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“Actually we were fooling ourselves, for deep down in every man, woman, and child, is the fundamental idea of God. It may be obscured by calamity, by pomp, by worship of other things, but in some form or other it is there. For faith in a Power greater than ourselves, and miraculous demonstrations of that power in human lives, are facts as old as man himself.”
Alcoholics Anonymous 4th Edition
We Agnostics, pg. 55
I exist as I am, that is enough. 
Walt Whitman


. . . if only men were granted absolute liberty, and were
compelled to obey no one, they would then voluntarily
associate themselves in the common interest
When I no longer live under the dictates of another or of
alcohol, I live in a new freedom. When I release the past
and all the excess baggage I have carried for so very long, I
come to know freedom. I have been introduced into a life
and a fellowship of freedom. The Steps are a
“recommended” way of finding a new life, there are no
commands or dictates in A.A. I am free to serve from
desire rather than decree. There is the understanding that I
will benefit from the growth of other members and I take
what I learn and bring it back to the group. The “common
welfare” finds room to grow in the society of personal

On April 7, 1960, Ernest passed to the next dimension. At the time of his death the number of Religious Science churches worldwide exceeded one hundred, and a Los Angeles newspaper referred to him as “one of America’s leading churchmen-philosophers.”
A few weeks before he passed on to a higher reality, Ernest spoke of his vision for the Science of Mind. “The human heart,” he said, “longs as a hungry man longs for bread, for spiritual food. It longs for that which will make it whole, and I think ‘ that’s what our teaching can do – reveal the Self to the self.”

Ernest Holmes Science of Mind

There is no distinctly 
Native  American criminal class, 
save   Congress.
— Mark Twain

She clearly saw that I was in a world of hurt. 

All night, a man called “God”
Until his lips were bleeding.
Then his Adversary said, “Hey! Mr Gullible!
… How comes you’ve been calling all night
And never once heard God say, “Here, I AM”?
You call out so earnestly and, in reply, what?
I’ll tell you what. Nothing!”
The man suddenly felt empty and abandoned.
Depressed, he threw himself on the ground
And fell into a deep sleep.
In a dream, he met an angel, who asked,
“Why are you regretting calling out to God?”
The man said, “ I called and called
But God never replied, “Here I AM.”
The Angel explained, “God has said,
“Your calling my name is My reply.
Your longing for Me is My message to you.
All your attempts to reach Me Are in reality
my attempts to reach you.
Your fear and love are a noose to catch Me.
In the silence surrounding every call of “God”
Waits a thousand replies of “Here I AM.”
Here I am God Says


ACIM Workbook Lesson 167 Insights
“There is one life, and that I share with God.”
The eternal Spirit of Love is What is true, now and forever. My job is to open to this eternal Spirit of Love. It will wake me up to Reality. It is the only Life. It will show me the meaninglessness of a pretend life within a world of time and space. This one Life is the truth of all that Is. It is changeless and eternal.
I can open to this Life any time I choose, but I must be willing to let go of my ideas of what is real. I must be willing to let go of the idea that separate bodies could ever be real or that individuality exists. I must be willing to let these false ideas go. I must have an open mind without preconceived ideas. I must open my mind to Holy Spirit’s healing perceptions. I must let all these false ideas be gently washed away.
God is everyone’s Source and This alone is real. This alone is eternal. This alone cannot die. The Father and the Son are one and no dreams can change that. My job now is to let go of trying to be different from God. My job now is to open to the truth and be willing to let go of illusions. God is One and cannot be separated.
Holy Spirit, today I give my mind to You. Heal it of all false ideas. I open to Your healing Light. This is my one goal, today and every day.
As I observe my thoughts, I am amazed at how much of the time my attention is given to thoughts of death as described in this lesson. It doesn’t seem that I am thinking about death. But I’m aware that I’m often monitoring how my body is functioning. Is there a discomfort here, an ache there? Is it working like it should? These could only occur because I think the body is vulnerable and that I think I am the body. These thoughts are a defense against death and so proclaim that death is real and must be guarded against.
This is all occurring within a dream in which I have imagined myself as separate from God and therefore separate from Life. Only if this were true could death be possible. This body monitoring attests to the importance I place on it as proof of my existence. Yet this is merely an imagined existence in a dream where nothing is real. I am not a body. I am Love, created by Love and one with Love. That is unchangeable. Being unchangeable, I cannot die. This is the truth about me and all my brothers. Worry about the body simply reflects a belief that I have succeeded in separating from Life, my Source. But I remain as Love created me.
Holy Spirit, I offer you my thoughts of death, of weakness and vulnerability. I ask for your help and strength to let them go. I ask for your vision so I may see the Life I am and see this Life in all my brothers. Only here is the certainty I seek. Here is perfect health and infinite abundance because this Life I share with God. There is nothing else to share.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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provided this copyright notice and website address are included.

