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Whose Will?
We have seen A.A.’s ask with much earnestness and faith for God’s explicit guidance on matters ranging all the way from a shattering domestic or financial crisis to a minor personal fault, like tardiness. A man who tries to run his life rigidly by this kind of prayers, by this self-serving demand of God for replies, is a particularly disconcerting individual. To any questioning or criticism of his actions, he instantly proffers his reliance upon prayer for guidance in all matters great or small. He may have forgotten the possibility that his own wishful thinking and the human tendency to rationalize have distorted his so-called guidance. With the best of intentions, he tends to force his will into all sorts of situations and problems with the comfortable assurance that he is acting under God’s specific direction. 
Keep your face always toward the sunshine – 
and shadows will fall behind you. 
Walt Whitman

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
The subject of humility is a difficult one. Humility is not thinking less of myself than I ought to; it is acknowledging that I do certain things well, it is accepting a compliment graciously.
God can only do for me what He can do through me. Humility is the result of knowing that God is the doer, not me. In the light of this awareness, how can I take pride in my accomplishments? I am an instrument and any work I seem to be doing is being done by God through me. I ask God on a daily basis to remove my shortcomings, in order that I may more freely go about my A.A. business of “love and service.”
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
There is no condemnation in me nor operating through me. I am free from the belief or thought of men. I walk my own way, immune to all suggestion of condemnation. Only those thoughts can enter my mentality which I allow to enter. I do not, and cannot, receive adverse thoughts. Only those thoughts which are helpful and life-giving can find entrance to my house. There is no condemnation.
“The presence or calling of God can be no reasons but the guidance of God because of His glorification.” 
― indonesia123
If your higher power is not working for you ,
 fire it and get another one. 
It happens all the time in heaven
It happens all the time in heaven,
And some day
It will begin to happen
Again on earth –
That men and women who are married,
And men and men who are
And women and women
Who give each other
Often will get down on their knees
And while so tenderly
Holding their lover’s hand,
With tears in their eyes,
Will sincerely speak, saying,
“My dear,
How can I be more loving to you;
How can I be more
ACIM Workbook Lesson 192 Insights
“I have a function God would have me fill.”
Forgiveness is letting go of illusions. Letting illusions be undone is my function here. To do this, I must be willing to step back from ego thoughts and create an open space where the Holy Spirit can shine a light on the illusions and show me they are false ideas. This helps me remove my belief from these false perceptions.
As my belief in the perceptions of the world are removed, I am able to see the eternal truth that lies beyond them. I am able to see nothing has changed. The Light of God is still there as God created It — pure, whole and complete. The Love and peace of God is still radiating, uninterrupted by the false stories of separation.
It is only when I am willing to let illusions disappear that the Holy Spirit can bring the Light of truth into my mind. That is why forgiveness is so important to me now and why it is my one function. I desire to return to the truth. I desire to let illusions go. And this desire, this openness to the Holy Spirit to let the Light of truth shine illusions away, is what brings me freedom from the bondage of the ego.
Because I have joined with the ego, the illusions have appeared very real and at times have been very fearful. Now I am open to a complete thought reversal. Time now is for the purpose of letting illusions go that I may be an instrument of freedom instead of bondage. Now is the time. I need not wait. Why prolong suffering? Why delay freedom? The time is now to open to the Holy Spirit to let illusions be undone. Forgiveness is my function here.
As the importance I place on things in this world diminishes, I experience greater and greater happiness and peace. Before I started working with the Course I thought happiness and peace came from having things like a secure job, a nice house and a loving relationship. Yet the secure job was never as secure as I wanted it to be which meant that the nice house might not always be available to me. The relationship had its ups and downs. Sometimes I was carrying a chip on my shoulder, which put the relationship on edge.
Now as I have softened the importance I place on these things, I feel more secure than I have ever felt. I live in a nice home, but I also know my home would be nice, no matter what its form. My loving relationships are more consistent, open and full. Occasionally I still put the chip back on my shoulder, but its smaller and easy to dust off. Without that defensiveness I can receive the love that is offered and appreciate it with gratitude and joy.
All this comes with letting illusions go, with forgiveness. And while my heart is filled with gratitude for the gifts I have received, I know there is much more that has been given me which I have not yet accepted. Forgiveness, letting illusions disappear, opens my mind to receive the treasures God has stored for me, awaiting my acceptance.
