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Growing Up 
“How many of us would presume to declare, ‘Well, I’m sober and I’m happy. What more can I want, or do?  I’m fine the way I am.’  We know that the price of such self-satisfaction is an inevitable backslide, punctuated at some point by a very rude awakening. We have to grow or else deteriorate. For us, the status quo can only be for today, never for tomorrow. Change we must; we cannot stand still.”
Bill W., Box 1980: The AA Grapevine, June 1961
As Bill Sees It, p. 25
The program has helped me grow up enough to be a kid again.
When Into Self, Discover Our Motives

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
“In the storm of life, one of the most thunderous fears is the fear of loss. Men and women unconsciously, unseen by themselves, fear the loss of so many things.
See if you can add a few to what I am going to say as a means of understanding your underground nature, which is necessary to do. The fear of loss of an opportunity, the fear of losing a friend, a fear of loss of your money, on and on. Some people even fear the loss of their good looks. How many of you have nothing to lose? (Laughter)
A thorough insight into this surging anxiety is a first major step
toward putting it out of your life because you’ll see that it has
a false foundation.”
Spiritual Springtime is Waiting For You
The Laws of Spiritual Development – MP3 CD, track 4


“Years of living with an alcoholic is almost sure to make
any wife or child neurotic. The entire family is, to some
extent, ill.”
It is important for me to realize that, as an alcoholic, I not
only hurt myself, but also those around me. Making
amends to my family, and to the families of alcoholics still
suffering, will always be important. Understanding the
havoc I created and trying to repair the destruction, will be
a lifelong endeavor. The example of my sobriety may give
others hope, and faith to help themselves.

“The more power one gives to his thought–
the more completely he believes that his
 thought has power–the more power will it have.” 
― Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind
My sponsee said ‘I’m a Loner’, and I said, 
we are all loners except we do it together’.
When we come upon beautiful things, they act like small tears in the surface of the world that pull us through to some vaster space.
‘That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful.’
Rumi — 
ACIM Workbook Lesson 162 Insights
“I am as God created me.”
Jesus knows what will help us. There is nothing in this world that can harm us or save us in any way. “I am as God created me” helps me let go of my belief in this world. This world is an illusion. I am only dreaming of a world of separation. I am still as God created me. Truth is true and nothing else is true.
It is my attraction to the stories of this world that holds me to this world. “I am as God created me” helps me recognize the truth. It helps me recognize that nothing could ever really happen but God. God is. Love is. And then we cease to speak. “I am as God created me” simply recognizes the truth. When my mind wanders in dreams again, I bring it back by remembering again, “I am as God created me.” Such is the truth.
Because I have such need of it, I know it will help me to remember God’s Words today as many times as possible. “I am as God created me.” These words bring relief from my sick dreams of a world of separation. I know the words of today’s lesson are the truth.
I need this practice today and every day. I begin in the present moment. And through the day if I forget, as soon as I remember, I will return again to, “I am as God created me.” It is the only cure for all the false beliefs found in the dream of separation. None of them are true. There is only one Self. We are all united as Love in the Mind of God. All is still Love, as God created It.
“I am as God created me” goes hand in hand with the often stated thought, “ideas leave not their source.” God is Mind, and therefore His ideas are His creations. My Self is an Idea in the Mind of God and It has not left Its Source. I am not a body, nor am I what the body does. I am not the thoughts I seem to think when I am identified with the body. These thoughts are not shared with God and are therefore not real thoughts. Since these are the thoughts I am usually aware of, I am usually not aware of my Self, as God created me.
Reminding myself that I am as God created me is another way of loosening my identification with the body. This release from identification with an unreal image is essential for me to receive the gifts that God gave me in my creation. His gifts are not of the world of separation. His gifts are not temporary, but eternal. Thus His gift of my Self is eternal. The truth about me is eternal, changeless and unchangeable. It cannot be harmed, so I am safe. All thoughts of fear of any kind can only occur because I believe I am something other than what God created, that I can in some way be changed.
As I practice replacing every thought of fear with the idea that I am as God created me, peace returns to my awareness. I am safe. That can never change. I am grateful for these lessons, which gently lead me back to this awareness.
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The purpose of meditation is to come the mind,
that without Distortion it made mirror I’m the presence.
Paramahansa Yogananda

Rumi for All Seasons
Who is the real Rumi? Was he religious, or a progressive thinker, or a hip spiritualist believing in the occult, or was he a scholar or a professor? The correct answer is all of the above. Due to his incredibly long and prolific creative life he has covered every topic imaginable from erotica to deeply philosophical, hence he has become a projection of the reader’s own mind.
For example Rumi talks about God in some of his poems and then dismisses him in many others. His prime message is that God is found in your own heart. He recited hundreds of poems where he mentions that he would set fire to Ka’ba and any temple or church, because God is not found there. He then encourages the reader to look into his or her own heart instead.
Due to the fact that Rumi recited poetry for about 25 years and 70,000 verses, he has covered every morsel of emotion, thought, idea and topic. Therefore, he can’t be pinned in one saying. Also because of the long duration of his creative expression he changed his mind often. Hence, you have poems where he praises God and then poems where he outright destroys any such concept.
In 800 years of popularity, Rumi has become a mirror projecting what the reader imagines. An orthodox or a religious reader, or a university professor, or a New Age type, or an advanced progressive thinker, all embrace Rumi as one of their own.
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