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Step Three: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives
over to the care of God as we understood Him
“Isn’t it true that in all matters touching upon alcohol, each of them has decided to turn his or her life over to the care, protection, and guidance of Alcoholics Anonymous? Already a willingness has been achieved to cast out one’s own will and one’s own ideas about the alcohol problem in favor of those suggested by A.A. A willing newcomer feels sure A.A. is the only safe harbor for the foundering vessel he has become. Now if this is not turning one’s will and life over to a newfound Providence, then what is it?”
1952, AAWS, Inc.; Printed 2005
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, pg. 35
“There is definitely a part of you that is superior to all confusion
and that part is superior to it right now. That part is called a wish
to understand. But this part which wishes to understand confusion is
blocked in its operation as long as you take comfort and refuge in
your confusion – the confusion you claim to want to end. Think deeply
about the following principles: I just said that you want to find
comfort and refuge in your confusion. Already we have acquired new
and helpful knowledge about your mental fog. We have seen that you
claim to want to end it, yet you also don’t want to end it, for it
has a false value to you. The false value is that it permits you to
remain spiritually lazy, requires no new effort, allows you to drift
through your day with the same old familiar thoughts and feelings
and acts.”
The Answer, Letter 2, p. 10
The Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity to
Accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And the Wisdom to know the difference.
We were now at Step Three.
 Many of us said to our Maker, as we understood Him:
“God, I offer myself to Thee – to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Relieve me of the 
bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them 
may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. May I do Thy 
will always!”
We thought well before taking this step making sure we were ready; that we could at last abandon 
ourselves utterly to Him. 
Seventh Step Prayer
-The Seventh Step Prayer is from page 76. The Big Book
   When ready, we say something like this:
“My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad. I pray that you now 
remove from me every single defect of character which stands in the way of my usefulness to you 
and my fellows. Grant me strength, as I go out from here, to do your bidding. Amen.”
We have then completed Step Seven.
-(Both derived from page 86 in the Big Book)
St Francis Prayer
-From Chapter 11 of “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”
“Lord, make me a channel of they peace,
that where there is hatred, I may bring love;
that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness;
that where there is discord, I may bring harmony
that where there is error, I may bring truth;
that where there is doubt, I may bring faith;
that where there is despair, I may bring hope;
that where there are shadows, I may bring light;
that where there is sadness, I may bring joy.
Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted;
to understand, than to be understood;
to love, than to be loved.
For it is by self-forgetting that one finds.
It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.
It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life.”                        
St. Francis Assisi (1182-1228).
“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it” 
Ernest Holmes
I have to learn how to keep my feet on the ground and
not get carried away with fanciful  daydreaming about 
fixing the world around me.
“When I dig another out of trouble, 
the hole from which I lift him is the 
place where I bury my own.” 
–Chinese proverb
“Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being.
Halfheartedness does not reach into majesty.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 130 Insights
“It is impossible to see two worlds.”
To the ego It is frightening to be told that there is nothing of value in this world. When we identify with the ego thought system this brings up feelings of despair, depression, anguish and loss of all hope. The ego responds with the idea, “If there is nothing of value in this world, why go on living?” It may even offer a typically insane solution by suggesting to just end it all by killing the body.
Since it is impossible to see two worlds, the ego’s reaction to the idea that this world has no value is inevitable. The ego cannot see the real world, where all true value lies. Having made only the valueless, the ego’s only hope is to give value to empty forms so that they might seem real. The ego defends these empty forms because they are the basis of its existence. They all represent the core idea that separation and differences are real. Without this, the ego ceases to exist.
Thankfully, we are not left with simply being told there is no value in this world. We are offered the means by which to see the world in which real value and all meaning lie. We are also told that God offers us His strength to help us see this world. We not only don’t have to do it alone, but we are not alone. What is offered us here is a gift so magnificent that when we recognize it fully, we will drop all ego values with utter relief and without hesitation.
It is the process of exchanging the empty values we have given this world for the value of the real world that gives meaning now to our daily life. Each time we are able to see a glimmer of Light in a brother we called enemy, we move a step closer to experiencing the profound joy of remembering our Self, which has never forgotten the real world. This is the way out of the dream of death. This is how we return to the awareness of our eternal Life in God. This is how we find the perfect happiness that brings the end of all despair, dismay and depression.
Every day is now a gift, an opportunity to remove one more barrier to the awareness of Love’s presence, an opportunity to extend Love and therefore experience Love’s Reality. Depression is replaced by joy, conflict is replaced by peace and fear is replaced by love. This is the benefit of asking for God’s strength to help us see the real world and release us from the world we truly do not want. It offers us the real world which lies at the gate of Heaven. Our only function now is to let go of all those false ideas, not in fear nor despair nor hopelessness, but in joy and safety and trust that here we find Home, knowing that we prepare ourselves for God’s gentle Hand to lift us back to Heaven.
Jesus reminds us in this lesson that this world was made by fear. It is a world of separation, which is insane. Sanity comes with return to the awareness of oneness. Sanity comes with being willing to open to the strength of God, which helps us let go of seeing any value in this world of separation.
Opening to God’s strength is the only way out of this fearful world we made. Trusting in the strength of God instead of trusting in the answers this world provides gives us the eternal answer. Putting our belief in separate bodies just prolongs the insanity. Opening to God’s strength helps us see the eternal Love and Light that lie beyond the mask of the body.
Frequently today my job is to open to God’s strength. It is only through the strength of God that I am able to see past the fearful images belief in separation evokes. Jesus tells me God will be there. God’s strength and peace are mine. My job is to have an accepting, open mind to make room for the truth. This is my job today.
My ego certainly doesn’t want this. As the realization of what this lesson learned would mean to me dawned on my mind, my ego started shrieking objections. The loudest was that I could never in this lifetime do this. There is no hope of accomplishing perception entirely based on love; I should just give up.
It is good news that I do not accept what my ego is saying. I am not totally unaffected by the fear and doubt it raises, but I am unwilling to accept defeat. I will practice the lesson all day. I will keep doing the lessons every day. No matter what the appearances, I will not quit. I feel relief that I am not unsupported in my efforts, that there is a Higher Power guiding me. I really believe that Spirit will prevail and that belief brings me hope and comfort.
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Door of my heart, open wide I keep for Thee….
Night and day, night and day, I look for Thee night and day.” —
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