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“. . .You can. . . make A.A. itself your ‘higher power.’  Here’s a very large group of people who have solved their alcohol problem. . . . many members . . . have crossed the threshold just this way. . . . their faith broadened and deepened. . .  transformed, they came to believe in a Higher Power. . .”
No one was greater than I, at least in my eyes, when I was drinking.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t smile at myself in the mirror, so I came to A.A. where, with others, I heard talk of a Higher Power.  I couldn’t accept the concept of a Higher Power because I believed God was cruel and unloving.  In desperation I chose a table, a tree, then my A.A. group, as my Higher Power.  Time passed, my life improved, and I began to wonder about this Higher Power.  Gradually, with patience, humility and a lot of questions, I came to believe in God.  Now my relationship with my Higher Power gives me the strength to live a happy, sober life.
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In the confusion we stay with each other, 
happy to be together, speaking without 
uttering a single word. 
Walt Whitman
The problem of resolving fear has two aspects. We shall
have to try for all the freedom from fear that is possible for
us to attain. Then we shall need to find both the courage
and grace to deal constructively with whatever fears
Most of my decisions were based on fear. Alcohol made
life easier to face, but the time came when alcohol was no
longer an alternative to fear. One of the greatest gifts in
A.A. for me has been the courage to take action, which I
can do with God’s help. After five years of sobriety I had to
deal with a heavy dose of fear. God put the people in my
life to help me do that and, through my working the Twelve
Steps, I am becoming the whole person I wish to be and,
for that, I am deeply grateful.
Ernest Holmes wrote: “It is written that God is Love,
and that we are His expressed likeness,
the image of the Eternal Being.
Love is self-givingness through creation,
the impartation of the Divine through the human.”

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.
I do have a home group, I wish this were it, 
but the airfare would kill me. 
“Don’t try to steer the boat. 
Don’t open shop for yourself. Listen. Keep silent. 
You are not God’s mouthpiece. Try to be an ear, 
And if you do speak, ask for explanations.” 
― Jalaluddin Rumi, The Essential Rumi
ACIM Workbook Lesson 169 Insights
“By grace I live. By grace I am released.”
This lesson reminds me to open my mind to the truth. It reminds me that I have more ‘letting go’ or forgiveness to do. My mind needs to be purified by the Holy Spirit of all false ideas, all belief in separation. As my mind gets cleansed of the false ideas of limitation and lack, fear and guilt, a clean and open space is made in my mind. In this clean and open space, the Holy Spirit brings my mind to the truth.
With the Holy Spirit’s healing Light, my mind is transformed. The goals I had before are seen as meaningless. The feeling of God’s peace and gentleness motivates my willingness to let go of the dream of separation more and more each day. The world of form and bodies is believed a little less.
I ask for God’s grace, knowing that what I ask for I will receive. I continue doing the work of forgiveness day by day. I continue handing over my perceptions to the Holy Spirit to receive a new perception. I continue taking every concern, every apprehension, to the Holy Spirit’s healing Light. Opening to the peace of God becomes my one goal.
I am willing to play the part the Holy Spirit gives me in the undoing of the dream of separation. The Son of God is one. Every part of the Sonship must awaken for the Sonship to awaken fully. The way has been made. I focus on the present moment, and do the mind healing work that presents itself in this moment. Through this daily work, I prepare an open mind to receive the holy instant.
What stands out to me in this lesson is how important my part is in the plan for the salvation of the world. If there is one aspect of the Sonship that does not recognize it shares God’s Will completely, then there is still work to be done. I may think of that aspect as being in my own mind or perceive it as a brother in pain or fear. It does not matter because we are all part of the one Sonship.
The more I awaken to Love, the more I realize I could no more leave a brother perceiving himself as lost and alone than I could leave my arm behind when I go off to work. And so as Love grows stronger in my heart, the desire to share Love with everyone grows stronger, because that is what Love does.
To be truly helpful my job is to forgive, to let go of all attachment to any form in this world. My job is to let go of any belief that separation is real. This letting go comes with willingness. As I am willing to look at each limiting belief and bring it to the Holy Spirit, I receive His clear vision. His vision shows me what is real and what is not. As I recognize the unreal, I freely lay it down. Thus I prepare an open place in my mind to receive the gift of grace, the gift of unity and freedom from all limitation.
