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 Eye Opener (1950)
Life has been hard on us, but most of it was made hard by ourselves.
 The hard life, however, taught us much: it strengthened our muscles;
 it broadened our experiences. We are better men because of it. 
We have known much of hunger, pain, defeat, mental anguish, despair and shame.
Only the good survived this ordeal,
and we can alleviate the sufferings of the world all the
 better because we have suffered also.
God was not punishing us …He was conditioning us.

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE
“One recent morning I was looking out the window and there was
a spectacular sunrise, a wide stretch of dark orange sky with
patches of blue breaking through and off in one corner, even to
finish the picture perfectly, was a small sliver of moon, absolutely, astonishingly brilliant.
And as I watched it the thought occurred to me that I could
see even more of the natural wonder there if I stepped outside,
which I did. And of course, where I could see just a small stretch
of the wonder before, now I could see the whole sky as far as it
went, could see the whole scene there because I had stepped out-
side of the confinement of the home.
Here is the lesson for you to always remind yourself, which is
there is a mental life and there is a spiritual life. You need
both in this world. You need the mind with its sections, its
intelligence s to remember things, to be able to work and live
properly in the physical world. However, you must constantly
remind yourself that that is the inside of the house — your view
is quite limited. But when you are living only from the mental
part of life, you do not realize that there is something
higher, broader, far more powerful outside the mind.”
from a talk given 1/8/1989
Twenty Four Hours A Day June 11. 2016
Thought for the Day
We alcoholics have to believe in some Power greater than ourselves. Yes, we have to believe in God. Not to believe in a Higher Power drives us to atheism. Atheism, it has been said before, is blind faith in the strange proposition that this universe originated in a cipher and aimlessly rushes nowhere. That’s practically impossible to believe. So we turn to that Divine Principle in the universe that we call God.  Have I stopped trying to run my own life?
Meditation for the Day
“Lord, we thank Thee for the great gift of peace, that peace which passeth all understanding, that peace which the world can neither give nor take away.” That is the peace that only God can give in the midst of a restless world and surrounded by trouble and difficulty. To know that peace is to have received the stamp of the kingdom of God. When you have earned that peace, you are fit to judge between true and false values, between the values of the kingdom of God and the values of all that the world has to offer.
Prayer for the Day
I pray that today I may have inner peace.
I pray that today I may be at peace with myself.
Love is the central flame of the universe,
nay, the very fire itself. 
It is written that God is Love, and that 
we are His expressed likeness, 
the image of the Eternal Being.
The Science of Mind page 478
You came into this leading-edge time space reality because you wanted to take a vibration into a thought, into an expectation, and all the way to the manifestation. Because in the manifestation you feel the fullness, completeness, the affirmation, the confirmation, the manifestation of your creative abilities. We’re just a cooperative component as is everything else; you’re running the show.
This world is like a mountain. Your echo depends on you. If you scream good things, the world will give it back. If you scream bad things, the world will give it back. Even if someone says badly about you, speak well about him. Change your heart to change the world.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 162 Insights
“I am as God created me.”
Jesus knows what will help us. There is nothing in this world that can harm us or save us in any way. “I am as God created me” helps me let go of my belief in this world. This world is an illusion. I am only dreaming of a world of separation. I am still as God created me. Truth is true and nothing else is true.
It is my attraction to the stories of this world that holds me to this world. “I am as God created me” helps me recognize the truth. It helps me recognize that nothing could ever really happen but God. God is. Love is. And then we cease to speak. “I am as God created me” simply recognizes the truth. When my mind wanders in dreams again, I bring it back by remembering again, “I am as God created me.” Such is the truth.
Because I have such need of it, I know it will help me to remember God’s Words today as many times as possible. “I am as God created me.” These words bring relief from my sick dreams of a world of separation. I know the words of today’s lesson are the truth.
I need this practice today and every day. I begin in the present moment. And through the day if I forget, as soon as I remember, I will return again to, “I am as God created me.” It is the only cure for all the false beliefs found in the dream of separation. None of them are true. There is only one Self. We are all united as Love in the Mind of God. All is still Love, as God created It.
“I am as God created me” goes hand in hand with the often stated thought, “ideas leave not their source.” God is Mind, and therefore His ideas are His creations. My Self is an Idea in the Mind of God and It has not left Its Source. I am not a body, nor am I what the body does. I am not the thoughts I seem to think when I am identified with the body. These thoughts are not shared with God and are therefore not real thoughts. Since these are the thoughts I am usually aware of, I am usually not aware of my Self, as God created me.
Reminding myself that I am as God created me is another way of loosening my identification with the body. This release from identification with an unreal image is essential for me to receive the gifts that God gave me in my creation. His gifts are not of the world of separation. His gifts are not temporary, but eternal. Thus His gift of my Self is eternal. The truth about me is eternal, changeless and unchangeable. It cannot be harmed, so I am safe. All thoughts of fear of any kind can only occur because I believe I am something other than what God created, that I can in some way be changed.
As I practice replacing every thought of fear with the idea that I am as God created me, peace returns to my awareness. I am safe. That can never change. I am grateful for these lessons, which gently lead me back to this awareness.
The dew drop belongs to the sea.
Separated, it is vulnerable to the
Sun and wind and other elements of nature;
but when it drops it returns to its source,
it becomes magnified and wonders with his sea.
So it is with your life. United to God you become immortal. 
Paramahansa Yogananda

“The moving hand once having writ moves on. 
Nor all thy piety nor wit can lure it back to cancel half a line.” 
― Omar Khayyám, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
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