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“To what extent I was personally responsible for my drinking, I don’t know. Yet I’m not one to take complete refuge in the idea that I was a sick man only. In earlier years, I certainly had some degree of free will. That free will I used badly, to the great misery of my mother and countless others. I am deeply ashamed. As one who knows me a little, you may have heard how, ten years ago, a friend, himself a liberated alcoholic, came to me bearing the light which finally led me out of the toils. There will come a day like that for you and yours–I’m so confident!”
Bill W., Letter to the Mother of an Alcoholic, 
Dec.   Language of the Heart, p. 102
Thought to Consider . . .
It’s impossible for me to love God and hate myself.
ISM = I, Self, Me
“Take as your powerful thought that 
the way out of the human jungle exists!”
Cosmic Command, # 686
Having learned to live so happily, we’d show everyone else
how. . . . Yes, we of A.A. did dream those dreams. How
natural that was, since most alcoholics are bankrupt
idealists. . . . So why shouldn’t we share our way of life
with everyone?
The great discovery of sobriety led me to feel the need to
spread the “good news” to the world around me. The
grandiose thoughts of my drinking days returned. Later, I
learned that concentrating on my own recovery was a fulltime
process. As I became a sober citizen in this world, I
observed a rippling effect which, without any conscious
effort on my part, reached any “related facility or outside
enterprise,” without diverting me from my primary purpose
of staying sober and helping other alcoholics to achieve

Such an understanding teaches us that there can never come a time when we shall stop progressing, that age is an illusion, that limitation is a mistake, that unhappiness is ignorance. We cannot be afraid when we know the truth. The greatest good accompanying such an understanding of truth will be the elimination of fear.
This understanding will rob us of our loneliness and give us a sense of security which knows no fear, a peace without which no life can be happy, a poise which is founded on this peace, and a power which is the result of the union of peace with poise.
Ernest Holmes

“Myths are what remain once the history of an event has been forgotten or lost to time. Myths are like the memory of one’s first crush; the pain and longing one felt at that time is forgotten, but the warmth and sweetness of romance lives on, probably even magnified, larger in the imagination than it was in reality.” 
― Shatrujeet Nath

I feel like a Pioneer, I’m waiting for the rest of my family to inquire. 

“Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being. If not, leave this gathering. Half-heartedness doesn’t reach into majesty.” 
― Jalaluddin Rumi, The Essential Rumi


ACIM Workbook Lesson 178 Insights
Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”
“Let not my mind deny the Thought of God. I am entrusted with the gifts of God.
Since God is but Love, the Thought of God must be Love. Thus today’s lesson is reminding me to not deny Love. Since God is but Love, His gifts must be gifts of Love. Because Love always extends Itself, when I am entrusted with God’s gift of Love, God has full confidence in me to extend that Love. That is what the Son of God does. The one Son of God is Love’s extension and is given God’s full creative ability to extend that Love.
As I practice letting go of denying Love, which means looking at my barriers to Love and taking them to the Holy Spirit to be removed, I will see Love has always been there. It is I who have hidden it from my awareness. I am being asked here to lay down all resistance to being as I was created.
It is time to let go of the search for specialness and join with my real Identity, God’s Love. This is where my real happiness lies. This is where I find joyous fulfillment and deep gratitude. I ask the Holy Spirit for His vision and I see the Light of Christ shining in the faces of all my brothers. I feel the joy of being with friends everywhere. There are no enemies, no adversaries, no competitors. Only precious companions along a path of Light.
Happiness is found in sharing the journey of awakening. Happiness is found in seeing a brother recognize his Light, as I recognize mine. Gratitude is multiplied each time a shadow of guilt is forgiven and the Light of Love is released to be Itself.
Holy Spirit, help me to lay aside all judgments today and see the Light of Love everywhere I look. Help me to bless as I have been blessed by Your holy Presence in my mind.
Dear God, let me not deny Your oneness today. I open to Your Thoughts today. I open to Your Love. These are Your gifts and I would accept them today. Your gifts are all I have. Your gifts are all I am. There is no opposite to Your Love and I would remember that today.
“Only precious companions along a path of light.” That is going to be my guide today. What a perfect thought to direct my actions. How can I be angry or frustrated with others if I see them as my precious companions? How can I feel lonely when I am literally surrounded by precious companions.
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The greatest insult to the soul
Hope is the eternal light on the dark pathway the soul must travel in its journey back to God. Human beings hope and try for a while, but if they fail repeatedly, they cease to hope and become despondent. To kill hope with despondency is to hide your divine identity in an animal mask of limitation. The greatest insult to the soul is to label it with the consciousness of final despondency.
Paramahansa Yogananda

About Ernest Holmes part 7
The majority of the following material on the life of Ernest Holmes was gathered from a booklet entitled, Path of Discovery written by Rev. Scott Awbrey ( and published by United Church of Religious Science and used with permission

When Ernest Holmes read Emerson’s Essay on Spiritual Laws he began to understand the true meaning of the soul. “There is an essence in each of us that remains pure and untouched, that can know neither deformity or pain. Only the finite can suffer for the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.”
“When we have destroyed the God of the intellect and broken with the God of tradition, then God fills us with His Presence.” Stop defining God and simply let God be God in you.
And so from Emerson, Holmes embodied these three ideas.
1. We are our own spiritual authority.
2. There is a Godlike Essence in every person.
3. There is some kind of connection between our thoughts and what happens to us.
Later on the thoughts of Ernest Holmes were also influenced by the writings of Troward, Plotinus, William James, P.P. Quimby, Mary Baker Eddy, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Walt Whitman, Meister Eckhart, St. Augustine, St. Teresa, Rufus Jones, Evelyn Underhill, Kipling, Wordsworth, Robert Browning and Sri Aurobindo.
In 1908, because of his great love for reading and speaking, Ernest Holmes enrolled in the Leland Powers School of Public Expression in Boston. Mrs. Powers, wife of the school’s founder, was a Christian Scientist and a reader in a Boston church. Ernest attended the church to hear her read and he became interested in the Christian Science philosophy. What most intrigued him was their concept of prayer. Although he agreed with much of the Christian Science philosophy, there were a number of things about the organization that he could not accept.
1. The belief that the physical universe is not real. Science of Mind teaches that the physical universe is real but is a derived reality, an effect emanating from the true reality of Spirit.
2. The unique spiritual authority of Mary Baker Eddy. Science of Mind teaches that every person has the ability to reveal spiritual truth, Ernest said, “No one whispered any revelation into my ear that is not available to every person.”
3. The idea of “mental malpractice”. Science of Mind teaches positive prayer and believes no one can do mental harm to anyone who is focused on the goodness of God.
4.  The authoritarian nature of the organization and the rigidity in its publications. Science of Mind is “open at the top”, always ready to receive new truth and new information about our world.
Ernest Holmes never became a Christian Scientist, but he did read the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and began developing his own ideas about prayer, realizing that the answer to prayer lies in the mental attitude of the one who prays. “It is not God’s Mind that needs to be changed, but ours,” Ernest Holmes said. “God is to be looked upon as Love, impartial and universal; He answers all who pray with real faith, not in God alone but faith in the answer as well.”
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