God is absolute Existence; God is ever new Joy. This Joy is omnipresent. Feel your oneness with that Joy. It resides within you; and it encompasses infinity.

Yogananda on God – Paramahansa Yogananda

Robert H. ‘Dr. Bob’ Smith continued
Our first prospect appeared, a neighboring parson sent him over. Because the newcomer faced eviction, Anne took in his whole family, wife and two children. The new one was a puzzler. When drinking, he’d go clean out of his mind. One afternoon Anne sat at her kitchen table, calmly regarding him as he fingered a carving knife. Under her steady gaze, his hand dropped. But he did not sober then. His wife despairingly betook herself to her own parents and he disappeared. But he did reappear fifteen years later for Dr. Bob’s last rites. There we saw him, soundly and happily sober in AA. Back in 1935 we weren’t so accustomed to miracles as we are today, we had given him up.
Then came a lull on the 12th Step front. In this time Anne and Henrietta infused much needed spirituality into Bob and me. Lois came to Akron on vacation from her grind at a New York department store, so raised our morale immensely. We began to attend Oxford Group meetings at the Akron home of T. Henry W. The devotion of this good man and his wife is a bright page in memory. Their names will be inscribed on Page One of AA’s book of first and best friends.
One day Dr. Bob said to me. “Don’t you think we’d better scare up some drunks to work on?” He phoned the nurse in charge of admissions at Akron City Hospital and told her how he and another drunk from New York had a cure for alcoholism. I saw the old boy blush and look disconcerted. The nurse had commented, “Well, Doctor, you’d better give that cure a good workout on yourself.”
Nevertheless the admitting nurse produced a customer. A dandy, she said he was. A prominent Akron lawyer, he had lost about everything. He’d been in City Hospital six times in four months. He’d arrived at that very moment; had just knocked down a nurse he’d thought a pink elephant. “Will that one do you?” she inquired. Said Dr. Bob, “Put him in a private room. We’ll be down when he’s better.”
Soon Dr. Bob and I saw a sight which tens of thousands of us have since beheld, the sight of the man on the bed who does not yet know he can get well. We explained to the man on the bed the nature of his malady and told him our own stories of drinking and recovery. But the sick one shook his head, “Guess you’ve been through the mill boys, but you never were half as bad off as I am. For me it’s too late. I don’t dare go out of here. I’m a man of faith, too; used to be deacon in my church. I’ve still faith in God but I guess he hasn’t got any in me. Alcohol has me, it’s no use. Come and see me again, though. I’d like to talk with you more.”
As we entered his room for our second visit a woman sitting at the foot of his bed was saying, “What has happened to you, husband? You seem so different. I feel so relieved.” The new man turned to us. “Here they are,” he cried. “They understand. After they left yesterday I couldn’t get what they told me out of my mind, I laid awake all night. Then hope came. If they could find release, so might I. I became willing to get honest with myself, to square my wrong doing, to help other alcoholics. The minute I did this I began to feel different. I knew I was going to be well.” Continued the man on the bed, “Now, good wife, please fetch me my clothes. We are going to get up and out of here.” Whereupon AA number three arose from his bed, never to drink again. The seed of AA had pushed another tendril up through the new soil. Though we knew it not, it had already flowered. Three of us were gathered together. Akron’s Group One was a reality.
Ron Richey
545 Queen St. #701
Honolulu, Hi 96813

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