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Eye Opener (1950)
Man is a pretty smart duck, but after all these centuries of study, experimentation and reasoning, we still don’t know what we are, where our life came from or what happens to it when we die. True, we have certain faiths and beliefs, but who can say with certainty and with personal knowledge exactly what the answer to the Great Enigma really is?
We have unlocked many of the secrets of Nature, but we still don’t know what we are, how we got here or where we will go when we leave.
God still has many secrets. If man knew them all, there would be no incentive to know God better.

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
“Of all the terms which describe man’s difficulty, the term
_self-defeating_ is of maximum help. The aim of all the great
teachers, like Christ and Buddha, was to awaken men to their
self-defeating behavior. This phrase helps men to connect
cause and effect, to see how their own negative thoughts
produce disastrous consequences. This is a positive revel-
ation, for a glimpse of self-defeating behavior as self-
defeating always includes its opposite-a first glimpse of
self-favoring ways.”
Twenty Four Hours A Day MAY 1,2016
Thought for the Day
The A.A. program is one of charity because the real meaning of the word charity is to care enough about other people to really want to help them. To get the full benefit of the program, we must try to help other alcoholics. We may try to help somebody and think we have failed, but the seed we have planted may bear fruit some time. We never know the results even a word of ours might have. But the main thing is to have charity for others, a real desire to help them, whether we succeed or not. Do I have real charity?
Meditation for the Day
All material things, the universe, the world, even our bodies, may be Eternal Thought expressed in time and space. The more the physicists and astronomers reduce matter, the more it becomes a mathematical formula, which is thought. In the final analysis, matter is thought. When Eternal Thought expresses itself within the framework of space and time, it becomes matter. Our thoughts, within the box of space and time, cannot know anything firsthand, except material things. But we can deduce that outside the box of space and time is Eternal Thought, which we can call God.
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may be a true expression of Eternal Thought. I pray that God’s thoughts may work through my thoughts.

I am still and receptive to Life.
I let Life flow through me into
 all that I do, say or think. 
The science of mind page 255

It will become more and more evident as we go forward that it is pointless 
to become angry, or to get hurt by people who, like us, are suffering from 
the pains of growing up.
— Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions, page 92
He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget 
falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, 
comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.
— Aeschylus
 May I recognize angry feelings and let them out a little at a time, stating 
my anger as fact, instead of allowing it to fester into rage and explode 
— A Day at a time

Whatever purifies you is the right path.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 121 Insights
“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.”
  Forgiveness is letting the veil of separation be lifted from my mind. If the veil of separation is not lifted, I will focus on what bodies do and say. I will focus on individual identities separated and alone. I will think that this is true and real. Forgiveness helps me learn to look past the illusions of separation. Forgiveness helps me look past the belief in sin and death.
  I learn forgiveness from my true Self. As I am willing to receive the truth, my true Self lifts the veil of separation from my mind. And then I am able to see the Light behind the isolated separated forms. I am able to see the Light behind the fearful behavior. And as I continue to practice this, it teaches me to find the Light behind my separate identity.
  Only my true Self can lift the veil. My separated mind only knows of separation and teaches only this. My true Self teaches me to look for and find the Light of God That is behind every false image of separation. My true Self teaches me that this alone brings me true lasting happiness. It releases me from fear. It releases me from believing in death or that anyone could be harmed. It releases me from the false mind which always looks for guilt.
Behold the altar of God in the stars, beneath the earth, and behind the throb of your feelings. He, the neglected reality, is hidden everywhere.
Paramahansa Yogananda

Whatever purifies you is the right path.

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