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But it is from our twisted relations with family, friends, and society at large that many of us have suffered the most.  We have been especially stupid and stubborn about them.  The primary fact that we fail to recognize is our total inability to form a true partnership with another human being. 
Can these words apply to me, am I still unable to form a true partnership with another human being? What a terrible handicap that would be for me to carry into my sober life!  In my sobriety I will meditate and pray to discover how I may be a trusted friend and companion. 
Copyright 1990 

You cannot stop destructive actions by others,
but you can stop your own destructive reactions to them
Vernon Howard
Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.
When I go shopping I look at the prices and if I need what I see, I buy it and pay. Now that I am supposed to be in rehabilitation, I have to straighten out my life. When I go to a meeting, I take a coffee with sugar and milk, sometimes more than one. But at the collection time, I am either too busy to take money out of my purse, or I do not have enough, but I am there because I need this meeting. I heard someone suggest dropping the price of a beer into the basket, and I thought, that’s too much! I almost never give one dollar. Like many others, I rely on the more generous members to finance the Fellowship. I forget that it takes money to rent the meeting room, buy my milk, sugar and cups. I will pay, without hesitation, ninety cents for a cup of coffee at a restaurant after the meeting; I always have money for that. So, how much is my sobriety and my inner peace worth?
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics
Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Heaven is within us, and we experience it
to the degree that we become conscious of it.
Ernest Holmes

After a while I stopped giving back. 

“We sometimes hurt those we love because they need to be “taught a lesson,” when we really want to punish. We were depressed and complained we felt bad, when in fact we were mainly asking for sympathy and attention. This odd trait of mind and emotion, this perverse wish to hide a bad motive underneath a good one, permeates human affairs from top to bottom. This subtle and elusive kind of self-righteousness can underlie the smallest act or thought. Learning daily to spot, admit, and correct these flaws is the essence of character-building and good living. An honest regret for harms done, a genuine gratitude for blessings received, and a willingness to try for better things tomorrow will be the permanent assets we shall seek.” 
― Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

There is, in lovers, a certain infatuation of egotism; 

they will have a witness of their happiness, 
cost that witness what it may.
– Villette by Charlotte Bronte

If thou wilt be observant and vigilant,
thou wilt see at every moment the 

response to thy action.
Be observant if thou wouldst have a pure heart,
for something is born to thee in consequence of every action.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES  individual commentary on daily
ACIM Workbook Lesson 209 Insights
Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.”
“I feel the Love of God within me now.”
I feel the Love of God when I recognize that the Love of God is everywhere and is eternal. The Love of God is all That is. Receiving and giving the Love of God is all that can be truly received and given. Inherent in accepting the Love of God is giving the Love of God. Inherent in accepting and giving the Love of God is feeling the Love of God.
There is only one Love and this Love is universal. It is continuous. It is always present. It is all that is real. We all are mind that lives in the eternal and ever-present Love of God. Experiencing the Love of God is what is natural. In fact it is the only natural thing in the world. It is the only reality. Anything outside of God’s Love is illusion.
Accepting and giving the Love of God is really all we ever could do because It is all we ever Are. It is our life. It is our totality. It is our very beingness. It is our one Self. Am I willing to accept and give my one Self today? Today is for practice in accepting and giving the Love of God. Nothing else is more important because nothing else is real.
When I identify with being a body in a world of separate bodies and forms, I am identifying with the ego’s attempt to limit Love. The ego is the idea of rejecting the equality, the all inclusiveness and limitlessness of God’s Love. This is why it is important to proclaim again and again until I fully believe that I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me.
Love cannot be limited and be Itself. Thus I cannot feel the Love of God within me as long as I believe in a limited image of myself. Because God’s Love is limitless, it is His Love within me that sets me free.
Love is forever extending. To know my freedom in God’s Love I must extend His Love, equally and unequivocally. That is the only way Love can be extended. It is the only way I can know God’s Love, feel It and know my Self.
The body is not what I am. I do not have to accept the ego’s purpose of limitation for the body. As I dis-identify with the body as what I am, I am free to give it a different purpose. As I strengthen my identification with the Love of God as What I am, the body’s purpose now becomes to be the means by which I extend His Love to all my brothers.
The body then becomes His Voice, His hands, His feet to carry and express His Love to all who believe they are limited by a body. As I use the body to teach Love, I learn that I am Love. The Love of God within me sets me free. I remember I am still as God created me.
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“Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself.
You will then find out how easy it is to get along.” 
― Paramahansa Yogananda


Edwin Throckmorton “Ebby T” Thacher
Birth:  Apr. 29, 1896
Albany County
New York, USA
Death:  Mar. 21, 1966, USA
Social Reformer. Edwin “Ebby T.” Thacher was a schoolmate of Bill Wilson, one of the founders of Alcoholic Anonymous and the 12 steps program. In the early 1930’s the two reunited over the common problem of alcoholism, thus marked the beginning of the rest of Wilson’s successful life. Thacher, having experienced the grip of alcoholism, introduced Wilson to a newly formed Oxford Group with its strong spiritual values and emphasis on self-examination. Skeptical at first, Wilson later had a revelation that helped him recognize just what his friend, Ebby T., had done for him. In turn, Wilson decided that he would share what he had learned with other alcoholics. With this revelation, Alcoholic Anonymous was founded. Although Wilson always claimed Thacher as his sponsor and had him speak at meetings during the initial establishing of this worthwhile program, Thacher soon returned to drinking, thus he was never credited for his part in starting Alcoholic Anonymous. Thacher struggled on and off with sobriety over the years with some very serious relapses. Once he was so malnourished that he had lost fifty pounds after a binge. With the financial support of Wilson, he was admitted to various rehab centers. Thacher never found the reason to stay sober and blamed failing relationships with women or unsuccessful professional opportunities as the “cause” of his continual drinking. Although Thacher was born the youngest of five successful sons in a well-to-do family, his grateful friend Wilson was the one who watched after Thacher’s welfare for the rest of his life and saw that he had at least the basics of food and shelter. After living two years in yet another rehab center in rural Ballston Spa, New York, he ultimately died sober from emphysema.
The Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.
 Family links: 
  George Hornell Thacher (1851 – 1929)
  Emma Louise Bennett Thacher (1862 – 1927)
  Thomas Oxenbridge Thacher (1884 – 1941)*
  Emma Louisa Thacher (1885 – 1893)*
  Roland Throckmorton Thacher (1887 – 1892)*
  Kenelm Roland Thacher (1892 – 1966)*
  Edwin Throckmorton Thacher (1896 – 1966)
*Calculated relationship
Albany Rural Cemetery 
Albany County
New York, USA
Plot: Lot 24, Sec 56
Created by: Linda Davis
Record added: Mar 12, 2008 
Find A Grave Memorial# 25220607

Ebby T.,Rest in peace,the battle’s over.No more DTs,you died sober.
– Dean C. 
 Added: Nov. 30, 2016
– Daughter of Sgt Thomas Davis 
 Added: Oct. 22, 2015
God bless you dear Ebby. My words of gratitude will never be adequate but I can at least try. Thank my dear friend and fellow alcoholic for your part in laying a foundation for millions of people to learn to live sober through Alcoholics Anonymous. I cele…(Read more)
– Patsy G. 
 Added: Oct. 22, 2015


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