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Eye Opener (1950)
The reasoning of the practicing alcoholic is in such
 foul shape that he is apt to take any attitude on
 the drinking question and usually does.
It is unreasonable to expect them to view their
 own or anyone else’s sobriety in a rational way.
 Naturally plain common sense is not possible
 in the midst of an alcoholic fog,
 but why – oh, why – do so many practicing alcoholics,
 including slipees, invariably persist in looking for the 
most insecure member of AA in their quest for a drinking partner?
If you are homesick for the gutter, go on back to it. 
But don’t take anyone with you.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE   
“We must first get to the wrong point before we can get to the
right point. Getting to the wrong point means to see that a
difficulty exists, to see the actual reason for the shaky nerves,
for the sudden crisis that you didn’t expect, for any problem at
all. We must, therefore, put our attention altogether on what is
wrong. If we don’t do that we will be in evasion over the cause,
which is always a self-cause, and try to hide our self-responsi-
bility behind words, behind tricks, to try to tell other people
that, ‘I’m not wrong, circumstances were,’ or whatever.”
from a talk given 12/21/1986
Twenty Four Hours A Day MAY 3,2016
Thought for the Day
A.A. teaches us to take it easy. We learn how to relax and to stop worrying about the past or the future, to give up our resentments and hates and tempers, to stop being critical of people, and to try to help them instead. That’s what “Easy Does It” means. So in the time that’s left to me to live, I’m going to try to take it easy, to relax and not to worry, to try to be helpful to others, and to trust God. For what’s left of my life, is my motto going to be “Easy Does It”? 
Meditation for the Day
I must overcome myself before I can truly forgive other people for injuries done to me. The self in me cannot forgive injuries. The very thought of wrongs means that my self is in the foreground. Since the self cannot forgive, I must overcome my selfishness. I must cease trying to forgive those who fretted and wronged me. it is a mistake for me even to think about these injuries. I must aim at overcoming myself in my daily life and then I will find there is nothing in me that remembers injury, because the only thing injured, my selfishness, is gone. 
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may hold no resentments. I pray that my mind may be washed clean of all past hates and fears.
A constant realization of the presence
of spirit will provide a sense of divine 
companionship that no other attitude could produce. 
It is scientific to consciously let go of all your troubles.
It is most unwise to hold them.
The Science of Mind page 502 
“Growth takes place in a person by working at a
deep inner level in a sustained atmosphere of silence.”
— Dr. Ira Progoff

 I don’t even know if I am or I am not. 
When I think I am, I find myself worthless, 
when I think I am not, I find my value. 
Like my thoughts, I die and Rise Again each day.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 123 Insights
“I thank my Father for His gifts to me.”
  One of the sentences that stood out to me in this lesson is “give thanks as well that you are changeless.” This means that the only part of me that is real is changeless Love. This also means that the only part of everyone in this world that is real is the changeless Love, as God created them. This makes everything very simple. All the complications of this world disappear. There is only one reality. Everyone in this whole world is still as God created them.
   There are no differences or distance between people of any kind. We are still one Self, joined in the Mind of God. We are still the same Light of Love, joy and peace as we were created. Nothing has changed that reality. Anything else is meaningless illusion. This certainly simplifies my “life.” My only real life is the life I live in God, and that has never changed. For this I am grateful. God’s gifts to me and everyone, the whole Sonship, are eternal. God’s gift of extending eternal Love never ends.
Whenever your mind wanders, in the maze of Worldly thoughts,
patiently lead it back to remembrance of the indwelling Lord. 
Paramahansa Yogananda


 I don’t even know if I am or I am not. 
When I think I am, I find myself worthless, 
when I think I am not, I find my value. 
Like my thoughts, I die and Rise Again each day.

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