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Today I had a wonderful offer to become a member of the Assistance league, a nonprofit that focuses on young people, children whose family might be in distress, homeless, single parent, or other situations that might create life problems for young folk.

I was not a good father, the disease got me while I was very young and was raised in a world of fear, anxiety, all of the defects which take hold of a child, parentless and alone in a world of adults whose only answer to a young person was ” you’re smart, you can do it.”( do what?)

As a result, I never learned a thing except how to prey on others and I did that well into my sobriety.

When asked this morning would I like to become a member, I was astounded. My ninth step amends to the world has gone on for many years, and I fled two marriages and two wonderful children and drank my ignorance into the ground, reading literature way beyond my ( and may others) ability to comprehend studying the literature of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Orage,Bennett ( my favorite) and many others too numerous to write here. I became a Sufi, with no knowledge of Sufism, an Arican, at a loss as to purpose, Nam Yo ho, all over the place, Endeavor Academy for two and a half years, A Course in Miracles) started with Meher Baba, Baba Muktananda, and way too many to remember or discuss here.It made no difference how I was accepted into the world by others, I knew that if they found out who I was they would withdraw their love from me and I would die of the most of the most terrifying thing imaginable, a broken heart. (STILL MY BIGGEST FEAR)  Reading of Christ in the Urantia book, ung with those folks for 10 years, and then one day read about Christ on the cross and how when offered a narcotized wine by a league of Jewish women, ( it was a Roman punishment) refused as he wanted to be in the human mind when He met His Heavenly Father, I flushed the booze down the toilet, and the pakalolo down the trash shoot. I realized that I wasn’t in the human Mind.God comes at strange times and is always there. July 24th, 1984.See, the reading did do some God in my life.

At one time here in the 70’s I was to be the master of ceremonies for a gathering of all of the Spiritual communities coming together as ONE., at a place in the Honolulu Zoo, and I fled that day back to Berkeley, terrified if they found out who I was, they would withdraw their love from me and that fear chased me out of the community I had come to have accepted as my own. When I joined a fellowship that said they loved me and understood my aimlessness and I now had to learn how to accept myself and help others find that love also.It has been a long and rough trip, made so by my fears and anxieties but have learned how to, in a way, deal with.Mainly calling on a Higher Power that I ran away from all of my life, fearing rejection by a God of others and having been a God, whom I make no claim to know, I remember a quote that best answers my relationship with God as I understand Him, This is by Mother Theresa and will add it now.

  Joseph Goldstein is fond of recounting that an interviewer

once asked Mother Teresa what she says to God when she prays. 

“I don’t say anything,” she replied. “I just listen.“ 

Then the interviewer asked what God says to her. 

“He doesn’t say anything,” she said. “He just listens. 

And if you don’t understand that, I can’t explain it to you.”

So today, when ask to become a member I felt a part of a wonderful organization whose goal is to help children who are being, possibly, like me, abused. I felt elated.
I remember when I wanted nothing more than to give my life to this organization who has let me volunteer my time.
The Assistance brought a little boy over from off-island who had never had a new pair of shoes
there was only one pair among three siblings.When asked what he would like, he said, a pair of shoes in a box  and he was able to go home with three pair of shoes in a boxes.

  I went into the bathroom and sobbed uncontrollably, and gave my heart to this wonderful of group of people who do so many different things for children who were raised like myself .They have asked me what I would like to do and I find that just pricing and separating and testing the many things that come in, I would stay doing what I know best and, hopefully, grow in understanding and love for a wonderful community, outside my wonderful fellowship, in helping to share as best I can, get others in our community to remember my words when they want to give to a charitable organization.There are quite a few stores on the mainland.
Thank you for helping me in my life ninth step,Ron 

Ron Richey
545 Queen St. #701
Honolulu, HI. 96813

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