With this release, I walk with a lighter step and a quiet smile on my face and the Love in my heart draws me to share my joy and gratitude with all my brothers. The Light I receive I am compelled to share, not by obligation, but by heart’s desire. Today I would again practice forgiveness that I might feel the release and live more fully in Light.
When I read this lesson the first time I did not feel I really understood all it had to say. So I took it an idea at a time.
I think I understand that, through forgiveness, I prepare my mind for grace. Grace is a gift from God that allows me to see a world without fear, even as I live in a world of fear. Grace allows me to recognize I am not separate, even as I seem to live a life based on separateness. Grace restores the memory of God.
The problem is, I can’t imagine this. I can’t think, “Oh, this is how it will feel!” I cannot imagine how it will feel to be without fear of any kind or to never worry about having enough money or whatever form fear takes at any particular moment.
I can imagine thinking I need money for something and being afraid I will not be able to get it and then realizing I want to forgive this thought of lack and fear. I can imagine giving this to Holy Spirit and allowing him to show me another way to see it. I can imagine doing this all day long, becoming aware of the need to forgive (myself and others) and giving it over. I can imagine as time goes on I don’t need to do this as often because I am slowly learning to live a forgiven life. I can even imagine someday I will not need to forgive anything that day. I don’t see it happening today, but…
I am grateful for this process. Taking this one step at a time is something I can see myself succeeding at. I truly believe that, as I continue to allow Holy Spirit to heal my mind, I go ever forward until, someday, I will reach a state that today I can’t even imagine.
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“Live each moment completely and the future
will take care of itself. Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each moment.” 
― Paramahansa Yogananda
Robert H. ‘Dr. Bob’ Smith continued
We three worked with scores of others. Many were called but mighty few chosen; failure was our daily companion. But when I left Akron in September, 1935, two or three more sufferers had apparently linked themselves to us for good.
The next two years marked the “flying blind” period of our pioneering time. With the fine instinct of that good physician he was, Dr. Bob continued to medically treat and indoctrinate every new case, first at Akron City hospital then for the dozen years since at famed St. Thomas where thousands passed under his watchful eye and sure AA touch. Though not of his faith, the Staff and Sisters there did prodigies. Theirs is one of the most compelling examples of love and devotion we AAs have ever witnessed. Ask the thousands of AA visitors and patients who really know. Ask them what they think of Sister Ignatia, of St. Thomas. Or of Dr. Bob. But I’m getting ahead of my story.
Meanwhile a small group had taken shape in New York. The Akron meeting at T. Henry’s home began to have a few Cleveland visitors. At this juncture I spent a week visiting Dr. Bob. We commenced to count noses. Out of hundreds of alcoholics, how many had stuck? How many were sober? And for how long? In that fall of 1937 Bob and I counted forty cases who had significant dry time–maybe sixty years for the whole lot of them! Our eyes glistened. Enough time had elapsed on enough cases to spell out something quite new, perhaps something great indeed. Suddenly the ceiling went up. We no longer flew blind. A beacon had been lighted. God had shown alcoholics how it might be passed from hand to hand. Never shall I forget that great and humbling hour of realization, shared with Dr. Bob.
But the new realization faced us with a great problem, a momentous decision. It had taken nearly three years to effect forty recoveries. The United States alone probably had a million alcoholics. How were we to get the story to them? Wouldn’t we need paid workers, hospitals of our own, lots of money? Surely we must have some sort of a textbook. Dare we crawl at a snail’s pace whilst our story got garbled and mayhap thousands would die? What a poser that was!
How we were spared from professionalism, wealth, and extensive property management; how we finally came up with the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” is a story by itself. But in this critical period it was Dr. Bob’s prudent counsel which so often restrained us from rash ventures that might have retarded us for years, perhaps ruined us for good. Nor can we ever forget the devotion of Dr. Bob and Jim S. (who passed away last summer) as they gathered stories for the AA Book, three-fifths of them coming from Akron alone. Dr. Bob’s special fortitude and wisdom were prime factors in that time so much characterized by doubt, and finally by grave decision.
Ron Richey
545 Queen St. #701
Honolulu, Hi 96813

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