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“We of A.A. are apt to brag of the virtues of our fellowship. Let us remember that none of these are earned virtues. We have been forced into them, to begin with, by the cruel lash of John Barleycorn. We have adopted these attitudes, these practices, this structure, not at first because we wished to but because we had to. And then, as time confirmed the seeming rightness of our basic principles, we began to conform because it was right to do so.” 
Bill W. c.1957 AAWS
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, p. 224 
Life didn’t end when I got sober – it started
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
A teacher addressed his students. ‘Did you examine the food you
ate today?’
 ‘Yes, sir,’ the students replied.
 ‘Did you examine the purchases you made today?’
 ‘Yes, sir.’
 ‘Did you examine the thoughts you thought today?’
 ‘No, sir.’
 ‘Why did you omit the most important examination?’
 Beginners sometimes wonder why they should bother to examine their
thoughts. How strange. No one wonders why he should examine the kind
of clothes he wears. We wear heavy or light clothing because our
physical self is related to the weather. Wrong clothing makes us
hot or cold. We should examine our passing thoughts because they
are related to the social climate. Our thinking determines our
poise or our nervousness out there. Our thoughts decide how others
will treat us, decide our choices and the pleasant or unpleasant
results of those choices. Thought-examination expels wrong thoughts,
leaving only those which harmonize perfectly with the exterior world.”
Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 61
Perhaps one of the greatest rewards of meditation and prayer is the sense of belonging that comes to us.
That’s what it is — belonging! After a session of meditation I knew that the feeling I was experiencing was a sense of belonging because I was so relaxed. I felt quieter inside, more willing to discard little irritations. I appreciated my sense of humor. What I also experience in my daily practice is the sheer pleasure of belonging to the creative flow of God’s world. How propitious for us that prayer and meditation are written right into our A.A. way of life.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
I first discovered the existence and workings of this law of attraction when I was 18. What happened was, it was my first year away from home attending college and I spent a lot of time contemplating about “Life”, and I practised the buddhist concept of mindfulness. The result was that I started to recognize synchronicities. Have you ever focused your thought on someone, and then keep running into him or her at the most unusual time and place? Or have you ever suddenly thought about someone, and then receive a letter or phone call very soon after?
What happened to me was, I wanted to meet someone I had not met for sometime, and I summoned my mental energy to that thought, and later that night I ran into that person at the supermarket. At first, I thought, what a ‘miracle’, I asked for a meeting and I got it! t was like a prayer answered.Then 2 days later, I ran into the very same person again in an ice cream shop near my house! (Note: Prior to that I had never ran into this person outside of University.) I knew it wasn’t by chance but an arranged coincidence (that’s the best definition of ‘Synchronicity’). Somehow, my focused thoughts about that person had attracted them into my experience.
If you still think it was all coincidence, let me tell you a real experience of Mark Twain (for those who don’t know who he is- he was a celebrated figure who wrote novels such as “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer”). OK, one day, Mark Twain was looking thru his house, trying to find newpaper clippings about him from a certain date. He needed them as reference for an article he was writing, but he couldn’t find them. His desire for them was so great, that he summoned his inner mind to find them for him.
A few days later, while he was walking down a busy street, someone emerged from the busy street crowd and said “Mr Clemens!” (Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Clemens). 
“Mr Clemens! I’m so glad to find you here! I am a great fan of yours and I’ve been collecting every newspaper articles about you for many years! And this morning, while in my house I had this feeling to give you some of these clippings that I think you may like to have! I was going to go to your house, but now that I run into you here…!”
He put some newspaper clippings into Mark Twain’s hand. Before Mark Twain could say anything more, the man shook his hand and left into the crowd. When Mark Twain went home to inspect the clippings that he got, he found that one of them was the very newspaper article that he had wanted so urgently days ago! This my friend, is the power of our subconscious mind and the law of attraction, if you knew how to use it.
This was exactly how I always got the exact salary offer that I conditioned my mind to accept, whenever I apply for a new job. Once, I had wanted a job that was paying $90,000, when my actual salary was not even close nor within range. I conditioned that figure in my mind for a few weeks, and at last I got a few interviews. During the interview, when I was asked how much I wanted, I said “above $80,000″, because the recruitment agent that referred me told me that position was around the $80,000 – $85,000 range. And what do I get as the first offer a few days later? Exactly what I conditioned for weeks – “$90,000″. Coincidence?
Ernest Holmes
I talked about the 13th Step which
means you get a new Harley.

A man’s homeland is wherever he prospers.

