and your future. Try to act as God guides and leave all results to Him. Do not hold back, but go all out for God and the better life. Make good your trust. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may hold my life in trust for God. I pray that I may no longer consider my life as all my own.
I love my past and my future and understand 
that they are but continuations of the one unbroken chain of Life.
 The science of Mind page 245 
Almost any experienced A.A. will tell how his affairs have taken remarkable and unexpected turns for the better as he tried to improve his conscious contact with God.
 12&12 Step Eleven, p.105  

There is a banquet where grains of wheat sit and eat and shout for more, and more is brought. 
This banquet of seed-grains never quit eating, 
and for eternity the table Stays replete. 
Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)

ACIM Workbook Lesson 205 Insights

 “I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.”
“I want the peace of God.”
Behind all the false values found in this world are the true values we really want. Behind every conflict and underneath all the drama and masks found within the belief in separation, we really want the peace of God.
If we are taking directions from the ego, our efforts to find the peace of God will be directed where it cannot be found, in keeping with the ego’s goal of seek and do not find. Whether somebody murders or tortures or argues with a spouse, all of this is an attempt to solve our problems with the ego, and without the peace of God.
The desire to hide from the peace of God is the underlying motive for all our living here. The world was made to be a place where God could not enter. The search for peace in the world takes on twisted forms that look like war and conflict. This is because the ego teaches us that we can find salvation through the elimination of our enemies or some other external change in circumstance. It does not want us to know the peace of God is already in us, given us by God in our creation. The ego thrives on conflict and perceives the peace of God as its enemy.
That is why it is so important that we take time each day to practice becoming quiet, stilling our minds and opening our hearts to the peace of God given us before time began. Each instant we are able to set the ego aside, to let go of our identification with a separate self-identity for a moment, we experience a taste of the peace of God, our one goal.
Today I will walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit and let Him guide my way. I trust He will lead me toward the peace of God, for He shares my one goal with me. He is not deceived by the myriad forms of this world. He knows where the peace of God is and will lead me there. I need but follow. I offer Him my willingness and ask for His strength to magnify my willingness so that I may truly remember I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.
Early in the Text Jesus tells us the ego becomes strong in strife. This is why the ego loves to make up stories of conflict and tension and war. It loves to make up stories of death, suffering, weakness and vulnerability to outside forces.
If we truly opened to the peace of God, all the false stories would be seen as the false mental constructs they are. We would laugh at them because we would recognize they could never be true. We would remember there could be nothing that replaces the peace of God. We would remember we are the peace of God. We would not try to make something else real and try to be what we are not.
I have reached the place where I am willing to give up most overt forms of conflict in my search for peace. If I do feel angry or hurt or guilty, I give it to Holy Spirit as fast as I can. Sometimes I take it back, but I keep trying.
The ego finds ways, though, to divert me. I stay very busy. There are so many things to do. I say it would be a luxury to experience boredom, but if stillness looks imminent, I become uncomfortable and quickly find something else that must be done. I have convinced myself that this kind of activity is a virtue and to be otherwise would indicate laziness or lack of direction or something.
I am coming to understand that all of this frantic activity is my way of avoiding peace. It is like I am afraid to stand still; afraid to let my mind be still. I haven’t been able to release this behavior yet, but I am working on it. I truly do want the peace of God.
Consider every season of life, 
not one only,
a time for further expansion of your mind.
Paramahansa Yogananda 

“Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, 
why fret about it, if today be sweet.” 
― Omar Khayyám
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