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From “The Three Legacies of Alcoholics Anonymous”:
“As the [Big Book] chapters were slowly roughed out I read them to the New York group at its weekly meeting in our parlor at Clinton Street, and copies were sent to Dr. Bob for checking and criticisms in Akron, where we had nothing but the warmest support. But in the New York meeting the chapters got a real mauling. I redictated them and Ruth retyped them over and over. In spite of the heated arguments, the New York group’s criticisms did help a lot, and to some extent the enthusiasm and confidence increased.”
2001 AAWS Inc.
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, pg. 159
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
“Ninety-nine percent of the cruelties committed against you go
unnoticed by you. They are too much like glancing bats in the night.
They happen so often and so fast that the mind can’t keep up to
register them. These thousands of pains include the hostile stare
of a passing driver, a contemptuous remark from a relative, dangerous
advice from foolish authorities, deceptive advertising. And any scared
person who carelessly set an example which taught you to also be scared is a person with a cruel nature.”
50 Ways to Escape Cruel People, p. 2


. . . a spiritual life which does not include . . . family
obligations may not be so perfect after all.
I can be doing great in the program—applying it at
meetings, at work, and in service activities—and find that
things have gone to pieces at home. I expect my loved ones
to understand, but they cannot. I expect them to see and
value my progress, but they don’t—unless I show them. Do
I neglect their needs and desires for my attention and
concern? When I’m around them, am I irritable or boring?
Are my “amends” a mumbled “Sorry,” or do they take the
form of patience and tolerance? Do I preach to them, trying
to reform or “fix” them? Have I ever really cleaned house
with them! “The spiritual life is not a theory. We have to
live it” (Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 83). 

“Worry, crisis, and anxiety seem to plague most people, often to the extent that life is something to be suffered through rather than to be lived with joy. This does not mean that we shall ever be free of all problems, but rather that life and living present a continual challenge, which we should learn to master instead of allowing it to master us. No one imposes fear upon us; rather we create it for ourselves in our own thoughts and emotions. What we need to realize is that we have just as much freedom to eliminate fear as we have in creating it. That there is an obvious need to secure our freedom from our self-created and self-imposed fears is found in those sciences which deal with the mind and the body. Any evidence of fear in our thought, whether it is large or small, can have subtle and far-reaching consequences. You can find a freedom from fear, and you can discover the ways and means to achieve more of what your heart desires. The journey can be made, the goals can be achieved. But it is something that no one else can do for you, for the attainment rests in the processes of your own thought.” (pgs.3-4)

Are You Truly Applying the Principles of Science of Mind?
Ernest Holmes’ Downloadable Guide to “Living Without Fear” Can Help
By Jeannette Quinn Bisbee

I have a crystal ball now, I have the gift of consequences. 

Happiness is not what makes us grateful. 
It is gratefulness that makes us happy.

The ocean of the body crashes against the ocean of the heart. Between them is a barrier they cannot cross.


ACIM Workbook Lesson 160 Insights
“I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.”
I am being asked in this lesson to let go of what I have identified with. I have identified with being a separate identity with a separate body and a separate mind. This is the stranger I have identified with. And yet I have identified with it so completely that my true Identity as part of God has been lost to me. God became the stranger. My one Self became a stranger.
This identity as a separate self seemed so real that it seemed very difficult to find God. But the good news is I am learning to let go of this false identity. I am willing to open to my one Self and let my mind be healed of all its false ideas.
One very effective way in my return is to remember to see the Christ in all my brothers, to see the Light of God in them, to see the truth about them. As I continue to practice seeing the truth in my brother, my mind continues to be healed and I gradually cease to identify with myself as a separate identity, a separate person, separate from God and my brother. I gradually learn that this whole world of separate identities is a false world. It is not the real world. The false world of separation has only brought belief in limitation and pain. None of it was ever true.
We are all still safe in God. We are all still as God created us. We are all still one in God. We never left God. We only dreamed that God was a stranger to us. We only dreamed that separate bodies were real. Now is the time to wake up from that dream. Now is the time to let go of that separate identity. Now is the time to wake up to our true Identity as one in Love. In truth all are at Home in God. Fear is the stranger in God’s real world.
In this world, everyone feels homeless to some degree. Everyone feels that something is missing. There is always some unsettled feeling, sometimes overt, sometimes hidden beneath a façade of orderliness and seeming stability. It all stems from having denied our Self. The world is the effect of believing there is something more valuable, more desirable than the Home of Love created for us by God. The world is the desire for specialness, for having a unique identity we can call our own.
Yet God, being one, can only give all of Himself to His Creation. He cannot divide Himself and give more of Himself to one and less to another. What is one can know no differences.
To identify with a special, unique identity, I must deny God and my Self as It was created. Thus I make myself a stranger to my Father and my Self. I cannot know the comfort and safety of my Father when I deny It. My Father is still there for me, but I am unaware.
Gently, methodically and consistently the Course is helping me to recognize that this image I have made and believe I am is not me. I can believe in a false image and experience it as if it were real, but I cannot make it real. Reality comes from Reality, not from made up images. This is my salvation. Return to Truth is guaranteed, for It is ever present. I need only cease denying It and I will know the Truth. And It sets me free.
Today I will practice again being open to Christ’s vision to see past the false images to the Light of innocence everywhere. The Light of innocence is where I am truly at Home. In the Light of innocence I find all my brothers and I recognize my Father, my Creator, my Source, my strength.
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Go to some peaceful place and stay alone for a while, listening to the soft sounds of nature and of God within.
Paramahansa Yogananda
The modern day pop music, using electric instruments with drum kit started with Rock and Roll, and Rock is heavily based on the blues. Hence this African American experience inspired by Rumi and other Persian classical poets became the source for today’s popular music.
So next time you hear a young crooner tearing his or her heart out in a modern love song, you have Rumi to thank for.
— Shahram Shiva
*The full article can be found here:
The Music of the Famous American Blues Singers Reaches Back Through the South to the Culture of West Africa. 


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