Thank You God, for Your grace and Your Love, which never ends and forever offers me Light to see my innocence and the innocence of everyone. Thank You for putting Your Light in my mind to help me dispel the darkness and find my way Home.
This is one of those lessons that has really stuck with me over the years, even from the first time I read it. What stands out to me is, “Using reason to justify our rage and attack.” (7:2) I can so identify with that. “A jailer is not free, for he is bound together with his prisoner.” (8:3) The first time I read that, it placed a clear picture in my mind I have never lost.
What has changed over the years is my understanding of what attack and rage are. I’ve learned that a slight irritation is just my attempt to mask the rage I feel, and as for attack… . There are so many ways to attack and so many ways to attack that I mask as love.
I never really understood what forgiveness meant and even now am refining my understanding of that action every day. I feel such gratitude for the Course, for Pathways of Light, and for the dear people I have met through it. My life has so changed and what I want most is the chance to give this to others through forgiveness and love. I thank God for every opportunity to teach forgiveness and I am so grateful He is patient with my errors and my lapses.
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“TO EVERY THING there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” 
― Paramahansa Yogananda, 
Autobiography of a Yogi
About Ernest Holmes part 17
The majority of the following material on the life of Ernest Holmes was gathered from a booklet entitled, Path of Discovery written by Rev. Scott Awbrey ( and published by United Church of Religious Science and used with permission
Ernest Holmes finished two major projects just months before he passed on. In 1959 he and Fenwicke completed an epic poem, The Voice Celestial. It was in this book that Ernest seemed to find his greatest outlet for creative expression during his last years.
For some time, there was talk of constructing a grand church building adjacent to United Church headquarters, one that could accommodate large crowds for Sunday services. The dream was realized in 1960 when Founder’s Church of Religious Science was completed. Ernest presided over the dedication of the church in January of that year, just three months before he made his transition.
Personally, Ernest Holmes never wanted a church, and wasn’t interested in religion. He only wanted a teaching ministry. He never cared for choirs, soloist, or flowers in front of the lectern. He believed in some ritual but he stressed to keep the ritual simple and beautiful, at absolute minimum. The Founders Church was Bill Hornaday’s idea. Holmes resisted it as he resisted too much organization. “To evolve a higher understanding of the spiritual universe, humanity and the church must be free, open at the top.”
Ernest Holmes began with the central assumption that “nothing but good is going on out there in the vast reaches of outer space and here in the equally vast reaches of inner space. Everything is in order.”
Ernest Holmes did not believe in an anthropomorphic God, but in The Christ Consciousness, which Jesus demonstrated. He believed that the greatest gifts we have been given are consciousness and free will. Regarding traditional religions, he said, “It’s the bright ones they lose first. It’s the fault of old theology.”
Ernest Holmes believed religion needed to be approached like a science. When he taught his lectures seemed “illumined”. They first appeared ad-libbed until he found a theme of his liking. Then a creative obsession took over in his mind and he spoke in polished paragraphs, which could have been directly printed.
Ernest Holmes did not believe he was different from others but was human as anyone. Once when he got sick he stated that “It is possible for anybody to forget the way, it doesn’t matter how much he knows. I forgot a while back and got kind of sick, but now I’m remembering again and getting well again. It’s possible for anybody to block the channels through which the Living Presence expresses Itself.”
Ernest Holmes liked to say, “Can you afford the consequences of the way you are thinking?”
“The way we think is the way we act, and the way we act is what happens. Law in the universe lets you have what you want- disaster or delight.”
“Love, Law and Loyalty are all the organization we need. The only question we need to ask is this: Do we in our thought, attitude and the way we live bear witness to the living truth that God is all there is? Make that a policy. That’s all the creed you’ll ever need.”
“One individual with God is a totality, is a completeness, One opinion consistent with the Truth is not a positive statement, but an absolute fact. One announcement from the mind that knows, will set the world on fire.”
“Healing is the discovery of the Divinity within.”
“Science of Mind is based upon the teachings of Jesus and coordinated with philosophy, and other great thinkers of the ages and is destined to become the new religion for the new day.”
“In metaphysical practice we arrive at this conviction through a process of thinking. The process itself is not the conviction; it is the road that leads to it. The student must be willing to subject the mind to self-training until there comes into his thinking a clear realization of the truth which intuition, feeling and intellect must or may proclaim.”
“One should test the philosophy with intuition and intellect and the results will prove the theory.”
“This study calls for dedication, patience and an open-mind.”


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