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Eye Opener (1950)
We alcoholics are obstinate people. 
We drank all the more because people told us we couldn’t; 
when they said we were drunken sots and were hopeless, 
then we quit.
Man’s relationship to the mule is very close.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
 “Everyone feels cut off from life, but doesn’t understand what
it means. Like a man or woman lost in the swamps, the swamps of
life, falling into the murky water, getting up and wandering
around only long enough to fall in again. Such a person would
feel apart from what would be normal, natural and the right
place to live.
Internally people live with and suffer from that feeling of not
being in the right place. You have that feeling and I’ll tell you
what I want you to do with it. I want you, effective as of right
now, to turn it loose, to encourage it, to not just have fleeting
glimpses of the fact that you feel cut off, isolated, but to try
to know it all the time completely.
Because if you can do that, if you can know once and for all that
you are lost in the swamps of life, if you can know it, that it’s
the only place you have been in, the only experiences you’ve had,
that full consciousness – it’s a pretty miserable place down in
the Louisiana bayous – the full knowledge of that alone will give
you the intelligence, the incentive, the wish, the energy to get
out of there.
Now having set that picture before you, I want to connect it with
another thought and I want you to also connect it in your thinking,
put everything together. All is well, in Reality, all is not just
well, it’s marvelous, it’s fine.”
from a talk given 2/25/1989
Twenty Four Hours A Day JULY 7,2016
Thought for the Day 
We had become hopelessly sick people, spiritually, 
emotionally, and physically. The power that controlled 
us was greater than ourselves—it was John Barleycorn. 
Many drinkers have said: “I hadn’t gone that far; I 
hadn’t lost my job on account of drink; I still had my 
family; I managed to keep out of jail. True, I took too 
much sometimes and I guess I managed to make quite an 
ass of myself when I did, but I still thought I could 
control my drinking. I didn’t really believe that I was 
an alcoholic.” If I was one of these, have I fully 
changed my mind? 
Meditation for the Day 
Painful as the present time may be, you will one day see 
the reason for it. You will see that it was not only 
testing, but also a preparation for the life-work that you 
are to do. Have faith that your prayers and aspirations 
will some day be answered. Answered in a way that perhaps 
seems painful to you but is the only right way. Selfishness 
and pride often make us want things that are not good for 
us. They need to be burned out of our natures. We must be 
rid of the blocks that are holding us back, before we can 
expect our prayers to be answered. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may be willing to go through a time of testing. 
I pray that I may trust God for the outcome.
Think of the whole world as your friend, 
but you must also be the friend of the whole world. 
The science of Mind page 298 
Another principle we observe carefully is that we do not relate intimate experiences of another person unless we are sure he would approve. 
We find it better, when possible, to stick to our own stories.
— Alcoholics Anonymous, page 125
I have never been hurt by anything I didn’t say. 
— Calvin Coolidge
God will not ask you when and where you did service? He will ask, with 
what motive did you do it? What was the intention that prompted you? 
You may weigh the service and boast of its quantity. But God seeks 
quality – the quality of heart, the purity of mind, the holiness of motive.
— Sri Sathya Sai Baba 

Tonight the moon kisses the stars. 
ACIM Workbook Lesson 187 Insights
“I bless the world because I bless myself.”
One of the most significant sentences in this lesson to me is, “Illusion recognized must disappear.” (7:1) It is only my belief in pain and loss, sickness and death, that keeps it in place. As I remove my belief from these ideas, they must disappear. “Illusion recognized must disappear.” In hypnotherapy training we learned that belief is what holds experience in place. So now my job is to recognize the beliefs which are the opposite of God’s oneness and with the help of the Holy Spirit, let them go. Not because of sacrifice but because they are not true.
It is helpful to ask myself, “What beliefs am I holding on to that are not true? Holy Spirit help me recognize these beliefs. Shine Your light on them and they will fall away.” And we can look at those false beliefs with gentle laughter. I can then see that I do not need these silly beliefs. They do not help me and never did.
I thought I wanted separation. I thought it would bring me something that I wanted. I thought it would bring me something more than I already had. I thought it would be an exciting new adventure. But the truth is I still remain as part of God and never left. This recognition is a blessing to myself, and as I bless myself, I bless the world because I know the same truth is about my brother also.
We are all still enfolded and encompassed in God’s Love. Everyone’s Identity is still Love as part of God. As in a hologram, every part contains the whole. This is God’s blessing and it remains eternally true. “Illusion recognized must disappear.” I don’t have to accept suffering because it is simply a false idea not to be taken seriously.
Today I would let myself soak in the remembrance of everyone’s oneness in God’s Love. Like taking a comforting soak in a hot tub, today I will soak in the healing waters of remembering the truth of our oneness. What a happy day to have this opportunity to receive and give this remembrance of the truth.
It is our oneness with all things that makes it possible for us to bring salvation and blessing to the world. That means whenever a brother extends a loving thought to anyone, I am blessed, even as he blesses himself with the thought. The only gift I can really give is Love because only Love is real. Love only increases in the giving. It is the only thought there is in truth. We each are a thought of Love in the mind of Love. That is why I bless the world because I bless myself.
In this world Love’s reflection is forgiveness, seeing the innocence in all my brothers, letting go of the past, letting go of the belief in separation. Each time I have a thought of forgiveness, whatever form it may take, I bless the world because I bless myself.
Today is a good day for me to work on recognizing illusion so it can disappear. I have a lot of quiet work to do which allows my mind to wander and it is always interesting to see where it wanders. Each time I notice it wandering into illusion, I ask Holy Spirit to look at it with me and heal that place in my life. Can it really be so simple? Yes, I think it can. It is ego that makes everything seem complicated.
Increase the intensity and spiritual quality
 of the love you feel for one or a few souls, 
and give that love to all. 
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Listen again. One Evening at the Close
Of Ramazán, ere the better Moon arose,
In that old Potter’s Shop I stood alone
With the clay Population round in Rows.
And, strange to tell, among that Earthern Lot
Some could articulate, while others not:
And suddenly one more impatient cried—
“Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?”
― Omar Khayyám
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