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Eye Opener (1950)
By the grace of God, we alcoholics have acquired certain characteristics that have made us beneficial to the earth. We have become, in fact, the salt of the earth.
If, however, we hoard our savoir to ourselves and fail to recognize our responsibility to distribute it to those portions of the earth that need it, then have we indeed lost our savoir and it is good for nothing but to be cast out and to be trodden underfoot of men.
Nothing is a blessing unless we put it to some constructive use. The wealth of the world is useless to a starving man on an uninhabited and barren island.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“The usual kind of life on earth is futile, 
but only because we have not as yet
 found our cosmic purpose.”
 Cosmic Command, # 21
Twenty Four Hours A Day JUNE 29, 1016
Thought for the Day 
The program of Alcoholics Anonymous involves a continuous 
striving for improvement. There can be no long resting 
period. We must try to work at it all the time. We must 
continually keep in mind that it is a program not to be 
measured in years, because we never fully reach our goals 
nor are we ever cured. Our alcoholism is only kept in 
abeyance by daily living of the program. It is a timeless 
program in every sense. We live it day by day, or more 
precisely, moment by moment – now. Am I always striving 
for improvement? 
Meditation for the Day 
Life is all a preparation for something better to come. 
God has a plan for your life and it will work out, if you 
try to do His will. God has things planned for you, far 
beyond what you can imagine now. But you must prepare 
yourself so that you will be ready for the better things 
to come. Now is the time for discipline and prayer. The 
time of expression will come later. Life can be flooded 
through and through with joy and gladness. So prepare
yourself for those better things to come. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may prepare myself for better things that 
God has in store for me. I pray that I may trust God for 
the future.
There is always more good than bad in people, 
and seeing the good tends to bring it forth. 
The science of Mind page 298 
The ego is a self-justifying historian, 
which seeks only that information 
that agrees with it, 
rewrites history when it needs to, 
and does not even see
the evidence that threatens it.
–Anthony G. Greenwald
Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 179 Insights
“God is but Love and therefore so am I.”
“There is one life, and that I share with God.
Your grace is given me. I claim it now.”
If my real Life I share with God, then my real Life must be an eternal Life of Love. A ‘life’ of judgment and fear, guilt and loss cannot be real. What I have been thinking as living all my life cannot be real and can never be fulfilling. I was created as Love and given the purpose of extending Love. Only fulfilling my purpose can bring me happiness. So if I want happiness, my only job is to extend Love. That is all that ever happens in reality.
But because I have made illusions in my mind, they interfere with my awareness of reality. Forgiveness is the means by which I let go of the interference so that I can experience God’s Life of Love that is mine in truth. Each time I am able to release a moment of frustration, recognizing that it had no cause, I open my awareness more to my Life of Love.
Each time I am able to take a long-standing resentment to the Holy Spirit and receive His gift of vision that shows me it had no cause, I move another step closer to full awareness of my Life of Love. Forgiveness gives me the gift of Life. By God’s grace, all the illusions I have made cannot change the reality that my Life is Love and nothing else. Forgiveness is the means by which I accept His grace. In every moment I have the opportunity to let go of the past and be free to live my real Life.
Holy Spirit, I give my mind to you today to guide and protect with the power of your Love. I ask your help to recognize my mistaken ideas that interfere with my awareness of true Life. Separation and individuality are not Life. But I have thought they were. I need your help, Holy Spirit, to recognize the illusions I have made for what they are. I am willing to be taught. I am willing to let illusions go and receive the gift of Life, long since given and mine now. Thank you Holy Spirit for your comfort, your strength and your sure direction.

Thoughts are rivers flowing from the reservoir of spirit.
To connect your life with spirit is the most important duty. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 
With me along some Strip of Herbage strewn
That just divides the desert from the sown,
Where name of Slave and Sultan scarce is known,
And pity Sultan Mahmud on his Throne.
Ron Richey
439 Nahua Street #2
Honolulu, Hi 96815

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