When you see anyone complaining
of such and such a person’s ill-nature and bad temper,
know that the complainant is bad-tempered,
forasmuch as he speaks ill of that bad-tempered person,
because he alone is good-tempered who is quietly forbearing
towards the bad-tempered and ill-natured.


ACIM Workbook Lesson 320 Insights
“My Father gives all power unto me.”
God is Love and within Love is all power. Love extends Itself, or all power, to all that is. All that is is Love. Love’s extension is called Creation. Love’s extension is called the Sonship. The Sonship is one; it is not many in reality. So all real power lies in Love’s oneness.
As we are willing to open to the truth, we open to all real power. As we are willing to open to the truth, we receive a correction for all our false ideas of what could never be in reality. Letting go of a false sense of power through individuality is our salvation.
Individuality is really weakness. When we think we are separate individuals, we feel vulnerable and experience guilt, fear and loss. Returning to the truth returns the awareness of all real power into our minds. As we open to the truth, we get a taste of God’s infinite peace, infinite joy and infinite strength. Love’s power lies in Love’s oneness. We are part of Love’s oneness. “My Father gives all power unto me.”
Each day my practice is to open to this power and not deny it. Each day my practice is to accept God’s Will for me. Each day my practice is to go one step further in accepting the truth.
“God’s Son is limitless.” This echo’s the same statement made in the “What is the Last Judgment” section that goes with this lesson. As God’s Son, we cannot be limited by a body. As we fully accept and recognize our Father as our Source and the Self He created as our Identity, the body ceases to have meaning and it simply fades away.
For most of us the body seems very real. We believe the body’s senses give us information about what is really happening. Yet the body is a false image and can only give false information. All that we have perceived through the body’s eyes is false. That is why forgiveness is not only possible but inevitable.
God placed in our minds the Source of true perception that is not limited by the body’s senses. It is this true perception that will set us free. It is this true perception that shows us that the Son of God is limitless. It teaches us that the Son of God is our Identity.
God’s Final Judgment is that all our false images, all our false ideas, could never be real and could have no effect on His Son, the extension of Himself. This is His grace. The terror we seem to have inflicted on ourselves could never happen. As we are willing to bring each false idea to the Holy Spirit and open our minds to His correction, we move toward the full acceptance of God’s Will for us. We open to the full acceptance of His limitless peace and limitless joy.
Let me today accept God’s gifts by bringing all my thoughts to the Holy Spirit for Him to show me what is real and what is unreal, what is true and what is false. Thus will I recognize that all God’s power is given unto me.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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The Guru’s Overwhelming Love for His Loyal Disciple
Some of you may remember Brother Mokshananda – he was the last monastic to enter the ashram before Master’s mahasamadhi, just a few days before Guruji left the body.  The first time he saw Master in person, Guruji greeted him and told him, “Loyalty is the highest law.”  By that he meant, ‘You applied that law of loyalty and it brought you back to me.’
During Brother Mokshananda’s final illness some years ago, he was confined to a wheelchair, and Brother Chidananda was one of those who helped take care of him.  Brother Chidananda spoke of one scene at Mother Center on Christmas Day in 1981 when Daya Mata had asked some of the monks to bring Brother Mokshananda to Master’s shrine upstairs.  Just as they came out of the elevator and entered the 3rd floor hallway, Daya Ma came out of a room and entered the hall.  All at once, all of them felt this tremendous wave like a ball of light and love rolling down the hall and surrounding them.
They were joined in Master’s shrine by some of the other senior monastics to honor Brother Mokshananda for his life of devotion, loyalty, love, and service.  Later on Brother Anandamoy said that the presence of Master was so strong that it was almost overpowering, the whole room being filled with this tremendous love.
THAT is the Christ Consciousness.  It’s that overwhelming love which pervades all creation, channeled perfectly through a God-knowing Master.
Paramahansa Yogananda
Liam Neeson is such a badass in movies. Is he a badass in real life?
I was at a bar one time. Sitting with a bunch of friends and pounding back the brews. Guy at bar who sure looks like Liam Neeson. Sitting by himself. I go over and invite him to join us for a drink. He sits down. I say, I gotta tell you buddy you sure look like Liam Neeson. He says: who’s that, never heard of that guy. When he says this he says it in that Liam Neeson voice with a little grin on his face.
Anyhow, he has his beer. Turns to us and says thanks for inviting me over. Gets up and leaves. Later I go to pay the bartender, and he says the guy who left paid everyone’s bar bill, which came to over 400 dollars.
Yes, he is also a badass in real life.

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