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 Lose confidence in human ways and you win confidence
in higher actions. Do this by seeing contradictions in others that
they never see in themselves. For example, a weak and indecisive
man can always tell you exactly what you should do. A woman talks
too much because she does not know what to say. An abnormal mind
thinks a normal mind is strange. Man is like a nervous photographer
who blames his blurred pictures on a moving mountain. It is better
to be intelligent.”
 Expose Human Sharks 100 Ways, # 64
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
    “‘You frequently say that we can live in this rough world without
getting roughed up. I really don’t see how this can be so.’
‘An illustration will help. If you ride an airplane along rough
ground, you get bumped. If you fly above the bumps, they are still
there for other people, but they cannot jolt you. You are carried
aloft by a new sense of self.'”
The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, Chap. 8, p. 133
Twenty Four Hours A Day JUNE 17, 2016
Thought for the Day 
We in A.A. have the privilege of living two lives in one 
lifetime. One life of drunkenness, failure, and defeat. Then, 
through A.A., another life of sobriety, peace of mind, and 
usefulness. We who have recovered our sobriety are modem 
miracles. And were living on borrowed time. Some of us might 
have been dead long ago. But we have been given another chance to live. Do I owe a debt of gratitude to A.A. that I can never repay as long as I live? 
Meditation for the Day 
Thinking about God in love and worship drives away evil. It is 
the thought before that the hosts of evil flee. The thought of 
a Power greater than yourself is the call for a life-line to
rescue you from temptation. The thought of God banishes 
loneliness and dispels gloom. it summons help to conquer your 
faults. Think of God as often as possible. Use the thought 
prayerfully and purposefully. It win carry your thoughts away 
from material things and toward the spiritual things that make 
life worthwhile. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may think of God often. I pray that I may rest in 
peace at the thought of His love and care.
We must learn to think in the absolute. 
This means you think independently of
any given experience to effect period
 “Judge not according to appearances” 
This thought strikes away the shackles 
of bondage and finds a new cause at work. 
The science of Mind a 406

And it means, of course, that we are going to talk about God.
BB We Agnostics, p.45 

You are a fountain of the sun’s light. 
I am a willow shadow on the ground. 
You make my raggedness silky.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 167 Insights
“There is one life, and that I share with God.”
The eternal Spirit of Love is What is true, now and forever. My job is to open to this eternal Spirit of Love. It will wake me up to Reality. It is the only Life. It will show me the meaninglessness of a pretend life within a world of time and space. This one Life is the truth of all that Is. It is changeless and eternal.
I can open to this Life any time I choose, but I must be willing to let go of my ideas of what is real. I must be willing to let go of the idea that separate bodies could ever be real or that individuality exists. I must be willing to let these false ideas go. I must have an open mind without preconceived ideas. I must open my mind to Holy Spirit’s healing perceptions. I must let all these false ideas be gently washed away.
God is everyone’s Source and This alone is real. This alone is eternal. This alone cannot die. The Father and the Son are one and no dreams can change that. My job now is to let go of trying to be different from God. My job now is to open to the truth and be willing to let go of illusions. God is One and cannot be separated.
Holy Spirit, today I give my mind to You. Heal it of all false ideas. I open to Your healing Light. This is my one goal, today and every day.
As I observe my thoughts, I am amazed at how much of the time my attention is given to thoughts of death as described in this lesson. It doesn’t seem that I am thinking about death. But I’m aware that I’m often monitoring how my body is functioning. Is there a discomfort here, an ache there? Is it working like it should? These could only occur because I think the body is vulnerable and that I think I am the body. These thoughts are a defense against death and so proclaim that death is real and must be guarded against.
This is all occurring within a dream in which I have imagined myself as separate from God and therefore separate from Life. Only if this were true could death be possible. This body monitoring attests to the importance I place on it as proof of my existence. Yet this is merely an imagined existence in a dream where nothing is real. I am not a body. I am Love, created by Love and one with Love. That is unchangeable. Being unchangeable, I cannot die. This is the truth about me and all my brothers. Worry about the body simply reflects a belief that I have succeeded in separating from Life, my Source. But I remain as Love created me.
Holy Spirit, I offer you my thoughts of death, of weakness and vulnerability. I ask for your help and strength to let them go. I ask for your vision so I may see the Life I am and see this Life in all my brothers. Only here is the certainty I seek. Here is perfect health and infinite abundance because this Life I share with God. There is nothing else to share.
O Spirit Beautiful, open the windows of nature and the windows of our minds, that we may be holy in all thy glory – in the apparel of all beautiful thoughts.
Paramahansa Yogananda
“Be quiet, pain and sorrow!
Let me find a remedy. I have to live,
as once dead there is no memory. And I want
to see my love and be with her. And I
want to remember our being together.” 
― Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

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