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Honolulu folks –> Join us for meditation tomorrow, Thursday 8/4/16, at our place, 3241 Alani Drive, in Manoa, at the usual time: 6 to 7:30 PM. If you have a meditation cushion please bring; if not, no worries. The front door opens at 5:50.

Note: We will be having a very special guest teacher, the Buddhist nun Karma Lekshe Tsomo tomorrow, August 4, 2016, leading our meditation and giving a special workshop-style presentation on  Listening with Love and Compassion” an interactive evening exploring deep listening skills. 

The following week, Thursday August 11, Karma Lekshe Tsomo will speak on “Crisis as Opportunity“. Please try to make it for one or both of these very special evenings with this very warm and engaging teacher!

Dear friends,
Meditation can be very, very boring.
There. I said it. Now we can proceed.

It’s not like, after x number of years of practice a magic space opens up, after which meditation ceases to elicit feelings of boredom.

It’s not like, after sitting x number of retreats you traverse a spiritual portal, beyond which you are bathed in an altered state of bliss forever.

Ok, sometimes magical stuff happens and we are swept away into a blazing ball of immeasurable, unspeakable happiness, but it never lasts.

Most of the time you are just as you are right now.

Maybe a little bored with how this post is going, maybe not sure you want to read further.

Most of our time is spent wanting certain things or not wanting certain things – objects, mental states, financial status, being in or out of love, ya?

Meditation offers us the chance to see all this going on amidst the “subconscious gossip” (as Chogyam Trungpa once called it) – a kind of continual stream of thought fragments, opinions, the rarely reasoned likes and dislikes coursing through our veins, and to some degree, running our lives.

Boredom is just one species of not liking what is (or is not) happening now. It’s the two-toed sloth of this species, being rather indolent and passive, as compared to the more acting out cousins of road rage and temper tantrums.

But on closer examination through the lens of meditation there is, in a sense, no such thing as boredom.

Boredom is only another name for a certain species of frustration, as Susan Sontag points out.

Because boredom is really a kind of restlessness.

Boredom is not about the absence of interesting things to watch on our phone as we wait at the dentist’s office.  With enough meditation under our belt, watching paint dry can be fascinating, as Howard Cohn observed in one of his talks.

“Trust me, I’ve done it” he adds, confidently.

Here’s the deal.

I have dabbled in esoteric and wildly fascinating shamanic and tantric practices. I have sat at the feet of incredibly magnetic teachers in the East.

But good old boring meditation practice has been way more meaningful.

Seeing clearly, hanging out in the present moment-space, being with restlessness, agitation, doubt, sleepiness, dullness, sloth and torpor, all the rest of it, the classic “hindrances,” has been personally more liberating than the light shows and marvels of the esoteric practices.

Many folks stop meditating precisely because they don’t appreciate the spiritual gifts of boredom.

It’s just too damn boring to keep on meditating.

And that’s precisely where the magic lies.

Being with this essential, inner restlessness and seeing it for what it is – just so many thoughts, body sensations, and mental imagery.

It is easy to think the absence of interesting video clips on Facebook are the problem.

But what we are enmeshed with are just the objects of our world just being there, innocently, just being what they are.

Noises are just noises, sights are the merely sights, objects are merely objects, smartphones are merely smartphones, and thoughts are just thoughts.

This is what “boring” meditation magic reveals.

This essential innocence.

Try it now.

Stop trying to get anything.

Let go of wanting anything: a tasty sandwich or Snapchat, personal redemption, financial peace.

Let any inner restlessness for this moment now to be anything other than what it is relax.

What are we left with?

The invitation to radically love our life, just as it is.

This invitation is always here, just waiting for you to open it.


~ ~ ~

Upcoming Local Events


I would like to let you know of two upcoming events that might be of interest:

On Saturday, August 6 and Sunday August 7, a workshop entitled “Active Hope and The Work That Reconnects: A Workshop for Activists and Healers” based on the work of the noted Eco-Buddhist teacher and scholar Joanna Macy will be taught be presented by Joanna Macyʻs assistant Anne Symens-Bucher and Lizabeth Kashinsky in Honolulu.

Being personally familiar with Joanna Macy’s work, I wholeheartedly encourage folks to check this one out – at

Space is limited. For inquiries, please email Lizabeth Kashinsky or call 808-285-4578. Cost is sliding scale $60-$80 total for both days. Due to the workshop material, you must be able to attend both days.


I also want to bring to your attention a new monthly Meetup Group: Ram Dass Honolulu Meetup! Cultivating the Courage to Love.

Many of who have been meditating for some time know and recognize the spiritual genius and legacy of Ram Dass, and for you this needs no introduction.

For others, just stop by and check it out.

The first meeting will be Thursday,  August 18, 2016, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Magic Island #36 @ the Giant Banyon Tree.

The intention for this meetup is to create a space for people to gather and share their curiosity of life under the umbrella of Ram Dass’ teachings and the unconditional love of Neem Karoli Baba.

To get more info and RSVP, contact  Hanuman das at  or Molly at

Katina and I are here to support your meditation practice in any way we can.


Tom, Katina, Uilalani and Kupaianaha Marx

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Hope to see tomorrow night 8/4/16 — and bring a friend!

Be safe, be well…  

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