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 Eye Opener (1950)
For a person to attempt to live apart from this
 world is as useless as for a drop of water to
 live apart from the ocean. God put everything in this world,
 and He takes nothing out. 
To endeavor to withdraw from the world’s activities
 is another way of fooling yourself. 
We are an influence for good or evil regardless of 
our attempts to hide from society at large.
When a rock falls from a cliff into the sea, 
it is not merely that the land is one rock less, 
it means the contour of the whole continent has changed.
 However, it is still a part of God’s Universe
 whether it can be seen by man or not.
Vernon Howard’s  SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
“The whole point is that another life exists for you.”
There is a Way Out, p. 28
Daily Reflections
MARCH 4,2017
The essence of all growth is a willingness to make a change for the better and then an unremitting willingness to shoulder whatever responsibility this entails.
— AS BILL SEES IT, p. 115
By the time I had reached Step Three I had been freed of my dependence on alcohol, but bitter experience has shown me that continuous sobriety requires continuous effort. Every now and then I pause to take a good look at my progress. More and more of my garden is weeded each time I look, but each time I also find new weeds sprouting where I thought I had made my final pass with the blade. As I head back to get the newly sprouted weed (it’s easier when they are young), I take a moment to admire how lush the growing vegetables and flowers are, and my labors are rewarded. My sobriety grows and bears fruit.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
 If we allow the world’s opinion to control our thinking 
then that will be our demonstration. 
The Science of Mind page 301 
I can only love myself as much as I believe I am lovable. 
Ala-non member

 I didn’t get to hear what I needed to say
 so that I could do what I had to do.

Even in a world that’s being shipwrecked,
remain brave and strong.

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, 
how to make poems. 
You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you,
 but sometimes I do, and that light becomes this art. 
~Rumi, as interpreted by Coleman Barks

ACIM Workbook Lesson 63 Insights
“The light of the world brings peace to every mind
through my forgiveness.”
I have a mighty function here and that is to accept salvation, that I might extend it to the world. This is my function — to accept salvation. This means accepting a correction in my perception. This means being willing to hand over every illusion that I think is real, every problem that I think is real, to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows how to correct my perception, I do not. If I believe that a world of separation is real, I have placed myself in hell — not in reality, but I am dreaming of being in hell. The only way out of hell is to accept salvation.
The undoing of dreams is done by the Holy Spirit. To do this, I must be willing to quiet my mind and listen. I must be willing to be led. I need to practice this with every situation that I appear to be in. This is accepting salvation for myself and the world, because there is no separation. God has only one Son. In the illusion it may look like many, but there is only one Mind. Today I practice again opening up to let my perceptions be healed. There is nothing more important. Today I am willing to quiet my mind and listen. Today I am willing to follow.
I notice that I still sometimes catch on the word salvation. Old meanings from the past that I was not comfortable with still seem to have a residual presence. When that happens it is helpful for me to remind myself that the Course equates salvation with happiness. In fact it says that whatever I think will bring me happiness is what I think my salvation is. As long as I think any form in this world will bring me happiness, will save me, I remain stuck. I am looking for happiness where it cannot be found. Yet God gave us all of His joy when He created us as an extension of Himself. His joy is there for me to receive in every instant, but as long as I look for happiness where it cannot be found, I won’t know I already have it.
Recently I looked in a dresser drawer that I seldom look in. I discovered a sweater that I forgot I had. I just hadn’t looked where it could be found. With our focus on the forms of this world, we have put God’s joy in a drawer that we don’t look in. Its always there, ready for us. We just need to look where it can be found.
For guidance to look in the right place, we need to turn to the Holy Spirit. He will help us let go of the illusions where we have looked for happiness. He will help us forgive them so that we can receive the joy of God that is ever present. That is how I uncover my Light and become an example of God’s joy in the world. That is how I bring salvation to the world. As I let the peace and joy of God shine through me, I see the world filled with joy and peace. Hell is gone. Only Love remains. Today I dedicate myself to the practice of forgiveness that I may shine the peace and joy of God upon the world.
I found out last night that someone at work that I like was fired. At one time I would have been very upset about this and looked for someone to be angry with. Now I realize that being fired from a job she was not good at frees her to move on to something she was meant to do. This is true even if she doesn’t realize it yet. This job is not her salvation and not her happiness and so I have no reason to feel sorry for her or to be mad at anyone.
Another reason I wasn’t upset was because I didn’t immediately go into fear thinking that if she could be fired, so could I. Just that quick I could find myself without a job. I don’t want to be fired and if I were, I would go through a certain amount of fear, perhaps, but I just don’t entirely believe in the illusion that my salvation lies in this job. I look forward to this lesson reinforcing what I have learned about salvation.
I want the joy of forgiveness and so I am willing to receive the joy of forgiveness. I am willing to see the loveliness of forgiveness.
Holy Spirit, I ask for this alone. In the asking, there is trust in the certainty of receiving. I am willing to let go of my illusion of hurt and pain. I am willing to see others in the Light with me. I hold them in the Light with You. Holy Spirit, take it all and show me heaven where we are all One in Love, where there is no lack, where we are all healed and whole. Help me let go of attachments to earthly things that lead to the illusion of loss once taken. Help me see they are as nothing and that forgiveness is everything.
I long for the joy and beauty of forgiveness. It is mine already, I know, but I cannot get there without Your help. I trust in Your help. I trust in Your guidance. I trust in Love. I trust in Oneness. Grant me the blessing of healing my mind today. Let me see anew peace and joy everywhere, in all persons and circumstances. Let it be mine today. Amen
This is a reply I received to my prayer:
You will see the joy of forgiveness. It is yours for the asking. It is everyone’s for the asking. There is no lovelier sight than the beauty of the Oneness, where all are God’s Child, pure, sweet, innocent, whole, needing nothing but the Oneness.
Focus on receiving this sight. Allow it to flow into your beingness. I will help you. It is My joy to help you see joy. I love you. I love your willingness. In that you will find all that you seek. Rest in the comfort of knowing that I attend you, I complete your journey. I see to it that all is well, nothing is lost, all is gained. I give you rest. I give you healing. I give you love and joy. I give you all you need. You are whole again. Share your wholeness. Share my gift to you. This is all I ask in return. This is the peace that heals all minds.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
God doesn’t readily respond to us, because we are shy before Him…. 
don’t be afraid of Him. Call Him your own and pursue him unceasingly, 
in thought and in action, and you should find Him to be the greatest haven of safety.
Paramahansa Yogananda

Those who allow themselves to be caught by human beauty
imprison themselves through the sense of sight-“whipped”  
as a certain saint described a certain young man, 
” by the lash of a beautiful face.
Quatrain 19 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
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