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Choices: From “The Seed of God”:
“But my spiritual growth became stronger from the experiences of others. 
It was explained to me that I could freely choose a God of my understanding. 
At first, I thought I was committing a sin by trying to change God, 
but I soon realized that God was constant, 
and the only changes that had to be made were in my sick mind.”
1973 AAWS, Inc. 
Came to Believe, 30th printing 2004, pgs. 59-60
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
What you really want for yourself is always
trying to break through, just as a cooling
breeze flows through an open window on a hot day.
Your part is to open the windows of your mind.
We know that God lovingly watches over us. We know that when we turn to Him, all will be well with us, here and hereafter.
I pray for the willingness to remember that I am a child of God, a divine soul in human form, and that my most basic and urgent life-task is to accept, know, love and nurture myself. As I accept myself, I am accepting God’s will. As I know and love myself, I am knowing and loving God. As I nurture myself I am acting on God’s guidance.
I pray for the willingness to let go of my arrogant self-criticism, and to praise God by humbly accepting and caring for myself.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, In
The power of our mind is the power of belief
first and foremost many good and hard-working
people do not go far because they do not believe
they deserve more in life.
The first step to success is to believe that you can,
you will, you must and you are going to be successful.
It is even better if you can believe that you are
ALREADY successful or rich or healthy.
Ernest Holmes
The good thing about the program is that
you get in touch with your feelings.
The bad thing is you get in touch
with your feelings.

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.
The human being resembles a tree;
its root is a covenant with God:
that root must be cherished with all one’s might.


ACIM Workbook Lesson 321 Insights
“Father, my freedom is in You alone.”
The ego thinks freedom is independence from God. The ego thinks it means being in control and not under the influence of anyone else’s wishes or demands. The ego thinks it means being separate and distinct. Like Garfield, the cartoon character, the ego says, “I need my space.”
The ego treasures this independence and maintains it by doing everything it can to make separation appear real. Yet to have this independence, limitation must be accepted. If we identify with the ego, we are no longer free to extend Love without limit. We are no longer free to experience the joy of unity with All That Is. We are no longer free to know the certainty of timelessness and eternal Love. Can this limitation really be freedom?
When we accept our unity with God, when we accept our Self as God created It, we are free to experience all Love everywhere, eternally. We are free of all limitation. We can only experience this freedom when we accept our total dependence on God, Who defines What we are by creating us exactly as Himself.
The recognition of our dependence on God is the acceptance of our freedom to Love without limit, to experience His limitless joy, and to know His peace without interruption. This is our freedom. All our strength comes from God’s Love. There is no other strength. To know our dependence on God and accept it is to accept all power, all Love, all joy, all peace as our own. This is freedom. I thank you Father for your gifts to me.
The sentences that stand out to me in this lesson are: “Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would guide myself no more.” (1:2-3) My freedom comes from not guiding myself. My freedom does not come from the mindless judgments of the ego. That only imprisons me.
Today it is my job to be vigilant as to whose voice I am listening to. Whose mind am I joining with, the limiting thoughts of the ego or the freeing thoughts of the Holy Spirit? Today I would be vigilant to practice joining with the Holy Spirit.
Today I would practice stepping back and watching the thoughts that are in my mind. Are these thoughts coming from Love? I can tell because Love knows that only Love is real. Love sees past the illusions to the truth. Love does not compare, because Love sees no differences. Love is at peace, because there is no fear in Love.
Today I would practice following Love’s guidance. I know that my freedom lies in returning to Love, my Home and my Source.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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“Just as hunger, not greed, has a legitimate purpose, so the sexual instinct has been implanted by Nature solely for the propagation of the species, not for the kindling of insatiable longings,” he said.  “Destroy wrong desires now; otherwise they will remain with you after the astral body has been separated from its physical casing.  Even when the flesh is weak, the mind should be constantly resistant.  If temptation assails you with cruel force, overcome it by impersonal analysis and indomitable will.  Every natural passion can be mastered.
Autobiography of a Yogi
Paramahansa Yogananda

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