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 Eye Opener (1950)
Love is as necessary to a human being as sunshine is to a plant. Without it, the soul of man withers, shrivels and dies. Fortunate is the man who has love given to him, but even more fortunate is he who earns it. The only way to earn love is to love. Thou shalt love thy God with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself.
    He who hoards love shall lose it, but he who scatters love about him as he moves through life finds that it takes root and surrounds him on every side.

“There is a Higher Love waiting for you. What will you give up
in exchange for this Higher Love? What you have to sacrifice is
everything that is lower than this Higher Love.
There are hundreds, thousands of ways in which you act and react
and think and plan that you can, with strong work, detect as
 obstacles to you possessing this higher state of love, which is the
same thing as the state of authentic and lasting happiness. What
will you give up? — that’s the question, and I have given you some
of the answers, and I will tell you very specifically what you
will have to abandon in order to find the life of Higher Love.”
from a talk given 7/9/1988 AM
Twenty Four Hours A Day JUNE 8,2016
Thought for the Day 
Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. We always get worse, 
never better. We are never cured. Our alcoholism can only be 
arrested. No matter how long we have been sober, if we try 
liquor again, we’re as bad or worse than we ever were. There 
is no exception to this rule in the whole history of A.A. We 
can never recapture the good times of the past. They are gone 
forever. Will I try to recapture them? 
Meditation for the Day 
Your life has been given to you mainly for the purpose of 
training your soul. This life we live is not so much for the 
body as for the soul. We often choose the way of life that best 
suits the body, not the way that best suits the soul. God wants 
you to choose what suits the soul as well as the body. Accept 
this belief and a wonderful molding of character is the result. 
Reject it and God’s purpose for your life is frustrated, and 
your spiritual progress is delayed. Your soul is being trained 
by the good you choose. Thus the purpose of your life is being 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may choose what is good for my soul. I pray that 
I may realize God’s purpose for my life. 
The greatest good which I (an individual’s) mind is able 
to conceive should be affirmed as part of (the individual’s) 
everyday experience. 
The science of Mind page 168 

BB We Agnostics, p.56  
“Who are you to say there is no God?”
I called through your door,
 “the Mystics are gathering in the street. 
Come out!”
“Leave me alone. I’m sick.” 
“I don’t care if you’re dead! 
Jesus is here, 
and he wants to resurrect somebody!” 
Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)
ACIM Workbook Lesson 159 Insights
“I give the miracles I have received.”
Before I can give a miracle, I must receive a miracle. Receiving a miracle is receiving Christ’s vision. Christ’s vision provides the bridge by which my mind, which has been lost in separation, is returned back to the truth. Christ’s vision brings an awareness of the truth of the Light behind every form. Christ’s vision reminds me all is still as God created It. All are innocent. All are still Love in the Mind of God.
Christ’s vision is the gift of the Holy Spirit. To receive Christ’s vision I must be open to receiving the truth and willing to let go of illusions. I must be willing to relax my hold on what I think is real. I must be willing to soften and allow the miracle to be given me. I must be open to Holy Spirit’s healing perspective. The Holy Spirit heals all thoughts of lack, sickness, division or differences of any kind. The Holy Spirit brings me peace and a remembrance of the everlasting Love we all are.
With practice, my willingness is growing day by day to be open to receive the miracle of Christ’s vision from the Holy Spirit. There is no gift more important to receive and then give. I continue this process of practice again today, knowing that if I am truly willing I will receive Christ’s vision and I will give as I receive.
Christ’s vision is a dream of awakening, a dream of a forgiven world. It does not require that I transcend the world to receive it. But rather it is the means to transcend the world. Christ’s vision shows me a reflection of Heaven so clear that it is a simple and easy step from His vision to the reality of Heaven. As it told us in yesterday’s lesson, we can learn to see with Christ’s vision and we can teach this vision to others. In fact this is the only meaningful purpose we can have in this world.
This lesson reinforces that to know I have His vision, I must give it. The miracle is the exchange of the perception of guilt for the perception of innocence. As I see innocence in my brother, I recognize it in myself. As I see innocence in myself, I reinforce it and strengthen it by seeing it in my brother. I always receive what I give. Christ’s vision shows me the call for Love in expressions of anger and fear. It inspires me to answer the call with Love. As I answer with Love, I teach myself that I am Love and that I am safe.
The vision of Christ brings joy and peace to my heart. It shows me a world of harmlessness. It shows me the eternal Love that is everywhere, in everything and is What I am. With Christ’s vision I do not mistake the body for the Son God created. With His vision, form becomes useful only as a means to communicate that all is forgiven and only Love is real. It is a gift I give myself and all the world, for we are one. My heart is lifted in gratitude.
We are here today, tomorrow we are gone; 
mere shadows in a cosmic dream. 
But behind the unreality of these
fleeting pictures is the immortal reality of spirit.
Paramahansa Yogananda 
I called through your door,
 “the Mystics are gathering in the street. 
Come out!”
“Leave me alone. I’m sick.” 
“I don’t care if you’re dead! 
Jesus is here, 
and he wants to resurrect somebody!” 
Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)

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